Chris Winter Delivers Brutal Hall of Fame Speech (Video)

We don’t like to go out of our way to pick on people. We understand that speaking in public is a difficult task. Many people can’t do it, and most can’t do it well. We get that. Still, when something falls into our lap because it’s so bad we have to post it.

Chris Winter spoke on behalf of his father, Tex Winter, at Friday night’s induction ceremony for the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you can bear it, you’re in for 11 minutes of total awkwardness. We’re talking about someone who rambled on aimlessly, lost like Terrelle Pryor in a Literary Arts class. Winter was so bad he was asked to wrap up the speech two separate times. He hardly talked about his father, and for some reason he spent part of his speech unintentionally campaigning for Brad Stevens’ Hall of Fame candidacy. Weirdness to the highest degree. Just watch:

When your father is telling you it’s time to go, you know it’s bad. Man Chris, did you even rehearse before you went up there? Brutal.

Video via YouTube user hungrybear1577

Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Outfit Was Dazzling (Pictures)

The internet wasn’t really around when Dennis Rodman was doing his thing. If it were, there’s little doubt we would have had a lot of fun with him. Whether it was posting pictures of his crazy outfits and hairstyles, or cell phone cameras catching him sniffing coke in hot tubs, there’s no question he would have been a major player in the sports blogosphere. We get treated to a fun Rodman story every once in a while, but it’s not the same as if he were playing. At least his Hall of Fame speech gave us a nice moment.

Rodman wore two different outfits — one before his speech, and one after it. His first outfit was all platinum-colored and kind of reminds you of what Dolly Parton would wear if she attended a Raiders game. He had a scarf, cowboy hat, and giant glasses. Rodman later changed into his speech suit. He had piercings in his ears, lip, and two through his nose. His custom-made jacket had the initials “DR” in front, 91 on the left sleeve, and 10 on the right sleeve. That represented the jersey numbers he wore in Chicago and Detroit/San Antonio. The back of his jacket had the team names Bulls and Pistons on it. Here are some pictures of his Hall of Fame outfits:

Ex-Celtics Were Upset over Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Induction

Dennis Rodman is one of the most controversial players in NBA history. Think about it: this is the same guy who was going to have his jersey retired at a strip club. Naturally, The Worm’s inclusion in Basketball’s Hall of Fame has not come without contention. There are some people like Phil Jackson who feel Rodman’s induction is extremely well-deserved. There are others who argue he doesn’t belong in the Hall. At least two ex-Celtics belong in that category.

Pistons.com writer Keith Langlois describes a conversation he heard in April when the Pistons and Celtics played:

Through an open doorway, less than 15 feet away in the dining room, two prominent ex-Celtics, one a Hall of Famer, were savaging Rodman’s inclusion.

The Hall of Famer was particularly incensed, recalling a game from long ago he watched where the Lakers employed some particular tactic against Rodman, he said, that revealed his shortcomings and rendered him virtually impotent.

They’re not alone in their thoughts. Tex Winter’s son Chris said he was surprised the voters didn’t make Rodman wait another 30 years before being approving him. I’m glad they put him in. Basketball doesn’t have the same ethics clause as baseball. If it did, there would be more of an argument against letting in the Worm. Judging him based on his numbers and playing career, he definitely deserves a spot in Springfield.

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Delonte West Can’t Play Overseas Because of Weapons Charge, Headed to Home Depot

Delonte West was arrested in 2009 for carrying enough firearms on his motorcycle to support a small militia. He initially faced six weapons charges but took a plea deal to avoid serious punishment. Apparently part of the plea deal means a judge approves where West works and lives. Because of that, West supposedly was prevented from heading overseas to play basketball.

As I am a GM pointed out to us, West tweeted about having his plans denied.

“It’s official.. Pride to the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout ain’t a game,” he tweeted Thursday. “Can’t even go get that overseas money. Judge said it’s a no go on leaving the country.”

An athlete being held accountable for his actions and being prevented from doing what he wants to? That’s a new one. Good for the judge. Who really wants Delonte taking his uzi-filled guitar cases overseas anyway? As if we don’t already have a bad enough reputation among foreign countries, the last thing we would need is West getting into fights with teammates abroad the way he has here.

Cheshire Jets May Offer Ron Artest Spot on British Soap Opera

Lakers forward Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace has been flirting with the idea of playing basketball for the Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. The British Basketball League isn’t as lucrative as some other foreign basketball leagues, so it will be a challenge for them to meet Artest’s financial desires. Instead, they’re getting creative with their offer and may try to barter with Artest.

Marc Stein spoke with Jets director Peter Hawkins who said “Our commitment is to help raise Ron’s profile in the UK in order to help him develop his music and movie career over here while playing basketball.”

Stein added that “One possibility, according to a source with knowledge of the Jets’ plans, is trying to find Artest a role on a British soap opera.”

Ron Artest on a British soap opera. I guess that’s where the “World” comes from in Metta World Peace huh. If Ron Ron’s jokes don’t elicit laughs here in the U.S., how in the world would they translate in the U.K.? There’s just no way this ends up well, though I must say these rumors are much better than the ones about him going to Finland.

Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Entry Includes Helicopter, Women’s Clothing

Pictured above is a similar shirt to the one Dennis Rodman was wearing when he showed up to his Hall of Fame press conference on Thursday. Ball Don’t Lie shared that information with us, and we certainly have no reason to doubt it.  Not really much to add there.  They also told us, via the Miami Herald, that Rodman will arrive at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony Friday in a helicopter.  A helicopter is his second choice for transportation, as Dennis said he would have preferred to arrive in Springfield, Mass. on a colorful float.

Rodman also said he will hire acrobats to perform and that some of his outfits will be a little “out there.”  One has to wonder if that means “out there” by our standards or his.  Phil Jackson is going to present for Rodman in what sounds like it could be the most interesting Hall of Fame induction of all time.  From a guy who once did this at a party and had his jersey retired in a place like this, anything less would be a major disappointment.

Anthony Randolph Might Join an LSU Fraternity During the NBA Lockout

With talk of lockouts comes speculation about what players are going to do with their time off.  For the NBA, there is a constant game that revolves around who is going to play for what overseas team.  Guys like Amar’e Stoudemire plan to explore their passion for writing and fashion while others like Nate Robinson consider changing sports.  There is also the chance that the 2012 Olympic team could suffer if matters cannot be resolved.

Timberwolves forward Anthony Randolph has a unique idea for how to spend his time while the league tries to work out a new CBA.  Like a number of other players including Russell Westbrook, Trevor Ariza, Baron Davis, and Kevin Love, Randolph is taking summer classes and working toward his degree.  According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, he is also considering joining a fraternity while he fulfills his sociology major at LSU.

“The students know I’m from the NBA, but it’s more fun because I can focus on my schoolwork,” Randolph said. “I don’t have the basketball distraction. I’m a more focused student now after being in the real world for a couple years.”

I don’t mean to stereotype, but I attended a large university (like LSU) and a lot of what they say about fraternities is true.  Randolph is only 22 years old and may want to put in some community service while fulfilling his promise to his mother to graduate, but he should definitely be careful.  Fraternities can do a lot of good, but the Wolves are likely hoping Randolph isn’t joining LSU’s version of Animal House.

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