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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Jeremy Lin has turned down most advertising and endorsement offers

With his popularity through the roof and Madison Square Garden’s stock at an all-time high as a result of his play, you would think Jeremy Lin would be cashing in on endorsement deals left and right. Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery, says the point guard has received “over 1,000 emails” from companies who would like to…Read More

Lakers reportedly hold players-only meeting amid trade rumors

Following the Lakers’ decisive 103-92 victory over the Blazers on Monday night, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher held a players-only locker room meeting that was undoubtedly called in response to the team’s recent handling of trade rumors that have abound the team this season. ESPN’s Chris Broussard has the details: Their message was clear: Trade…Read More

Brian Cashman used a Jeremy Lin reference to motivate Yankees at camp

Jeremy Lin has already become more than just a basketball superstar. He’s a global icon. In Taiwain, his 85-year-old grandmother has to avoid the paparazzi when she goes out to watch Lin’s games. At the Shake Shack in New York City, Lin has a milkshake named after him. At Yankees training camp, the Harvard graduate…Read More

Baron Davis pretends to smoke a joint after hitting a jumper (Picture)

Baron Davis has officially returned, folks. When he returned from injury, Davis was hoping he could rescue the Knicks back court and turn them into a contender. Jeremy Lin seems to have that situation covered. Maybe after he realized Lin had locked down New York’s point guard position, Baron started thinking about how he could…Read More

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