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Friday, July 31, 2015


Basketball stats website calls Jimmer Fredette ‘Jimmy’

Basketball genius and hardcore Kings fan Tom Ziller was spouting some insight on Jimmer Fredette Sunday morning when he pointed out something pretty interesting: The outstanding basketball statistical site for some reason calls Jimmer Fredette “Jimmy.” We have no idea if this was done on purpose out of defiance, or just accidentally, but it’s…Read More

Dwyane Wade wants a title for LeBron more than for himself

Dwyane Wade has already achieved something LeBron has not: he won a championship. Winning that mythical ring has taken some pressure off Wade when it comes to discussions about basketball’s greatest players. But until LeBron James wins at least one championship, he’s going to receive continual criticism. That’s why Wade says he wants a title…Read More

Even Lamar Odom was surprised Lakers traded Derek Fisher

There were plenty of trade rumors concerning the Lakers prior to Thursday’s deadline, but very few, if any of them, involved Derek Fisher. That’s why it was so shocking to hear the Lakers had dealt their team leader to Houston. Even former Laker Lamar Odom, who was stunningly traded to Dallas before the season, was…Read More

James Harden’s mom has had enough of his beard

As scraggly and grotesque as James Harden‘s beard has become, you’ve got to admit it’d be weird to see him without it. Even he has developed a cosmetic attachment to it. But much like any mom, Harden’s mother is hardly a fan of her son’s facial sweater. “It’s been over a year. I’m scared to…Read More

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t want to be known as a coach killer

After the messy end to the Mike D’Antoni era in New York, Carmelo Anthony wants everybody to know his hands are clean. Before D’Antoni resigned on Wednesday, he and Anthony were reportedly clashing, with Anthony also relaying a “me or him” attitude to the Knicks front office. Carmelo spoke to the media on Thursday, maintaining…Read More

Mr. October Reggie Jackson thinks LeBron’s issues are in his head

When you think of the most clutch athletes of all-time, Reggie Jackson should come to mind. I mean, he is Mr. October. Stop me if this starts to sound familiar: Five World Series rings, two-time World Series MVP, three home runs in that famous Game 6 of the ’77 Series. Just legendary stuff. So when…Read More

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