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Friday, October 24, 2014


Dwyane Wade Arrested by the Fashion Police for this Outfit

This was the outfit Dwyane Wade wore to Miami’s post-Game 2 news conference in Boston. I guess Wade figured the look would take the focus off Miami’s hideous play on the court. Chris Webber was saying that one of his friends called Wade’s outfit the Batman car. I couldn’t agree more. Between the bandages under…Read More

Joakim Noah: Nobody Goes to Cleveland on Vacation

Joakim Noah is quickly establishing himself as an All-NBA talker with his game not far behind. Prior to the start of the Bulls/Cavs playoff series, we noted that Joakim Noah wanted to face the top dogs in the Eastern Conference, calling them the enemy. Noah’s feud with LeBron James dated back to their issue in…Read More

Blazers Put Overlooking Suns ‘On Notice’

Of all eight first-round series in the NBA playoffs, most people figured the Suns/Trail Blazers would feature the least intrigue. Phoenix finished the season winning 14 of their last 16 games, a span that included a 10-game winning streak. Conversely, Portland went 4-3 in April and saw their best player, Brandon Roy, injure his knee…Read More

Kevin Garnett Elbows Quentin Richardson in Celtics/Heat Fight

The Boston Celtics were beating the Miami Heat in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference playoff series when a mini-skirmish broke out with about a minute left. Paul Pierce wound up down with a shoulder injury in front of the Miami Heat bench. Quentin Richardson came over to check Pierce out and may have said…Read More

Phil Jackson Priming Officials, Durant Before Start of Playoffs

Phil Jackson is obviously trying to manipulate NBA officials before the playoffs begin.  He’s also trying to get into the head of Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant.  Jackson’s Lakers are one day away from setting out to defend their NBA title, and Phil has been fined twice in the past two weeks for…Read More

Can Bulls Backup Joakim Noah’s Words?

The NBA playoffs will officially get underway Saturday night for the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Like any anticipated matchup, there needs to be a little trash talking and cockiness floating around before things get settled on the court. In this case, the trash talking is coming from Bulls big man, Joakim Noah. That’s…Read More

This Pretty Much Sums Up Rasheed Wallace’s Season in Boston

Back in December, the Celtics got a gift when DeJuan Blair of the Spurs scored on his own basket trying to corral a rebound. The Celtics went on to win that game 90-83 but karma caught up to them on Tuesday night in Chicago. The exact same thing that happened to Blair happened to Rasheed…Read More

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