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Friday, October 19, 2018

Yasiel Puig

Watch: Yasiel Puig breaks bat over knee after huge strikeout

Yasiel Puig is a very intense and strong individual, and those traits came out after he came up short in a big spot during the seventh inning of Saturday’s NLCS Game 2.

With the bases loaded and nobody out, Puig went reaching and struck out on a Jeremy Jeffress slider out of the zone for out number one. The outfielder’s inability to come up with even a sacrifice of some sort deeply frustrated him — so much so that he snapped his bat over his knee like it was little more than a twig.

Puig isn’t the first batter to be reduced to bat-snapping by the Milwaukee bullpen. They’ve been an extremely effective unit, and it continued on Saturday, with the Dodgers only getting one run out of this situation and failing to even tie the game.

Yasiel Puig predicts Dodgers will sweep Brewers in NLCS

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig is calling his shot ahead of the National League Championship Series.

After his Los Angeles Dodgers advanced to their third straight NLCS with a 6-2 win over the Atlanta Braves on Monday, the star outfielder delivered a bold prediction about the team’s upcoming series against the Milwaukee Brewers. Puig was being interviewed by MLB Network amid a celebration in the locker room when he stated that the Dodgers would not only beat the Brewers but do so in four games to boot. He then went on to declare that the Dodgers would also win the World Series. Take a look:

While there may have been an inebriation factor in play here, it’s still a pretty hot take from the former All-Star Puig. The Brewers just swept their NLDS series against the Colorado Rockies and have not lost a game since Sept. 22, adding up to a total of 11 consecutive victories.

But as for the reason why Puig feels so confident in his team’s chances this postseason, we probably have a good idea.

Watch: Yasiel Puig hugs Braves infielder after being thrown out

Yasiel Puig Charlie Culberson

It’s playoff baseball and hugs are in the air.

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig was thrown out trying to steal in the bottom of the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves on Friday night. He was such dead meat at second base that he decided to hug Charlie Culberson while being tagged out.

Puig and Culberson were teammates on the Dodgers the past two seasons, so it’s not as weird as you might think. Plus, maybe he was taking a page from Javy Baez.

Yasiel Puig has funny reason for expecting Dodgers’ postseason success

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig is expecting his Los Angeles Dodgers to have success in the playoffs, and he has a pretty funny reason why.

Puig said on Wednesday that the reason he likes the Dodgers’ postseason chances is because they have a lot of handsome guys.

Leave it to Puig to share such a unique perspective. Now if there’s anything that should determine the World Series champion, it’s not play on the field, but rather good looks. Not only that, but there should probably be bonus points for kissing your coach.

The Dodgers open their NLDS against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday with Hyun-Jin Ryu on the mound. They’re looking to repeat last year’s success by reaching the World Series, only this time they want to win it all after losing in Game 7 to Houston in 2017.

Police reportedly believe same man robbed Robert Woods, Yasiel Puig

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and Rams wide receiver Robert Woods both had their Los Angeles area homes burglarized while they were competing in their respective sports recently, and it sounds like that is not a coincidence.

According to a report from TMZ, police believe the same man was responsible for burglarizing the homes of Woods, Puig and at least two other celebrities in the L.A. area. Law enforcement sources said a 19-year-old named Tyress Williams was pulled over last Friday after Woods’ home had been robbed, and police found stolen items in his car that belong to Woods, Puig, and famous music artists Rihanna and Christina Milian.

Puig’s home has been burglarized on four separate occasions, and police confirmed they have video that shows Williams kicking in the front door of the home in one incident. They would not say if they believe he is responsible for all four break-ins.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned athletes and celebrities aren’t the only ones to have their homes burglarized. It’s fairly common with athletes since their whereabouts are known at times, which was the case with one star NFL player during the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Yasiel Puig’s home reportedly burglarized for fourth time

There is only so much that can be done to protect your home from invaders and burglars, but Yasiel Puig may need to think about doing a bit more at his.

According to a report from TMZ, Puig’s home in the San Fernando Valley was broken into for the fourth time in less than two years on Tuesday night. Police were alerted to the latest incident when one of Puig’s assistants got a security alert on his phone that showed three men leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers star’s property. The men had already fled by the time law enforcement arrived.

The back entrance to Puig’s house was damaged from where the men forced entry, and it’s unclear what — if anything — was taken from the property. As TMZ notes, Puig was not seen celebrating with his teammates after their walk-off win in the 10th inning against the Colorado Rockies late Tuesday night.

Home burglaries are unfortunately nothing new for athletes and celebrities, but Puig has certainly had more possessions stolen than the average rich person.

Yasiel Puig explains why he licks his bat

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig is known for his often unconventional behavior on the field, which includes licking his bat in between pitches during his at-bats.

What’s Puig’s reason for doing so? The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder was asked that question during an interview with MLB Network on Tuesday and gave his response.

“Sometimes my bat does not taste the way I want. Sometimes I think it’s going to taste like ice cream. Strawberry, vanilla, something like that. Couple days of a lot of foul balls, it’s not tasting that great. I go inside between innings and clean my mouth. I’m not trying to say that my tongue gives me the hit, but … when I see (success), that’s the reason I want to make love with my bat to pay him back for the good job he do,” Puig said.

So there you have it. Puig licks the bat as superstition and because he’s humanizing the item and wants to reward it. He also seems to have an oral fixation in general, as evidenced by his maniacal tongue wag last year.

Hey, as long as it keeps working, Dodgers fans will be all for it, while baseball fans will continue to enjoy his unconventional ways.