Ron Artest Put ‘Metta World Peace’ in Hebrew in His Bleached Hair

Ron Artest made his Dancing With the Stars debut on Monday night and brought his funky hairdos to the big stage. Artest dyed his hair and goatee blond, and he had “World Peace” written into his hair in Hebrew. This of course is not the first time Artest has written something into his hair. He’s had his team’s logo shaved into his hair as both a member of the Lakers and Rockets. He also dyed his hair blond last year and had the word “defense” written in his hair in three different languages. What can we say, the guy loves his Hebrew.

As for the vest and bow tie Chippendale’s look? Definitely not feeling that, but Artest probably made the statement he was looking to make on the popular show.

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Drew League vs. Goodman League Rematch Set for October 9th in LA

One of the more entertaining summer league games this offseason was the regional battle between the LA-based Drew League and the DC-based Goodman League. The Goodman League won that game 135-134 with Kevin Durant going for 44 points. Ever since the close finish, the L.A. players have been angling for a rematch. They felt as if they weren’t at full strength because some players did not travel to D.C. for the game. Now they’ll have their chance.

Tweets from both leagues say a rematch is set for October 9th in Los Angeles. The Drew League Twitter account specifies that the location will be Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Brandon Jennings, who has been one of the most active summer league players, also confirmed the news. Now he has to decide whether he’ll allow Kobe to play for Drew League team despite the Lakers guard not being an LA-native. If Jennings is able to get all the local stars to play in the game, they might not even need Kobe to play, but of course it could never hurt.

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Kobe Bryant Reportedly Willing to Loan Players Money During Lockout

The NBA players are currently locked out by the NBA team owners who are seeking significant changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The common sentiment is that once players begin losing pay checks, they will cave on their desires. But if the Players’ Association can pool together money that can be distributed to players, they might not have to give in. According to union rep Billy Hunter, some stars including Kobe Bryant are willing to loan money to help out their fellow players.

“I know Kobe is intimately involved in interfacing with colleagues and sharing in a pool of revenue to help the others get through this,” Hunter told the LA Times. “Kobe has volunteered to do that in the event others need, he and others are prepared to loan money if necessary.”

If the players actually do this, it will be a nice sign of solidarity, not to mention a wise business move. Some players are going overseas to remain in shape and continue earning money. Many other players are left behind with a lockout to fight, no stream of income, and bills to pay. Having a pool of money will be extremely helpful as they continue to bargain with the owners.

Given that Kobe never gave the Lakers a discount to ease their luxury tax burden, this will be good use of the extra money he’s earned from Jerry Buss.

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Why is Kevin Durant Rocking a Bulls Hat?

Does anyone else find this to be more than a little strange?  Like our friends over at CBSSports.com’s Eye on Basketball blog mentioned, there’s no need to get into an uproar over Kevin Durant wearing a Chicago Bulls hat.  He’s not leaving the Thunder to play for the Bulls because that’s not possible at this juncture.  He isn’t lashing out at the front office or trying to make a statement.  We know all that, but that doesn’t make it any less confusing.

Maybe Durant is basketball’s version of Tom Brady and likes to rock different hats depending on his mood — even if it means pissing off the hometown fans.  Or perhaps the hat has something to do with K.D.’s upcoming movie role.  At least when he got the Maryland back tattoo it made sense since Durant grew up in that area.  The Bulls hat is just puzzling.

Mark Cuban Honored Muggsy Bogues’ Contract After Retirement

Mark Cuban is an affluent man who is generous with his wealth, but we didn’t realize his kindness extended this far. Former NBA player Muggsy Bogues recently told Slam that his contract was paid in full by the Dallas Mavericks, even after he retired.

“I’ve never met Mr. Mark Cuban, but I tell people that I thank him more than life itself,” Bogues told Slam. “I had three years left on my contract when my mom passed away, and I decided it was time to move on [from basketball]. I walked away from the game with three years left on my contract. [Mark Cuban] could have easily just have bought me out of my contract, but he went on and honored it and paid the three years out and never looked back.”

Considering the lengths some franchises go to ensure they don’t have to pay money — or even that they recoup money after its been paid — this is a stunner. Bogues never played a game for the Mavericks but was paid $3 million by the team.

Cuban may come across as someone trying to show off when he throws around his money, but it’s obviously not an act. He seems to be a genuinely generous man, even if his actions often rub us the wrong way.

Joe Johnson Has a Sick 500-Square-Foot Shoe Closet

Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson’s closet was profiled in the September 19th issue of ESPN the Magazine. The feature is called “What’s in Joe Johnson’s closet?” and the answer to that question is simple: a lot. Johnson had a custom-made 500-square-foot shoe closet constructed so he could display all his shoes.

“I just thought this would be a cool idea, and it would almost look like a museum,” Johnson told the Mag. “I had a fingerprint sensor put on the door to make sure I’m the only one who can get in here. I mostly wear Air Jordans. All of the Jordan guys are selected by Michael Jordan himself. It’s kind of hard to tell MJ no. I have 436 pairs of sneakers in here, and they’re mostly unworn. I’ll wear all of them eventually.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call “Baller Status.” Throw up 21 points per game in the NBA and you too may be able to have your own shoe museum that’s larger than most people’s apartments. Chad Ochocinco’s bedroom aquarium is jealous.

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LeBron James Rated Higher than Kobe Bryant on NBA 2K12

LeBron James has a higher player rating in the NBA 2K12 video game than Kobe Bryant, and naturally that has led to much discourse. Pasta Padre says the two had an even rating in NBA 2K11 (both had 97 out of 100). In NBA 2K12 (watch the awesome trailer here), LeBron received a 98 rating while Kobe Bryant received a 94.

Obviously these scores were determined by some people running the video game, but it reflects the changing mentality of most NBA fans. LeBron James is 26, shot the highest field goal percentage in his career, and he’s widely considered to be in the middle of his prime. Kobe on the other hand is 33 years old and beginning to slow down. He’s been bothered by knee injuries and he plays more of an outside game now compared to when he used to take it to the rack frequently.

Bryant still wins most head-to-head debates with LeBron because he has the championship rings while LeBron does not. However, the video game ratings reflect reality — LeBron is a better player now. And if you think these ratings don’t matter, read this J.R. Smith story and then get back to me.

For the record, Dwyane Wade received a 96 and Chris Bosh had an 80. Where Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant rank relative to LeBron is the better question.