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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Kobe Bryant believes trade rumors have distracted Pau Gasol

Ever since David Stern stepped in and prevented him from becoming a member of the Houston Rockets last December, Pau Gasol has been the center of nonstop trade rumors, and Kobe Bryant thinks it’s affecting the Lakers big man’s play. Kobe told the LA Times after Friday’s 111-99 home win over the Suns he thinks…Read More

Steve Novak does Discount Double Check celebration after draining threes

What’s more surprising than Steve Novak scoring 14 points on 4-5 shooting from three-point range is that “Discount Double Check” has become the way people refer to a title belt celebration. That is some impressive branding work by the folks over at State Farm. Wondering why Novak, who went to Marquette, did the belt celebration…Read More

Was Jack Nicholson sleeping at the Lakers game Friday night? (Video)

The sunglasses make it difficult to read. At first glance, I thought Jack Nicholson was looking down at his phone or reading something. It’s still somewhat of a mystery, but it certainly looks like Jack was sleeping durig the Lakers win over the Suns on Friday night. You don’t just spring up like that unless…Read More

Lil Wayne has a nickname for Jeremy Lin: I call him Lin Laden

If you can sit through more than eight minutes of Lil Wayne talking sports, feel free to watch the entire video below. If you simply want to hear Lil Wayne’s thoughts on the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin, cut to around the 3:00 mark. Beware of some NSFW language at the end of the video:…Read More

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