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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Ron Artest Appears at UCLA ZBT Fraternity House for Rush Event

Its been well documented that Lakers forward Ron Artest is a nutball and shameless self-promoter. From dying his hair blonde to showing up on late night talk shows in his boxers, we’ve known he was crazy. We also know that the guy connects with his fan base better than almost any other athlete thus making…Read More

Yankees Fan LeBron James Wears Dr. Dre’s Red Sox Headphones

LeBron James just can’t win, can he? The dude’s so high-profile that anything he does is over-scrutinized and over-analyzed. First, he showed up to a Yankees/Indians 2007 ALDS game wearing a Yankees hat. Cleveland fans of course were incensed that LeBron would slap them in the face by openly rooting against his hometown team and…Read More

Andrew Bogut Gruesome Elbow Injury Video Against Suns

If you have a difficult time enduring gruesome broken limb videos then don’t watch what’s below. It made me scream, cringe, and turn away. Bucks center Andrew Bogut went up for a dunk and landed hard on the ground on top of his elbow. It bent backwards when he landed. Watch the Andrew Bogut injury…Read More

Kenyon Martin Does Not Appreciate Buttered Popcorn in his White Car

I love a good prank. I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite sports stories are the ones where they talk about the¬†shenanigans going on between teammates. Baseball pranks generally are the best, but some basketball pranks aren’t far behind. Though they’re good for the audience, they sometimes leave the people involved less…Read More

Kevin Garnett Drops F-Bomb in Postgame News Conference

The Celtics lost to the Thunder at home Wednesday night 109-104. Thunder forward Kevin Durant shined in the game with 37 points thanks in large part to a 15-15 performance at the free throw line. Although they lost the game it’s not like the Celtics played poorly; they shot 60% from the field. With such…Read More

Gilbert Arenas Got Off Too Easily

In the wake of Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas‘ court sentencing, I would like to know when athletes will learn that they are not above the law. Time and time again we see the same thing happening — either someone is using drugs, taking risque photos, or they are getting into trouble with guns. It…Read More

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