Chris Bosh Poked in the Eye by Jason Kidd, Not a Flop (Video)

For as much as we’ve mocked Chris Bosh over the season — for many deserved reasons (like this) — it was disappointing to see so many people criticizing him for a “flop” in the first quarter of Game 3. While it looked like he went down for no reason at first, replays later showed he was poked in the eye by Jason Kidd. Here’s the play via The Association Live on YouTube:

Cameras later were able to zoom in on his face and they showed how swollen his eye was. Even after the game it looked like Bosh was crying but that was just the result of his irritated eye. It may have seen like Bosh was exaggerating his issue, but it seemed to be legitimate. That makes his game-winning shot even more impressive.

Tim Donaghy Breaking Down NBA Finals Refereeing, or Plugging Gambling Sites?

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was busted in 2007 for betting on games he reffed and he ended up in prison. Since getting out, he’s written a book and he’s analyzed the refereeing in the playoffs. During the Eastern Conference Finals, Donaghy pointed out that the refs missed a blatant travel by LeBron James against the Bulls. It was something I pointed out on twitter, so I was glad someone else of prominence raised the same point. But then you see his next video, and you realize the guy is only doing infomercials for a betting site.

Before he points out preferential treatment he says LeBron received in Game 1, he makes sure to tell viewers to visit a gambling site. Then, the entire time the video plays, there’s a small text ad at the bottom reminding viewers to hit up the same site. Towards the end of the video, suggests analyst Jeff Van Gundy isn’t critical of LeBron’s non-calls because Van Gundy has money on the games.

Donaghy may have called out some of the unethical refereeing practices going on in the NBA, but there’s little doubt he’s taken things too far. He lacks integrity and honesty, and things he says should be taken with little credibility. Hopefully now that you know he’s only plugging a gambling site, you’ll ignore everything he has to say. He really isn’t worth your attention.

Baron Davis Returning to UCLA to Complete History Degree

We’ve taken exception with Baron Davis’ off-court behavior throughout his career. He’s spent his free time producing movies, developing websites, and working on many other business ventures. He just never expressed a desire to be great on the court and instead wanted to use the fame and money basketball provided him to build a higher profile elsewhere. It’s understandable that he has greater goals than what he aspires to achieve on the court, but he has a responsibility as a basketball player that he doesn’t seem to take seriously enough.

Davis has been benched for partying before games, he’s put on weight before seasons, and admitted he was out of shape. As a result of his lack of desire to be great, our expectations of him on the court have adjusted accordingly. He’s just another point guard in the NBA, nothing more, nothing less.

But now Baron has an off-court venture we can support. Baron Davis is returning to UCLA to complete his history degree, following the advice of his deceased grandmother who encouraged him to do so. He actually is expressing some sound perspective too.

“All the classes I’m signed up for are things I want to learn now,” Baron told reporters. “When you’re in school, you’re studying stuff wondering ‘How am I going to use that in life’ or ‘What does that matter to me?’ Then you get out in the world and you start traveling and history becomes one of the most important things. Now my brain is ready to receive that more than when I was 19 years old and I wanted to dribble [basketballs] all day.”

I understand where he’s coming from because there were times many of us felt the same way. Like I said, many of his off-court ventures have been questionable, but it’s hard not to support this one.

Shaq’s Top 10 Worst Quotes and Biggest Jerk Moments of his Career

Shaq surprisingly announced his retirement Wednesday, and did so using a social media service that he’s endorsing and has a financial stake in. The announcement came out of nowhere, had odd timing, and caught people off guard. The media began its Shaq love fest all day, playing tribute videos and pumping out best Shaq moments and quotes lists. I really feel like everyone’s being taken for a couple of reasons.

First off, I believe he’s going to be back. He had a bad and injury-filled year in Boston, but he’s been saying he wants to play for a few more years. This just seems too abrupt for to me to believe Shaq is comfortable with his decision. Secondly, while Shaq was colorful and humorous, the guy was a petulant baby who was extremely insecure despite his 7-foot 350-pound plus intimidating frame. It’s somewhat irritating the love fest shown for this guy; it’s as if everyone forgets history when someone retires. My point is that Shaq had several moments throughout his career where he really lost me because of what a jerk he was, so I feel compelled to remind everyone of those moments.

So here they are, Shaq’s Top 10 Worst Quotes and Biggest Jerk Moments:

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Shaq’s Retirement Video Part of a Business Deal with Tout.com

When Shaq decided to announce his retirement via a social media network on Wednesday, I praised him for giving the info to the fans first rather than feeding it to an ESPN insider so they could break a big story and benefit from it.  Had I known at the time that the way Shaq went about his business was exactly that — business — I probably would have been a bit more critical.  It’s never too late.

When Shaq chose to put the announcement video on Tout.com, I assumed I was simply behind the game as far as social media tools are concerned.  I was a very late entry into the Twitter world, so it was reasonable to assume that Tout was just another Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace that I had yet to hear about.  Things got a bit stranger when Shaq kept utilizing Tout, which is apparently a social network that allows you to post videos that are 15 seconds or less in length.  Check out this interesting info that PopDecay.com passed along on Thursday via Red’s Army:

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Dwyane Wade: Miami Heat Won’t Stop Celebrating After Great Plays

The Miami Heat got Thunder’d by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Much like Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals where Oklahoma City was up by 15 with five minutes to play and lost 112-105 in overtime, the Heat also blew a 15-point lead. Miami was up 88-73 after Dwyane Wade’s corner three pointer but ended up losing 95-93. His celebrated in front of the Mavericks bench apparently irked Dallas. Here’s a video of the play courtesy of Eye on Basketball:

Two Mavericks players said that the celebration by Wade ticked them off and inspired their 22-5 run to close the game. Tyson Chandler said Wade’s antics “angered a lot of [the Mavericks]” because it happened right in front of their bench.

Jason Terry said, “Right at that moment, it was a turning point in the game. Obviously we come out of that timeout and we don’t score, then we’re pretty much dead … I specifically looked at Dirk and said, ‘There’s no way we’re going out like this.'”

Alright, so we know from Dallas’ perspective that the three-pointer and celebration bothered them, but what about from Miami’s side? Was Wade’s reaction any different from his typical behavior? Did the Heat celebrate after that three like the game was over?

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Steve Nash and Brittany Richardson Attend Heat-Mavs Finals Game 2

Steve Nash was shown by the ABC cameras in attendance for Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and Mavericks Thursday. Nash was spotted along with a young woman believed to be his girlfriend, Brittany Richardson. Check it out:

Nash apparently was bombarded by text messages after ABC showed him on TV, to which he responded on twitter “How can I watch the game when I just got a thousand texts for being on tv?! Been there before people… #kindofabigdeal”

As for Richardson, well Nash and his wife divorced in November — the day after their third child was born. It’s been rumored that he and Richardson have been dating since then, and the two recently took a trip to Negril.

Here are some more pictures of the two together courtesy of Brittany’s twitter account: