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Friday, September 4, 2015


LeBron James’ XVI mouthpiece has a championship message (Picture)

LeBron James is wearing a special mouthpiece for the postseason to remind him of his goal. “XVI,” which is 16 in roman numerals, is written on the mouthpiece. The number represents the amount of wins the Heat need to win a championship. Last season they got to 14 and lost to the Mavericks in six…Read More

Rick Carlisle wants the Thunder to stop all their ‘dirty bulls***’ (Video)

For the second time in his team’s first-round series against the Thunder, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle complained about the way the game was being played. Carlisle was asked about the physical play in the series following his team’s 102-99 Game 2 loss in Oklahoma City. He slipped some profanity into his response. “It’s playoff basketball…Read More

Dwyane Wade throws Mike Bibby’s shoe aside (Video)

Dwyane Wade comes across as a really nice guy off the court, but don’t let the image fool you. He’s actually a dirty player who’s willing to do anything on the court to win. That includes throwing aside an opponent’s shoe to slow that player down if he has to. Early in the second quarter…Read More

Jerry Colangelo says Derrick Rose injury could affect U.S. Olympic team

Prior to Saturday, Team USA chairman Jerry Colangelo still felt strongly about the finalists for the U.S. London Olympic basketball team. Despite an injury to Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum’s unwillingness to join the team, Colangelo said the Olympic roster would not be expanded. Now that Derrick Rose has suffered a torn ACL, his tune…Read More

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