Big Baby Davis Has an Oral Request

Glen Big Baby Davis got into trouble for yelling at a heckling Pistons fan in Detroit a few nights ago. Big Baby wound up getting fined $25,000 for yelling his obscenities and yes, it was probably deserved. Check out this video from CSN Boston and listen to Big Baby ask the fan to suck his **** in the background:

I could see where that would get offensive and elicit a fine from the league. I’m also waiting to hear how much the fan got fined for being a dumbass. Still waiting on that one, Stern.

Big Baby Davis Cusses at Fan Over ‘Fat Boy’ Heckling

Last year we saw Celtics forward Glen Davis earn his nickname of “Big Baby” by crying after teammate Kevin Garnett got on his case. Now I’m really believing he got the nickname because of real life experiences. The poor guy is so thin-skinned he let a heckling fan in Detroit get the best of him on Wednesday night:

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Shaq Crawls into Stands, Hugs and Kisses Daniel Baldwin

Shaq must be quite comfortable with his sexuality because he has no problems doling out kisses to men. Last season he pulled a Rafer Alston and kissed Caron Butler during a game against the Wizards. This time he kissed someone during a game but it wasn’t a fellow player. It was actor Daniel Baldwin who was sitting in the first row under the basket in Portland. Check out the Shaq kissing Daniel Baldwin video:

Shaq may have lost some of his stamina and quickness on the court but his playful personality sure hasn’t gone anywhere. That kiss may have been out of the ordinary but it was nothing compared to the strange combination of shoes LeBron wore. LBJ had one blue shoe and another orange shoe on his feet to match the throwback jerseys the Cavs wore. Maybe he should keep it up considering he put up 41 points and the Cavs got an easy road win. Just a thought.

Apparently Javaris Crittenton Had a Loaded Gun, Gilbert a Golden Gun


This Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton gun mess has spun completely out of control and it’s certainly difficult to endure as a longtime Gilbert admirer. Things have gotten to the point where Arenas deserves the indefinite suspension from the NBA, his contract to potentially be voided, and potential jail time for possessing unlicensed guns. The latest twist to the saga comes courtesy of the Washington Post as they confirm Arenas was more or less joking around with Crittenton. Problem is Crittenton took matters seriously:

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O.J. Mayo: ‘I May Have Some USC Money Left Over’

I stopped reading ESPN the Magazine a little over a year ago, about the time they made it perfectly clear that they didn’t give a crap about their product. The reason I give this background is to explain how I missed the following quote that appeared in the November 30th, 2009 issue of The Mag. From the OC Register USC blog via LBS contributor Botros:

Mayo, formerly of USC and currently of the Memphis Grizzlies, was the subject of Kenny Mayne’s Outtakes. At the end of the Q&A, Mayne invited Mayo to the Breeders’ Cup.

Mayne: “… I want you to bring all the cash. Bring the NBA money.”

Mayo: “I’m just a rookie, man. I mean, I’m just a second-year player.”

Mayne: “Aren’t there mandatory minimums? You guys all make $40 million by this point.”

Mayo: “Well, I may have some USC money left over.”

Mayo of course said that in jest, but it’s been documented that he received thousands from Rodney Guillory who was allegedly serving as a runner for an agency. Making matters worse was the report that coach Tim Floyd even hand delivered cash to Guillory. That’s some filthy stuff if I’ve ever heard anything. The quote from Mayo comes at an interesting time for USC because on Sunday the news came out that they were self-imposing punishments on their basketball program for NCAA violations that occurred while Mayo was in school. It was a nice P.R. move by USC considering their efforts to have the basketball program take the fall in order to spare the football team in the Reggie Bush investigation.

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Michael Beasley Has One Sweet Fro

michael-beasley-afroNearly two months ago, Heat forward Michael Beasley took his braids out to reveal a massive ‘fro. To the best of my knowledge, he never played in a game with his hair free-flowing like that. Until Saturday. The Heat hosted the Bobcats but lost by 10, 107-97. Beasley had 14 points including a sweet dunk over half of Charlotte’s team (video below). Before we get into the game, we must discuss the most pressing issues — hair style. Beasley’s finely groomed afro is easily the best the league’s seen since Josh Childress. Maybe it’s an issue of aerodynamics that more players don’t sport the full head of hair in bball but I’d like to see it return. There’s no doubt at this point that Beasley is tops in the league for at least one category while Childress is in Greece. And here’s the video of Michael Beasley dunking on the Bobcats as previously referenced:

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Maybe Kobe’s Not as Tough as the Media Makes Him Out to be

Two seasons ago, before Pau Gasol really got acquainted with his new team, the Lakers lost in the finals to the Celtics. Kobe Bryant was getting a lot of attention for a back injury he played through in the conference semis against the Jazz, a series the Lakers won in six games. I called Kobe out for making a big deal of the injury, saying that he was the only one of a group of hurt star players to complain about and publicize his malady. This year Kobe has been lauded for playing through a finger injury sustained three weeks ago against Minnesota. His injury has been termed a broken finger by many but apparently it’s not as bad as it sounds. Check out this video Shoals posted at The Baseline for more info on Bryant’s finger injury — it might make you think twice:

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