Brent Petway Posterizes Rob Parker

While this may not be as impressive as P.J. Hairston’s 75-foot no-look shot that I recently posted, it’s certainly more embarrassing if you’re sportswriter and radio host Rob Parker.  Parker was dunked on so badly by former Michigan basketball player Brent Petway during a pick-up game at Braylon Edwards‘ fundraiser event that he was jokingly taken off on a stretcher.  At least when Nate Robinson dunked over Dwight Howard to win the Slam Dunk Competition Howard consented to getting posterized.  Check out the video of Rob Parker getting dunked on by Brent Petway and being taken off on a stretcher, courtesy of You Been Blinded:

I’m sure that’s not where Parker expected his face to end up during a friendly basketball game.

Rob Parker Put on Stretcher after Brent Petway Facial [You Been Blinded]
Video Credit: YouTube user IMUTheInsideOut

UNC Recruit Makes Ridiculous Shot

If 2011 North Carolina Tarheels recruit P.J. Hairston‘s NCAA career doesn’t go as planned and he fails to make it to the NBA, he can always try out for a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters’ roster.  Listed as a 6’3″ small forward, P.J. might have to make a few more shots like this one if he wants to be successful in the NBA some day.  Check out the video of UNC recruit P.J. Hairston sinking a behind-the-back 75-foot shot, courtesy of Huffington Post via The Sporting Blog:

Oh yeah, and he hit the same shot from half court for good measure, although we can’t give him as much credit for that one because we’re not sure if he called “glass.”

UNC Recruit P.J. Hairston Sinks Your Average Backward 75-Foot Shot [The Sporting Blog]
PJ Hairston Trick Shot Is A 75-Foot, Behind-The-Back Effort (VIDEO) [The Huffington Post]

Bullish on DeMarcus Cousins in the NBA

It seems as if every year around draft time in the major sports there is at least one prominent player picked on for “character issues.” Real or not, the media needs a compelling storyline to write and talk about. In the NFL this year, that player was Dez Bryant, who had issues that may have been overblown. In the NBA this year, that player has been Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins, who’s been carrying around the dreaded “character issues” tag for quite some time.

With John Wall and Evan Turner virtual locks to go 1-2 in the NBA Draft, the question marks emerge after that: who goes next? Derrick Favors, Wesley Johnson, Greg Monroe, or dare I say DeMarcus Cousins? I know if I had the pick I’d be going Cousins. I watched DeMarcus play plenty of times throughout the season with Kentucky and he was easily one of the biggest forces in college basketball. He can score, he can block shots, and can he ever rebound. In my experience, the one skill that translates the best to the next level (aside from something static like free throw shooting) is rebounding. Cousins did it ferociously at the college level and I have no doubt he’ll do it well in the NBA.

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If Health Is Issue, Phil Should Retire

Last week the LA Lakers won their second consecutive NBA Championship. The win gave Phil Jackson his 11th title as a head coach and already had Kobe Bryant thinking Jackson would retire. Jackson, who is 64, said that his mind might be made up about whether or not he will return to coach the Lakers next season, which is something he’s been hinting at since last January. Jackson said on Wednesday, “I’m leaning towards retiring but I have not made up my mind.”

So should Jackson retire or try for the three-peat? Honestly, it all comes down to his health. I think if Jackson is healthy enough he will come back and give it a shot at ending his career with his third three-peat of championships. Then again, there’s no guarantee that the Lakers will win again next year, so maybe ending on a high note is the best move.

There’s really no point for Jackson to come back if he isn’t healthy. Coaching isn’t an easy job, even if you are Phil Jackson, and it would just cause unneeded stress for him. Plus, he could get sick during the season and thus be unable to coach anyways.

I say it’s time for him to retire. He’s had an amazing career and why not end it on the high note of a Lakers championship? 11 titles is no easy feat and I don’t think that anyone in the league could blame him if he decided that this was his last year.

Jackson ‘leaning towards retiring’ [ESPN]

Ty Lawson on Twitter: It Wasn’t Me!

On Monday, we let you know about Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson’s borderline inappropriate tweet regarding the Kardashians. Lawson realized that Reggie Bush, who was dating Kim Kardashian, won a Super Bowl with the Saints, and that Lamar Odom repeated as a champ with the Lakers while marrying Khloe Kardashian. Considering the publicity-seeking ways of the Kardashians, I didn’t see anything wrong with Lawson’s tweet (with the exception of the word “hit”). Apparently he did, unfortunately. As pointed out by Jimmy Traina at Hot Clicks, Lawson not only deleted his original tweet, he also claimed someone else produced the tweet. From Lawson’s twitter:

I gave Paul Pierce a pass for the “we’re going to sweep the Magic” tweet that he claims someone else made, but I’m not buying Lawson’s b.s. The “my twitter was hacked” excuse is as lame as the “my supplements were tainted” excuse for testing positive for PEDs. I’m guessing Lawson lost his phone at the same time his car got a flat tire. Don’t people realize that the more an excuse is used the less we believe it? Worst of all, if you’re going to be brazen with a tweet, don’t back down as soon as it gets some attention. That’s uber lame!

Ty’s Twitter Tale [SI Hot Clicks]
Ty Lawson on Twitter

Kobe to Magic: Phil’s Leaving

Phil Jackson has already told Magic Johnson that this past season with the Lakers would be his last.  He told Magic that last year, but we all know how quickly things can change in professional sports — especially when you’re coming off back-to-back championship seasons.  Sometimes that makes it easier to leave, other times it makes it harder.  Jackson’s contract is up, but he has not yet made it clear what his future plans are.

I’m not sure if Magic is basing his prediction on the conversation he had with the 11-time champion last year or not, but he and Kobe Bryant seem to disagree about whether Jackson is staying or leaving.  Check out this video of Magic Johnson telling Kobe Bryant Phil Jackson is staying and Kobe saying he’s leaving, courtesy of You Been Blinded via YouTube user karceno2:

Great find there and even better lip-reading by karceno2.  Considering Stuart Scott just asked Phil if he was staying or going, it’s obvious that’s what the two are talking about.  I’m not sure whether to believe Magic, who knows the Lakers better than almost anyone and is a master of predictions, or Kobe, who now has won five rings with Jackson and may have a bit more inside knowledge.  I assume we’ll find out who’s right very shortly.

Kobe Bryant Tells Magic Johnson Phil Jackson is Leaving [You Been Blinded]
Video Credit: YouTube user karceno2

Winning Not High on Chris Bosh’s Agenda

Just a few weeks ago I was writing about spotting Chris Bosh having dinner in LA with Dwyane Wade, thinking that the Heat would be pretty dangerous with a Wade-Bosh one-two punch. Knicks fans were probably thinking that a LeBron-Bosh combination would be just as lethal. Lakers fans have been contemplating a potential Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh trade. Now, it appears as if we can scratch all those plans. Much like Brian Giles who rejected a trade from the last place Padres to the wild card Red Sox, Bosh is making it known that being “the man” is his main goal. From an interview with NBA.com via Sports by Brooks Live, check out Bosh’s surprising remarks:

“I don’t want to be mentioned as an addition to a team. I want to be mentioned as the guy that people want to center their team around.

“I’m not an addition. I’m a centerpiece. I have to have that confidence in myself, and I want people to know that, because I’m not somebody that helps out. I’m the guy you get like, ‘Yo, we’re going to win a championship, you’re gonna take us there.’

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