Roger Mason Tweets Then Deletes ‘Looking Like a Season’ After NBA Talks

Tweeting has obviously become popular among athletes over the past couple of years.  Most tweets are harmless and can help with marketing and promotion, but then there is the growing phenomenon of tweeting and deleting.  In a technological era where we have applications like TweetDeck at our disposal, why even bother deleting a tweet?  Someone is going to see it and share it with everyone.

Which brings us to the NBA lockout.  Before Wednesday it appeared talks between the owners and NBA Players Association were going nowhere.  The outlook has been even more grim than that of the NFL lockout when it began, and certain players have even said they were willing to sit out the entire season if needed.  Then there was this tweet from NBA Players Association vice president Roger Mason Jr. after the two sides met yesterday:

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Chris Bosh Says People Took Shots at Heat Because it Was the Cool Thing to Do

The Miami Heat need to find a way to stop sounding like complainers. Yes, we are very much aware that they are only answering questions reporters are asking them and are constantly provoked by the media.  They have to comment on being the most hated team on earth in some way, but there are more effective ways to do that than making themselves sound like heroes for surviving the hatred.

On Saturday, I Am a GM passed along a snippet from a recent interview Chris Bosh had with Sports Illustrated.  Like Dwyane Wade a couple of weeks ago, Bosh was asked about the scrutiny the Heat faced throughout the 2010-2011 season and whether or not it was fair.

” It was definitely unwanted,” Bosh said. “I think I speak for everyone when I say it was unwanted. It was a bit extra, absolutely. I think people just started throwing rocks just because that was the hot thing to do at the time. It is what it is, and it made us stronger. We survived it, so I feel if we can survive that, we’re definitely strong enough to overcome it.”

Bosh took a lot of criticism in particular with his crying in defeat after the NBA Finals and the hilarious “Like a Bosh” video that was created to rag on him.  Still, he should be careful about pulling the survivor card.  People hate the Heat because they are afraid Miami could dominate the NBA for the next five years and leave their favorite team in the dust.  That does not make them victims.  The sooner the Heat fully embrace the hatred and jealously and stop equating it to victimization, the sooner they can start owning the league.

Edgar Sosa Suffers a Nasty Leg Injury (Video)

No matter how many times we see these nasty sports injuries on video, they never get easier to watch.  Those of us who are college basketball fans are familiar with the name Edgar Sosa.  Sosa was a star at Louisville but went undrafted in 2010.  Over the summer he has been playing with John Calipari and the Dominican Republic in the FIBA Americas tournament trying to establish a name for himself.  On Monday during a win over Panama, Sosa suffered a horrific leg injury that is being reported as a fracture tibula. 

We have seen a number of similar injuries over the years such as this one, this one, and this one, but you have to feel particularly bad for a guy like Sosa who was working hard just to gain recognition.  Hopefully the leg heals quickly and he can get back to playing and trying to prove himself.

Kevin Durant Gets New Maryland Back Tattoo (Pictures)

Who knew Kevin Durant was such a huge tattoo guy?  A little more than a month ago you would swear K.D. had no ink anywhere on his body, since it is all hidden by his jersey.  As we recently discovered, Durant is at no shortage of tats like many of his peers across the NBA.  He got some new ink over the weekend and it looks to be just as elaborate.  Check out Kevin Durant’s Maryland back tattoo, courtesy of Funny Athlete Tweets:

It’s certainly large, but not nearly as bad as these back tattoos.  As you may know K.D. is from the Maryland/D.C. area, so there’s no need for Texas fans to get their longhorns in a bunch.  When he gets traded to New York and everyone starts raving about how he is coming home like Carmelo Anthony, the ridiculing can begin.

LeBron James’ Miami Nights Shoes Draw Crowd at Niketown

Nike has released a new LeBron James sneaker entitled “Miami Nights,” not to be confused with the shoe manufacturer, British Knights. They’re not too dissimilar from the LeBron 8 South Beach shoe that dropped last October. The shoes, which look like a dead salmon wrapped inside an abalone shell, cost $160 and are limited edition; only 500 pairs were made. They were on sale exclusively at Niketown, South Miami where they sold out quickly. WSVN reports that people lined up Thursday and Friday to snag a pair of the shoes.

Several pairs of the kicks are available on eBay with prices ranging from $350-$800. For all the talk about LeBron being so disliked, apparently people will go to great lengths to grab his gear.

Thanks to Eye on Basketball for the story

Ron Artest Guarantees Lakers Will Win NBA Championship

The man who will soon be known as Metta World Peace has made a guarantee. Appearing live on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show Wednesday night, Ron Artest expressed confidence in the Lakers’ ability to win a title in the upcoming season.

“What we’re going to do, is we’re definitely going to win [the title],” Artest said in response to a question about what should be expected from the Lakers.

The Lakers forward was then pressed to clarify if he was making a guarantee. Ron Ron confidently repeated his prediction three more times, saying it doesn’t matter if they have to face the Mavericks or Heat.

While Ron is confident in the ability of his basketball team, he’s not so sure about his stint on Dancing With the Stars. That’s no surprise; Ron Ron’s never crossed us as the most graceful being. But hey, if he’s going to make a guarantee, at least it’s for the career that really matters.

You can listen to the audio from the 40-minute long interview here
Thanks to the LA Times and I am a GM for sharing news of the guarantee

Who Knew Eric Bledsoe Could Jump Unbelievably High? (Picture)

There is a picture floating around the internet right now that — to our knowledge — is not photoshopped.  Most of the highlights you will see from Tuesday’s Melo League vs. Goodman League game involve Kevin Durant and LeBron James.  We are no strangers to highlight reels filled with LeBron and K.D. material, but the most impressive physical feat of the day belonged to Eric Bledsoe.  Check out this Eric Bledsoe dunk attempt picture, courtesy of the Severna Park Voice via I Am a GM:

Perhaps this is the guard that should be in the Slam Dunk Contest next season (if there is one), not Brandon Jennings.  If Bledsoe can jump that high he could obviously put on a show.  Make it happen.

Photo Credit: Colin A.J. Murphy/Voice Media