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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Jeremy Lin reportedly in talks to endorse Volvo cars in China

Since becoming the biggest sports story of the year a little over a month ago, Jeremy Lin has done his best to suck up as little of the spotlight as possible. Of course, keeping out of the spotlight has been completely impossible. When your grandmother can’t even avoid the paparazzi, you just have to accept…Read More

Bulls fans chant that Jeremy Lin is overrated (Video)

And just like that, the masses have turned against Jeremy Lin. Last month, Lin was a story everyone could feel good about. He was an Ivy League kid who injected life into a struggling Knicks team that came close to releasing him just a few days prior. Now, Bull fans are chanting “overrated” at him….Read More

Derrick Rose upset with referees for lack of calls

The Bulls beat the Knicks Monday night but that doesn’t mean Derrick Rose was happy after the game. Contrarily, Rose was upset with the officials for what he felt was a lack of calls in his favor. “I’ve got to be the only superstar in the league going through what I’m going through right now,”…Read More

Mike Brown apologized to Kobe Bryant for questioning his shot selection

When the Lakers hired Mike Brown and didn’t consult Kobe Bryant before doing so, they introduced an entirely new dynamic to the team. There have been times where Brown has shown he’s not afraid to challenge Kobe, but others where it becomes obvious that the Lakers are Bryant’s team now that Phil Jackson is gone….Read More

Fan has a giant Gary Payton tattoo down his side (Picture)

Dear Lord. That is one giant Gary Payton tattoo. Don’t get me wrong, I was a fan of Payton when he was lighting it up with the Sonics during the Shawn Kemp days, but clearly I was nowhere near as committed to No. 20 as this dude is. The only thing I will say is…Read More

Carmelo Anthony was reportedly against Knicks signing J.R. Smith

It may not be his fault, but the Knicks have struggled since they added J.R. Smith to the mix back in mid-February. Since Smith made his first appearance on Feb. 19, the Knicks have won just three out of 10 games. J.R. himself has been struggling, shooting only 37 percent from the field and 28…Read More

Fans chant for Mike D’Antoni to be fired as Knicks lose fifth straight

Some Knicks fans joined in unison on Sunday and voiced their frustrations with their team’s struggles, calling for Mike D’Antoni‘s job in the waning moments of New York’s fifth consecutive loss, a 106-94 defeat by the 76ers. With a minute to go in the contest, chants of “Fire D’Antoni!” reportedly rang out briefly from portions…Read More

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