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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


NBA Lockout Finally Over, Season to Begin on Christmas Day

After months of unsuccessful negotiations and several games lost, the NBA lockout has finally ended. The players and owners met for over 15 hours Friday and news was announced early Saturday morning that the sides had reached a tentative deal on a labor agreement. Details need to be worked out, but the sides decided they…Read More

Byron Mullens Stays Sharp During Lockout by Playing Basketball at Prison

Thanksgiving has passed and there is still no NBA season, which means professional basketball players are in search of ways to keep their skills sharp.  Some have turned to less-productive methods like dunking on 25-foot hoops while others have officially begun weighing their options for playing overseas.  Oklahoma City Thunder center Byron Mullens has one…Read More

Yao Ming Selling His Own Wine

Since his sudden and unfortunate retirement from the NBA back in July, Yao Ming has turned the page of his life and quickly focused on a new set of goals.  For starters, he has been attending one of the most prestigious schools in China.  Yao has also continued to work toward raising money for charities,…Read More

LeBron James Won’t Rule Out Playing in Cleveland Again Someday

Chances are, it will never happen. LeBron James may not spend the rest of his career in Miami, but a return to Cleveland is highly unlikely. Given the way he left and judging by Dan Gilbert’s vicious letter, I’m not sure the city would even have him.  However, LeBron refuses to rule out a return. …Read More

New York Escort Service Owner Says Lockout Has Hurt Business

Sports lockouts hurt business.  That is merely common sense.  Given all the NBA games that have already been cancelled due to the current lockout, businesses are suffering.  Some of the most obvious that come to mind are hotels, restaurants, and retail stores in the area of NBA venues.  The lack of games is also hurting…Read More

Warren Sapp: Pretty Boy LeBron James Would Never Make it in NFL

As tired as I’ve grown of hearing people talk about LeBron James playing football, this was just too funny to pass up.  With Jalen Rose appearing as a guest panelist on the NFL Network’s No Huddle on Wednesday night, the topic of LeBron possibly taking his talents to the NFL arose.  Jalen danced around the…Read More

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