Jay Bilas References NBA Draft Drinking Game During Wingspan Mention (Video)

The same phrases are uttered ad nauseum on draft night. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA or the NFL draft, you hear all the same words to describe prospects. It’s usually “upside,” or “freak ability,” or “intangibles,” that are commonly mentioned. Our friend Matt Moore listed all the key phrases before the draft on twitter, and he wrote about it last year. The Sports Bank also created a drinking game for this year’s draft. Well one of the common gimmicks is taking a drink anytime the word “wingspan” is mentioned. The joke is so widespread that analyst Jay Bilas referenced it on TV, as Miami radio host Jorge Sedano pointed out. Check out the video:

We’ve given Bilas a hard time in the past, but after seeing that, I may have to give him a break. He’s definitely a good sport.

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Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams Not Concerned with Being Like LeBron James

Kyrie Irving became the top overall pick in the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland had one of the worst teams in the League, a year after having the best regular season record. Their dropoff was the result of losing LeBron James to Miami. The Cavs got lucky by winning the lottery which gave them the first and fourth picks in the draft. Irving will be viewed as the team’s next franchise player, resulting in immense pressure. That was the role LeBron James used to have for Cleveland. Thankfully, neither Irving nor Derrick Williams wants to follow his model:

When both players gave their answers, they weren’t taking shots at LeBron. Rather, they were responding to questions from reporters looking to hear their thoughts. Kyrie gave the obvious answer, saying he’s not anything like LeBron as a player. Williams’ reply seemed to revolve around the reputation James has developed. Both are wise to distance themselves from James; not only did he upset the city of Cleveland, but turning the Cavs into one of the best teams in the NBA the way James did is unlikely.

Ron Artest Trying to Change Name to ‘Metta World Peace’

Ron Artest, one of the wackiest dudes in the NBA, has done something you would expect him to do — he’s trying to change his name to “Metta World Peace.” According to TMZ, “Ron’s filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to — World Peace.”

We already know what “world peace” means, so naturally you’re asking what “metta” is. Metta apparently is a Buddhist term for the virtue of kindness.

Artest’s representative has confirmed the story to the Mason & Ireland show. The best part is Ron wants to have “Peace” written on the back of his jersey, apparently in aspirations of being like Chad Ochocinco who did the same thing. When it comes to Artest, should this really surprise us?

Of course not, this is the same guy that:
- Admitted to drinking whiskey at halftime of games
-Choked a player mid-game
- Thanked his psychiatrist after winning the NBA Finals

I actually would have been disappointed if Artest hadn’t come up with something like this.

Jimmer Fredette’s Girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott Will be the Real Draft Winner

BYU guard Jimmer Fredette is one of the highest-profile players in this year’s NBA draft. We say he’ll be a borderline starter in our NBA draft guide (a must-read), and it’s possible he could go in the top 10 now that Sacramento has moved up in the draft. Jimmer will be a popular player wherever he goes (or at least well known), and his girlfriend, Whitney Wonnacott, seems to be as psyched for the draft as any prospect out there.

On Monday she tweeted “Seriously can’t wait to get to New York.” The next day she wrote “Time to pack. 3:00 am wake up call. SO EXCITED! Thursday can’t come soon enough.” And of course on draft day she said “HAPPY DRAFT DAY!! Goodluck to my boy jimmerfredette such an exciting day!”

So why do we bring Whitney up? Beside every great draft pick is a woman (unless you’re a Pouncey twin), and how they act on draft day is critical. Remember when Brady Quinn’s girlfriend blew him off on a kiss because he slipped in the draft? Embarrass your man on national TV like that and you’ll end up dumped as she was. This is a time when you’re going to get the most television exposure in your life. Look good, keep it cool, and support your boyfriend. And don’t be afraid to play to the camera the way Greg McElroy’s sister did — at the least you’ll pick up a few hundred new followers on twitter.

via pic via FratHouse Sports

A Beginner’s Guide to the 2011 NBA Draft: Profiles on All the Top Prospects

Reading NBA draft previews sometimes feels like wading through Princess Bride-style quicksand. With so many names to remember and stats to sift through, it can be hard to figure out what draft info is important and what’s just unnecessary nonsense.

Do you care as a casual fan, for instance, that Enes Kanter has 5.9% body fat? Or that Marcus Morris can run three quarters of the court in 3.2 seconds whereas his twin brother, Markieff, runs it in 3.4 seconds? Not really, right?

You just want the basics. Which is why I wrote this beginner’s guide.

Draft lunatics will already know most of what is written below. It’s not quantum physics, just a good starting place for people staring at the screen on draft night wondering “who is that guy?”

If you’re here for insight into Nikola Vucevic’s standing reach, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if cheat sheet info delivered in 100 words or less is your thing, I’m your guy. You won’t find any quicksand here.

Here’s my Cliff Notes-style guide to the 2011 NBA draft:

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J.R. Smith’s New Girlfriend Britanie Girard Has More Tattoos Than Him

Nuggets guard J.R. Smith is one of the most tattooed players in the NBA. We’ve shown you a picture of his neck tattoo and wondered if it meant he was a Yankees fan. For as many tattoos as he has, he’s got nothing on his teammate, the Birdman, who has the craziest neck tat in the League. But the strangest thing of all is that J.R. managed to find a girl who’s more ink-obsessed than he is.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill pointed out that J.R. is now dating Britanie Girard, a woman from LA who works at a tattoo and piercing shop in Queens, New York. She calls herself a “model, exotic body piercer, brand representative, and event hostess” on her facebook group. She has said in an interview that she has over 300 tattoos and her goal is to have a full body suit. Can you hang J.R.? Here are more pictures of Britanie Girard where you can see her fully tatted:

I knew J.R. had some gang-tendencies, but I didn’t realize he was this into ink. That’s crazy.

Pictures via Britanie’s twitter account

J.J. Barea Gets Parade in Puerto Rico

Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea became the first Puerto Rican-born player to win an NBA Championship earlier this month. He did his territory proud by draping himself in the Puerto Rico flag during the Mavericks’ trophy ceremony. Now Puerto Rico is paying him back with a parade and day in his honor. Check out the pictures via Earl K. Sneed and Tas Melas:

It’s a little disappointing they didn’t pass by the billboard that takes a shot at Kobe Bryant on the parade route, but that gives us a flavor of how popular Barea is in his home area.

Photo Credits: Jose Ayala PH, thegeorge164, JJ Barea