Kobe Doesn’t Care Where LeBron Ends Up; Just Ask Him

Los Angeles Clippers fans would really like it if LeBron James signed with their team.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the 75 or so that attended a parade in an attempt to help nudge LeBron in their direction.  There may be no one who wants The King more than New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has taken time out of his apparently lax schedule to design a campaign called “C’mon LeBron”.  It’s tough to find people who don’t care where LeBron James signs in the coming days.  One person who definitely doesn’t care and would rather not be asked about it is Kobe Bryant.  Here’s what Kobe Bryant told the New York Post when asked if he thought LeBron James would end up in New York, courtesy of The Sporting Blog:

You’re asking me if LeBron is going to New York? I’m trying to tell you in a polite way, I don’t give a [bleep]. As a fan, it’s a big deal. You’re talking about LeBron and Dwyane Wade, it’s two huge names changing cities. It alters things drastically in the NBA. But I really don’t care about it.”

I’m not much of a Kobe fan, to say the absolute least.  This postseason has officially convinced me that he’s the best player in the NBA — assuming LeBron James’ elbow wasn’t much more of an issue than we were led to believe — but I don’t like him.  I’m a life-long Celtics fan, so I suppose it’s a natural feeling of hatred.  Not to mention I get the impression that he thinks he’s funny every time I watch a post-game press conference and, in my opinion, he’s not.

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Danny Ferry Joins Mike Brown Among Nation’s Unemployed

“Would somebody please do something to sign Lebron James?” seems to be the general consensus around NBA front offices this summer. Knowing that change is a necessity for the Cleveland Cavaliers to hold onto their six-time NBA All-Star, the Cavs’ ownership followed up the firing of Mike Brown as head coach with the announcement that they will not maintain Danny Ferry as general manager, opting instead to promote assistant GM Chris Grant to the top executive position. Rumors had been circulating about this move for some time, and the decision became official on the Cavaliers website today with this statement from majority owner Dan Gilbert:

“For five years, Danny Ferry was instrumental in leading the establishment of a culture, process and professionalism that has become part of the fabric of the definition of ‘who’ are the Cleveland Cavaliers. Danny worked extremely hard to create this strong foundation that we will continue to build upon going forward with much gratitude and appreciation. This solid foundation is evident by the natural and clear choice to choose his close associate, Chris Grant, whom Danny worked in partnership with for his entire five years leading the Cavaliers front office, to succeed Danny as the Cleveland Cavaliers new general manager.”

In other words, “See you later Danny, LeBron’s in charge.” Of course, it was abundantly clear that King James was not returning to Cleveland without a new coach and a new general manager, making this a major move in the LeBron summer sweepstakes. Only time will tell if these practical management decisions will be able to compete with the care package of cards, gifts, and signs that Moishe’s moving company is organizing to support New York’s bid for LeBron.

Danny Ferry Resigns as Cleveland Cavaliers General Manger [NBA Fanhouse]

Today’s Humor: NYC Mayor Making a Fool of Himself

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an event in sports that has been able to bring out the pathetic in people quite like LeBron James’ free agent status has.  LA Clippers fans have already made their pitch for LeBron by holding a parade to try to convince the King to join them.  I can’t imagine they persuaded James very much, considering about 75 fans showed up.  The latest person to make an ass of himself happens to be a public figure — the mayor of New York City. 

That’s right, Mike Bloomberg has actually created a political campaign-style video in an attempt to convince LeBron James to come to the Knicks.  These attempts are quickly becoming more and more pathetic and I think this one takes the cake thus far. He’s supposedly even designing an entire campaign entitled “C’mon LeBron.”  Check out the video of New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg begging LeBron James to sign with the Knicks, courtesy of The Big Lead via SI Hot Clicks.

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Nate Robinson’s Fan Club Interrupted the Doc Rivers Press Conference

The sad part about the media attention paid to the NBA Finals is that the door is opened for idiotic reporters to cover the event. As soon as the NBA opens things up, you get people who don’t follow basketball turning it into a sideshow. Take for instance the dumb-dumb who used his question at Doc Rivers’ postgame press conference to let the Boston coach know how much he was screwing up by playing Rajon Rondo over Nate Robinson. Check out this wizard’s argument:

Korea Repoter: “Rajon Rondo hasn’t played particularly well since the Cleveland series. Nate Robinson came in the game for you today and had four assists and no turnovers. Do you plan on using Nate Robinson any more in the series?”

Rivers: “Well, you must be in the Nate Robinson fan club, clearly. Nate has played well, but I think Rondo is pretty good. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to keep playing a lot.”

I honestly feel badly that Doc has to even bother with answering such crap. Maybe the NBA needs to enforce stricter credentials requirements so Doc’s time isn’t wasted like that. On my list of 10 things the Celtics need to do better in Game 2, playing Nate Robinson over Rajon Rondo is probably 80th. This guy must be hanging out with Magic Johnson in his spare time or something.

Amazing Happens in Kevin Durant’s Pants

I don’t know who’s responsible for this picture nor where it happened, but I do know that it is damn funny. By the way, am I the only one thinking that shirt doesn’t really match Durant’s personality, not unlike the Greg Oden freak dancing photo? I never thought I would say this, but that picture is actually better than Durant’s jersey-changing commercial.

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NBA Finals Preview: Seven Things To Keep An Eye On

The NBA Finals are almost upon us.  While very few people (myself included) expected to see a Boston Celtics-LA Lakers Final for the second time in three years, I haven’t heard many people groaning about it.  The rivalry between these two teams is unquestionably one of the most exciting in professional sports.  The players don’t seem to like each other.  The fans certainly don’t like each other.  Celtic fans see Jack Nicholson sitting court-side and view him not as an incredible actor, but an obnoxious Laker fan.  Laker fans see Donnie Wahlberg court-side and still don’t know who he is.  LA wants revenge and the Big Three are facing their last real shot at a title.  It should be fun to watch. 

With all the buzz surrounding the series, there are plenty of story lines and themes to keep tabs on going forward.  I’ve come up with a little list of what I think are the most important.  Feel free to chime in if you think I missed something.

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Cavs Trading Delonte West? Hmm

Six weeks ago it was said the Cavs were looking at potentially extending the contract of guard Delonte West. Now the Cleveland Plain Dealer is saying the Cavs are looking to trade him. What could have possibly changed in between? Initially I brushed aside baseless, unsubstantiated rumors such as the one suggested about Delonte West shortly after the Cavs lost to the Celtics. Now though, more and more the pieces are starting to come together making it seem like the ridiculous rumor could be true.

The first hint that the absurd rumor could be true was when Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy said it was “absolutely true.” West’s glaring drop in minutes against the Celtics — from playing 20-30 minutes a game every playoff game to just nine and 14 minutes in Games 5 and 6 — seemed quite strange. People can argue that the Cavs might want to get rid of West because of his pending weapons charges. I understand that could be a factor but the Cavs knew what West was facing back when they were talking about extending him. Plus, with the Cavs trying to keep LeBron, wouldn’t they try and surround him with as much talent as possible rather than get rid of it?

The last nugget that really makes me question things came in Jack McCallum’s column at SI on Friday. Comparing Kobe to LeBron in the playoffs, here’s what McCallum wrote about LBJ against the Celtics:

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