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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Jason Terry: Thunder Are Team to Beat in Western Conference Right Now

While Dirk Nowitzki didn’t concede any praise for his Western Conference opponents recently, Jason Terry went the other direction. After the Mavs lost to the Thunder 95-86 Wednesday, the Dallas guard praised Oklahoma City. “They’re the team to beat,” Terry said of the Thunder. “They’re playing the best right now, and that’s fine with us….Read More

Rick Carlisle Kicks Ball into Stands and Gets Ejected (Video)

Frustration boiled over for Rick Carlisle on Wednesday night during a Mavericks loss to the Thunder. Having already received a technical earlier in the game, Carlisle became upset with a no-call on a steal play. When Russell Westbrook dunked the ball on the other end of the floor, it went bouncing toward Carlisle. The Mavs…Read More

Kobe Bryant and Ricky Rubio Talk Trash About Olympics (Video)

The Timberwolves held their own in a 106-101 loss to the Lakers on Sunday night.  With fellow countrymen Pau Gasol and Ricky Rubio sharing the court, some friendly trash talk was expected.  I’m sure there was some chatter going back and forth in Spanish during the game, but the trash talking was done after the…Read More

Dwight Howard Open to Playing for Bulls, Loves Derrick Rose

Dwight Howard can opt out if his contract with the Magic following the season and it’s a near certainty that he will. He’s already provided the Magic a list of teams to whom he’d prefer to be traded. On top of the three-team list that reportedly includes the Nets, Lakers, and Mavericks, Dwight is said…Read More

LeBron James Jumps Over John Lucas for Dunk (Video)

We’ve featured plenty of monster dunks over the years here at LBS, but we’ve had very few where a player actually jumped over someone during a game. Sure we’ve seen it happen during dunk contests, but how often does it happen during an actual game? Not often. That’s why we have to feature this first…Read More

Metta World Peace Still Signing Autographs as Ron Artest

When we posted our story last week about Metta World Peace saying he got bored on defense because he was too good, we took a lot of crap for calling him by his former name, Ron Artest. Turns out our decision wasn’t too disrespectful — Metta isn’t even at the point where he’s signing autographs…Read More

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