Amar’e Stoudemire: Boris Diaw and Ronny Turiaf Are NBA’s Smelliest Players

Within any large collection of grown men there are bound to be some stinkers. Some guys smell more than others. That’s a fact of life. Whether it’s because of unfortunate genetic makeup or poor personal hygiene, not everyone is easy to stand within a few feet of.

With that in mind, there are a number of low post players in the NBA who are tough to bang bodies with.  Sure, some players are difficult to defend or post up because they are good players, but others are effective because of their odiously offensive odor.  If Amar’e Stoudemire is telling the truth, two such players are Ronny Turiaf and Boris Diaw.

“Confirmed. Confirmation, granted,” Stoudemire said during an appearance on the Dan LeBatard Show Tuesday when asked if rumors of Turiaf smelling are true.

Amar’e was then asked who was the second-worst smelling guy in the league. “I dunno, man. I try not to get close to these guys. But I think Boris Diaw might be a close second. 1A and 1B.”

There you have it. Diaw may ride a Segway which cuts down on physical stress, but it apparently does not help with his odor problem.  If anyone knows anything about cleanliness, it would probably be a fashion queen king like Stoudemire, so we’ll take his word for it.

Michael Jordan Was a No-Show for Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

Carmelo Anthony is one of the few professional athletes who represents the Jordan Brand. Endorsing the Jordan Brand places Melo in exclusive company; most players consider it an honor to be associated with Michael Jordan. One would figure it would lead to a strong relationship between the current Knicks star and former NBA legend, but apparently it’s not enough to make MJ show up to Melo’s wedding.

Asked by GQ if he was surprised by anyone who showed up for his wedding, Melo focused on who wasn’t there.

“Everybody came who said they were going to come, except Michael Jordan. He was supposed to come but you know, he’s Jordan.”

Melo said in the interview that he has a strong relationship with Jordan, and that it was an honor to be included with the Jordan Brand. But their relationship isn’t strong enough for Jordan to attend the wedding. If anyone could blow off Melo, maybe it’s Michael Jordan. Given his friction with today’s NBA players, it’s probably best he didn’t show.

But come on, Mike, you’re better than that. If you RSVP yes, you better dress to impress. The only positive is Jordan didn’t have to see Amare Stoudemire wearing this ridiculous outfit.

High five I am a GM

Two NBA Cameramen Fight Outside Lockout Negotiations (Video)

The biggest fight in the NBA Monday did not involve the owners and players; it involved two cameramen who brawled over a petty issue. Apparently the two men were jostling for position to film a Derek Fisher press conference when they began fighting. They were told to take their fight down the street, and they complied. The following minute and a half of pitiful hand jabbing ensued:

Sadly, that had as much action as most NBA fights. Pathetic display, guys. If you’re going to drop gloves, really go after it. Don’t just slap at the air like you’re trying to knock a mosquito out of the way — actually throw a punch.

Chest bump to Ball Don’t Lie, Ken Berger

LeBron James’ New Nike Shoe ‘The Cannon’ Has Military Theme (Pictures)

The new LeBron James 9 shoes by Nike will be released Sunday in Miami, with a national release expected in November. Unlike the LeBron “Miami Nights” shoes that were released in September, the LeBron 9 “Cannon” has a special military tribute.

According to the AP, the shoe’s military-green theme is a nod to the Miami Heat holding training camp last season at Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base.

The shoes have a similar look to the LeBron 8 South Beach shoes, but the difference is the dark green military color used for the Cannons. Our guess is they sell out pretty quickly, the way most of LeBron’s limited edition shoes have.

Pictures via Nikeblog

Kobe Bryant: Kwame Brown Didn’t Want the Ball Because He Was Too Nervous

Kobe Bryant spoke with a psychology class at UCSB this week. While he was there, he answered many questions from the audience. The story that is getting the most attention is one Kobe shared about his former teammate, Kwame Brown.

Kobe was talking about the lost days for the Lakers, before they acquired Pau Gasol in a trade that sent opposing coaches into apoplectic fits. These were the days when Kobe was surrounded by Smush Parker, Mo Evans, Luke Walton, and Lamar Odom. The story he told is too funny, yet so sad.

Here’s the transcription via The Washington Post:

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Ron Artest Wants to Box Rampage Jackson

Ron Artest will do almost anything for attention, and that includes faking news about the lockout being over. The Lakers forward has long expressed a desire to try out different sports when he’s done playing basketball. He said last year that he wanted to try football, and he’s said for a long time that he wants to box after his NBA days are over.

Well Metta World Peace went on a tweeting-for-attention binge Sunday, and at one point said “I will challenge anyone heavyweight over 240 to a boxing fight. Not UFC. Boxing in the ring!! Come get your face ko’d!”

At first, Metta talked about facing street fighting legend, Kimbo Slice. Mr. Peace was certain to point out that he will only box someone, not face them in an MMA match. When the name Jose Canseco came up, Artest brushed it aside saying he needs more of a challenge. We agree; Canseco’s lost to a 60-year-old man. But then the name of UFC fighter Rampage Jackson came up, and Ron Ron said he’d take that fight, as long as it were in the boxing ring.

On Tuesday, it appeared as if a charity fight was going to be arranged. Both Rampage and Ron Ron seemed into it, but then something must have come up because Peace’s tune changed.

“Come on UFC ! Don’t block me and Rampage’s fight for charity!” Artest wrote on Twitter, implying that a contractual roadblock might stand in the way of a charity bout.

I know Mr. Peace is really angling for this thing to happen, but I’m guessing he’s bargaining for more than he can handle. Jackson is a professional fighter. Artest, despite his best efforts on the court to show us otherwise, is a basketball player. This probably would not work out well for him.

Tracy McGrady: I Could Buy Greece with My American Express Black Card

Like many other countries across the globe in the year 2011, Greece is not in the best economic condition. Strikes and riots have taken their toll as the country heads for bankruptcy, but we won’t bore you with politics since that certainly isn’t our thing. The only reason we bring it up is to lead you into the idiotic statement Tracy McGrady made on Twitter on Monday regarding Greece.  Here is the brilliant tweet that I Am a GM shared with us:

I must admit that we don’t know exactly what McGrady means by that, but it sounds pretty offensive and wouldn’t be the first time T-Mac has had something idiotic to say.  A comment like that is one of those that reaffirms what many believe about multimillion-dollar athletes: They think they’re better than everyone.  In this case, it sounds like McGrady thinks he’s better than an entire country.