Tanguy Ngombo Lied About His Age on Passport, Is Really 26 Years Old

On Friday we told you about Tanguy Ngombo, a second-round pick by Portland on behalf of Minnesota, who drew some questions for possibly lying about his name and age. The player Minnesota acquired was listed as Targuy Ngombo, a 21-year-old forward from Qatar.

NBA insiders were made aware of Ngombo as a draft prospect when Jonathon Givony of Draft Express mentioned him. Asia Basketball update had more of a write-up on “Targuy Ngombo” but struggled to uncover much information about him. We learned the reason is because Targuy Ngombo, the 21-year-old prospect, is really Tanguy Ngombo, a 26-year-old veteran.

So how did the mix-up occur? According to the Oregonian, Ngombo lied on his passport.

What’s sad is that FIBA Asia seems to be playing a role in the lie. In a write-up Friday, FIBA Asia wrote his name as “Targuy” throughout their article which praised him for being drafted. You would think they would know the real name of a player with whom they’re so familiar, but it seems as if they were perpetuating the lie. Adding to that speculation is another report from Asia Basketball Update who spoke with three players familiar with Ngombo, all of whom referred to him as “Tanguy.”

NBA.com has also updated their draft profile page for “Targuy Ngombo” by leaving his birthdate blank. They previously had him listed as born in 1989.

Ngombo, FIBA, and Qatar all seem to be in on the lie, but it’s also clear the Minnesota Timberwolves did not put much effort into their research. If they had, all it would have taken were a few clicks on the internet to discover the issue.

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Minnesota Timberwolves Acquire Ineligible Player Tanguy Ngombo Who Lied About Age

Just when you thought the Minnesota Timberwolves actually had a good draft, we learn they acquired a player who lied about his age. With the 57th overall pick in the draft, Targuy Ngombo, a 21-year-old forward from Qatar was selected by Portland and acquired by Minnesota. Sounds like a typical foreign player you would just stash overseas and watch his development, right? Well one little problem. The player they drafted (in a pick acquired from Portland via trade), is actually Tanguy Alban Harrys Ngombo who is a 26-year-old forward from Qatar.

Not only did Tanguy Ngombo lie about his name by changing the “R” to an “N,” he lied about his age. What’s sad is that SB Nation Minnesota figured it out (with some help from Draft Express) but the Timberwolves didn’t. It’s one thing for MLB players to lie about their age (which they do so frequently) by doctoring their birth certificates, but it’s a complete other thing to draft a guy who actually is an established foreign player. You know what else this tells us? People sometimes get too fascinated with young players instead of focusing on how good or bad they are.

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Sacramento Kings Really Playing Up the Jimmer Fredette Angle, as Expected

Most people figured that the team that drafted Jimmer Fredette was doing so for marketing purposes more than anything else. Alex Kennedy at HoopsWorld put it perfectly on twitter saying “When owners see Jimmer, they see a big-name player who generates interest and money. When management sees him, they see a tough transition.” Keeping that in mind, and recognizing that Jimmer is the biggest name in the draft, the team in arguably the worst financial situation in the NBA decided to select him. And like Patrick Crawley pointed out in his draft recap (which you should definitely check out), the Kings are already playing up the Jimmer angle as much as you could expect. Check out the splash page they created specifically to promote him:

This really shouldn’t surprise us when you look at Sacramento’s financial situation. They need to sell tickets to raise money so they can keep the franchise in Sacramento. The question is if drafting Jimmer will help them do that. Sure he’s a recognizable name who fans may want to see, but if he’s not that good, how long will that last? Generally fans want to see a winner rather than an exciting player on a bad team (unless it’s Blake Griffin). If Jimmer proves to be a bust, then this will be viewed as a quick fix that didn’t work out.

By comparison, other teams marketed their newcomers fairly equally. The Utah Jazz featured both their top two picks on their website. The same is true of the Bobcats. Even the Cavaliers featured both of their top two guys on their website. Here are all the other splash pages for comparison:

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NBA Draft Analysis and Recap of the First 14 Picks – How do they all fit?

Thursday’s NBA draft was both exhilarating and head-scratching. Some players went higher than expected (ahem, Iman Shumpert). Others fell far, to teams that never expected to grab them (Chris Singleton and the Wizards, for instance).

It’s too early to tell which of these players will reach their potential and which ones will veer off the tracks in an Adam Morrison-like train crash. Like an overwrought episode of Franklin & Bash, it’ll take a while for the basketball community to reach its final verdicts.

In the meantime, here’s a quick pick-by-pick analysis of each player taken in this year’s lottery and how they fit with their new team:

1. Kyrie Irving (PG) – Cleveland

The look on Irving’s agent’s face when Irving’s name was called No. 1 was priceless. Turns out Cleveland had kept them in the dark all week long. Not a promise (despite there being word of a promise). Not a hint. Nothing. When you heard “Kyrie Irving to the Cleveland Cavaliers,” that’s the first time he heard it too. I’m sure Irving’s agent will remind Cavs executives of this in a few years when it comes time to sign an extension. In the meantime, Irving will be asked to keep the Cavs afloat with a nucleus of Baron Davis, AndersonVarejao, J.J. Hickson and Tristan Thompson. No easy feat. Let’s hope Dan Gilbert isn’t thinking playoffs any time soon.

2. Derrick Williams (PF) - Minnesota

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Jimmer Fredette Signed Commitment Contract, Realizes NBA Dream

Many athletes get their inspiration from some source. Some have a chip on their shoulder from a draft snub, others do it because they learned a dogged work ethic from a parent, and some just want to go down as the greatest of all time. For new Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette, it was his older brother who truly pushed him while growing up.

T.J. Fredette is an aspiring rapper who was never as good as his little brother at basketball. But T.J. recognized that Jimmer had tremendous talent and made him sign a contract in high school to ensure he would dedicate himself towards becoming an NBA player. Check out the contract he signed in 2007:

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Mavs Fan Derick Dilday Got Dirk Nowitzki’s Face Tattooed on His Butt

Wanna know a secret to getting a spot here on LBS? Do something really radical with permanent ink on your body and you’re guaranteed a mention. That’s how this Steelers fan made it on LBS — he got a tattoo of Brett Keisel across his forearm. Same thing with the Canucks fan who lost a bet to his friend and got a Bruins tattoo on his leg.

Well this crazy Mavericks fan named Derick Dilday ended up with a Dirk Nowitzki tattoo on his butt after saying he would do so. Here’s his story according to the Dallas Observer via Deadspin:

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Jan Vesely Made Out with Girlfriend Eva Kodouskova at the Draft (Video)

The 2011 NBA Draft was full of foreign players with whom most of us are unfamiliar. Jan Vesely probably would have been just as unknown as all the other foreign players if it weren’t for the big smooch he shared with girlfriend Eva Kodouskova after he was drafted. Check it out:

Jan is a forward from the Czech Republic and his girlfriend plays for the country’s national team, according to SB Nation D.C. Explaining their passionate kiss, Jan told reporters “It’s my girfriend. It was a big moment for me and for her for my family, so I don’t know. It was just casual, so I don’t know what to say.”

Welp, the good news is at least his English is in top form. Plus, it could have been worse — at least he wasn’t been blown off for a kiss like this guy was.