Delonte West Gets Job in Stock Room at Furniture Store

Back in August, we told you that Delonte West was applying for a job at Home Depot after a judge denied him the freedom to play basketball overseas. Apparently things didn’t work out with the power of the Home Depot, so West decided to apply for a position in the stock room at Regency Furniture. The NBA guard shared a picture from his first day at work, as well as his job application:

We highly recommend you read his job application. West says he heard about the job through “word of mouth.” He seems like quite the willing employee, saying he’s available to work any time of day, not to mention weekends. In fact, he wrote that he was available to start working “yesturday.” Luckily spelling is not a skill required for the position. Let’s just hope he’s entitled to an employee discount. What’s the point in moving futons and sofas all day if you can’t at least get a deal out of it?

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Kevin Durant Thinks Exhibition Games are Starting to Get Played Out

Kevin DurantKevin Durant has been one of the stars of the offseason, building his brand and increasing his fan appeal by playing in exhibition games all over the country. The Thunder star lit up Rucker Park in August, played against LeBron and Melo in Baltimore, and beat the Drew League in the Capital Punishment game. A rematch of the Goodman League-Drew League game is scheduled for October 9th in LA, and Drew League representative Brandon Jennings reached out to Durant to make sure he would be there.

“Hope you ready for that rematch on the 9th in LA. Welcome to the Westside,” Jennings wrote to Durant on Twitter.

“Yeah I am,” Durant replied, “But on da real..all these game are starting to get played out. But I’m ready for the rematch.”

The tweet from Durant may not seem like much, but there are some important takeaways. Durant has been one of the most active players during the summer and thinks the exhibitions are getting old. That’s not a good sign for the players. NBA training camps have been canceled, as have some preseason games. This would be the time players are gearing up for the season to begin. Just a simple tweet like that makes it pretty clear that some players are eager to get back to meaningful games. They better not let the owners know that, because they don’t want anything hurting their position in negotiations.

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Dirk Nowitzki Shafted by NBA 2K12’s Player Ratings

Many player ratings for the popular basketball video game NBA 2K12 were revealed Tuesday. We already knew that LeBron James was ranked higher than Kobe Bryant, but we didn’t know that reigning Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki got the shaft.

Pasta Padre posted the ratings for any player who got higher than an 80. It was disturbing how far down the list one had to go before finding Dirk.

Dirk Nowitzki was tied for 14th in the ratings. He received an 85, tying him with Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Manu Ginobili, and Rajon Rondo. Rudy Gay and Pau Gasol were somehow rated higher than Dirk.

The reasoning for Dirk’s low score makes little sense.

“Our overall rating formulas are position specific, weighting attributes that are more relevant for that type of player. For example, passing and speed are weighted more for point guards, where rebounding and shot blocking are factored heavily for centers,” the game’s development team told Ball Don’t Lie.

Sounds like a pretty poor reason, right? All it would take is one look at the list to know there’s something wrong with the system. How can you possible have Rudy Gay rated higher than Dirk Nowitzki? I don’t care what adjustment they make, but some tweaking is needed for the ratings to reflect reality. Dirk Nowitzki is a top-five player in the NBA and should be rated that way based on any metric.

Yao Ming is Going Back to School

Oftentimes when there is a work stoppage in a professional sports league, players will go back to school.  Anthony Randolph has chosen to go back to LSU during the NBA lockout and was even considering joining a fraternity.  Unfortunately for Yao Ming, injuries have derailed his career and he will not be playing basketball when the labor situation is sorted it.  He will, however, still be doing the whole going back to school thing.

Yao will reportedly attend Shanghai’s Jiaotong University but has yet to decide what he will study.  Jiaotong University is one of the most prestigious schools in China, and Yao will receive one-on-one teaching while in attendance.  According to his agent, the 7-foot-6 center does not want to become a distraction to the other students by sitting in a classroom with them.  Yao enrolled at Jiatong just before he headed to the U.S. to begin his basketball career but was too busy to complete the requirements.

As you may remember, Yao also received an honorary degree from the University of Hong Kong for his role in HIV/AIDS research back in 2008.  Between his honorary doctorate in social sciences and an education from one of China’s top university’s, it appears Dr. Ming will make up for what his basketball career lacked with a respectable background in higher education.  That’s more than most who have had their careers cut short by injury can say.

Kevin Durant Admits to Butting Heads with Russell Westbrook, but All is Good

Oklahoma City was one of the most scrutinized teams in the NBA playoffs last season. Specifically, the relationship between All-Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was examined at length.

Westbrook was criticizing for taking too many shots and not deferring to Durant enough (Durant defended Westbrook’s shot selection). Some people described the Durant-Westbrook relationship as one similar to the Kevin Garnett-Stephon Marbury relationship from the early-’90s Timberwolves — one that resulted in Marbury requesting a trade. What many outsiders who did not watch the Thunder play all season did not realize is that Westbrook is a score-first point guard who plays that way every game — and it generally works.

Kevin Durant knows that, and although he concedes that the players have had some competitive friction, he fully supports his point guard.

“We butt heads just like any other players because we are both competitive, we both want to go at it, we both have ideas,” Durant said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “That’s going to happen. But I support him 100 percent. Of course, I hated when people were saying the stuff they were saying, and he hated it as well. I didn’t want it to get to his head. I hate when people try to creep into the group and try to break things up.

“I enjoy playing with Russell so much. I hope he understands that, and I’m sure he does. I’m looking forward to next season already. The last thing I’ve been worrying about is what people say about Russ, and I’m sure that’s the last thing he’s worrying about as well.”

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Kris Humphries Rejected by Kansas for Being ‘Absolute Jerk,’ Ex-Jayhawk Says

One of pop culture’s biggest mysteries is how a fairly nondescript basketball player like Kris Humphries ended up with a Hollywood bombshell like Kim Kardashian. Based on this story, we may finally have our answer.

In an upcoming book about Kansas basketball called Beyond the Phog, former Jayhawks guard Keith Langford explains why Kris Humphries, who was a top high school recruit, was turned down by Kansas.

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LeBron Makes Fun of His Seven Championships Prediction in Commercial

When LeBron James had his celebration in Miami and proclaimed the Heat would win “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six … not seven” championships, he was influenced by equal parts confidence and a desire to appeal to the home crowd. Had he been in an actual interview and faced by reporters, he probably would have hedged his bets and said the team will win some titles. Now, after the Heat lost to the Mavericks in the finals, LeBron has learned the art of self-deprecating humor:

That is the second time this summer that LeBron has made fun of himself. It’s a good approach for a man who was so conscious of his image that he once confiscated a potentially embarrassing tape. It’s OK to show you’re human, LeBron. It might actually help your appeal to the common man who you once so notoriously ripped.

As for McDonald’s, don’t get caught up in this Monopoly game. I once put on 15 pounds in five weeks searching for Boardwalk. Supersize this, supersize that — whatever got me the extra Monopoly cards. Took me until high school to finally drop that weight. Ugh, stay away!

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