Kevin Love Likes Rick Adelman as Potential Coach, Thinks Rubio is Real Deal

Kevin Love announced Tuesday that he’s going to play volleyball in the Manhattan Beach Open next month. Love made his announcement at Times Square in New York City where a beach volleyball court was set up for him and other athletes on the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series tour to play. We spoke with Love after the event and asked him if this was the first of many publicity stunts to come. We also asked him about his development as a player, his thoughts on Ricky Rubio, who he’d like the team to hire as its new head coach, and what goes into building the ideal team. Our interview follows.

How did this whole thing with Jose Cuervo and the beach volleyball idea come about?

Jose Cuervo came to me and said that they wanted me to be a part of it and I took it and ran with it — I thought it was a home run. It’s a different thing I could use throughout the lockout to keep active and kind of have fun with, so I’m very excited about it.

Do you have more ideas like this in store, like Ochocinco, or is this a one-time deal for you?

I’m not opposed to anything. I’m down to try new things and new sports, so I’m definitely taking the Ochocinco route. I’m definitely down to try anything, I think it’s fun.

How much volleyball experience do you have?

Not much, obviously a little bit in high school but nothing on the beach and it wasn’t really too serious. It was kind of just hitting the ball around with my friends in gym class but I even surprised myself today — I was a little better than I thought.

You made the jump, you became an All-Star this season. How good do you think you can be? Do you think you can be the centerpiece on a championship team?

Yeah, I think the sky’s the limit. I’m 22 years old — there’s still so much room to grow. Even Michael Jordan said that players don’t reach their prime until they’re 27-34. I think I can be as good as I want to be and take my game to whatever level I want to take it to.

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Kevin Love Playing Beach Volleyball During NBA Lockout

When Kevin Love filmed his commercial for the “Lockout Professionals,” he wasn’t joking — he was just leading up to a bigger announcement. On Tuesday, it was revealed that Love is partnering with Jose Cuervo to play in their Pro Beach Volleyball Series. He made the announcement while playing beach volleyball on a court in Times Square:

Love plans to play in the famed Manhattan Beach Open next month. Better yet, Jose Cuervo has agreed to waive all ticket costs and offer free admission to fans who attend any of their upcoming events.

LBS interviewed Love after his day of playing volleyball and asked him if he’s becoming the Chad Ochocinco of the NBA? Find out his answer by reading here.

Justin Verlander Gives Don Kelly the ‘Hot Foot’, Sets Shoe on Fire (Video)

It takes a variety of pranks to make the baseball prank world go ’round.  There are those that are designed simply to screw with your psyche and those that are meant embarrass the heck out of you.  Then, there are those that are meant to force you to change your cell phone number.  And finally, there are some pranks that are just plain dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals.

As Big League Stew pointed out, Justin Verlander is apparently one of those professionals.  Verlander gave a new meaning to the term “flamethrower” on Sunday with his dugout prank during a game against the Twins. Check out the video of Justin Verlander’s hot foot prank on Don Kelly, courtesy of MLB.com:

Personally, I think I’d rather have a pie in the face.

Kevin Durant Explains Meaning Behind Each of His ‘Business Tattoos’

Many fans were shocked last week when it was revealed Kevin Durant has a chest and stomach full of tattoos. Fans who thought he was a clean-cut, ink-free guy felt misled. No surprise, that was part of Durant’s intent. Here’s another look at the picture that captured everyone’s attention:

The Basketball Jones described Durant’s ink as “business tattoos” designed to maintain the Thunder star’s squeaky-clean image. Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman confirms that’s exactly the case.

Mayberry reports that Durant was hesistant to share his ink with the world. Mayberry wrote “Durant confirmed the deliberate placement of his designs following a practice in early May when the Thunder was in a Western Conference semifinals series with Memphis.”

He also explains what each one of Durant’s tattoos mean:

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Fan Gets LeBron James Tattoo on His Leg, LeBron Surprised

Just when it felt like everyone in America hated LeBron James, we’ve learned that is not the case. As Black Sports Online pointed out, fan Nathan Blackhall got a portrait of LeBron James tattooed on his leg:

Blackhall tweeted the picture to James who said in response “Oh damn! That’s how u feel. I appreciate the love.” With all the hate LeBron’s received, it’s no surprise he was stunned to get the Brett Keisel treatment from the fan.

Blackhall got plenty of ridicule on twitter but remained confident he made the right move. He kept saying that he’s a big fan and that LeBron is a future Hall of Famer. Hey, good for Blackhall — he better be confident he made the right decision because he now has a permanent portrait of Josh Smith on his leg for the rest of his life. Hope he’s satisfied. On the bright side, it could have been much worse.

Spencer Hawes Shaves Seattle Space Needle Into Hair for H206 Game (Picture)

The H206 charity game in Seattle took place Saturday to showcase the contributions basketball has made to the Pacific Northwest. Former Washington center Spencer Hawes played for the Seattle team and got into the mood with a haircut featuring the Space Needle shaved into his head. Hawes had teased his haircut with a tweet, but it wasn’t revealed until Todd Dybas shared a picture of it on twitter.

Though he’s currently with the 76ers, Hawes is a Seattle native who played high school and college ball in the 206. He teamed up with Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, and several other stars in the charity game. After getting that haircut, he’s now in the company of Evan Longoria, Tracy Porter, and Tony Allen who have all had crazy things shaved into their heads. Maybe this is the route Nate Robinson should have gone instead of his permanent Seattle skyline tattoo.

Fist pound to I am a GM for the tip

Kevin Durant Has Been Hiding His Tattoos from the World (Picture)

I didn’t know Kevin Durant had tattoos until a few months ago. He comes across as a harmless teenager who wears his backpack to postgame press conferences. Now it appears he’s more of an on-court killer than he lets on. The Basketball Jones posted that picture of Durant from July 9th in China. Bet you had no idea he was hiding all that ink underneath his jersey huh?

Someone should tell him chest and stomach ink are gateway tattoos. Next thing you know he’ll look like this or worse yet, this.