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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Gilbert Arenas Dresses as a Naughty Police Officer (Picture)

There are few things in life that are more puzzling than seeing Bill Belichick dress up as a pirate and enjoy Halloween.  Shaq dressing up as a woman and looking frighteningly feminine is one of them.  However, both instances have one important thing in common: Halloween.  Why Gilbert Arenas decided to dress up as a…Read More

Kobe Reportedly Says He Didn’t Like Shaq’s Poor Practice Habits

The tension between Kobe and Shaq has been evident for years. The two won three championships as teammates on the Lakers, but their strong personalities constantly clashed, eventually forcing the franchise to choose between the stars. The Lakers chose the younger Bryant and traded the older O’Neal. It worked; while Shaq immediately won a title…Read More

Delonte West Gets Job in Stock Room at Furniture Store

Back in August, we told you that Delonte West was applying for a job at Home Depot after a judge denied him the freedom to play basketball overseas. Apparently things didn’t work out with the power of the Home Depot, so West decided to apply for a position in the stock room at Regency Furniture….Read More

Kevin Durant Thinks Exhibition Games are Starting to Get Played Out

Kevin Durant has been one of the stars of the offseason, building his brand and increasing his fan appeal by playing in exhibition games all over the country. The Thunder star lit up Rucker Park in August, played against LeBron and Melo in Baltimore, and beat the Drew League in the Capital Punishment game. A…Read More

Dirk Nowitzki Shafted by NBA 2K12’s Player Ratings

Many player ratings for the popular basketball video game NBA 2K12 were revealed Tuesday. We already knew that LeBron James was ranked higher than Kobe Bryant, but we didn’t know that reigning Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki got the shaft. Pasta Padre posted the ratings for any player who got higher than an 80. It was…Read More

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