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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Wilson Chandler’s Jersey Misspelled

It truly amazes me how frequently we seem to come across jersey mistakes for professional athletes. A few weeks ago it was Andray Blatche of the Wizards getting the treatment, and before that it was Danny Jennings of West Virginia and Kevin Williams of the Vikings. This happens so frequently it’s become a running thing…Read More

Derrick Rose a Little Surprised by Chicago Bulls’ Success

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is one of the top MVP candidates this season — just ask him. The third-year man out of Memphis has blossomed and is averaging nearly 25 points and eight assists per game. With the help of a beefed up supporting cast, Rose has the Bulls at 46-18 and only…Read More

Kobe Bryant and the Duality of Basketball

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the story of Kobe’s late-night shoot around after the Lakers lost to the Heat. You couldn’t have possibly missed the tweets, the pictures, videos or the chatter. It even received 24/7 news coverage from ESPN, from Stuart Scott’s endorsement to ticker headliners and all the PR spin they could…Read More

Kevin Love Deserves an MVP Vote

The NBA MVP award goes to the person who supposedly was the most valuable in the National Basketball Association in a given year. It looks like Derrick Rose will probably win the 2011 version of the award, or LeBron James will claim his third in a row. However, there is a player who deserves it…Read More

Kobe Bryant Changes Conversation from Heat Win to His Late Night Workout

Even in defeat, Kobe Bryant managed to become the story. Instead of talking about the Heat breaking a five-game losing streak with their second win over the two-time defending champion Lakers, the conversation amongst fans has turned into one about Kobe’s legendary work ethic. In case you missed it, the five-time NBA champion spent well…Read More

David Stern Quietly Warns Stan Van Gundy to Shut Up

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has never been afraid to speak his mind. If he thinks a player took a flop, he lets everyone know about it.  When he takes issue with the way suspensions are handed out in the postseason, Stan rants about that, too.  After hearing his most recent comments, the Commish…Read More

Kobe Bryant Practicing After Loss (Videos)

Lakers star Kobe Bryant reacted to a 94-88 loss in Miami Thursday night in a way only he can. He decided to return onto the floor to practice shooting for over an hour after the game. Oh yeah, and once he was done there he went to the weight room. The reason this was possible…Read More

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