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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Jeremy Lin describes his ideal girlfriend

Jeremy Lin has reached a level of popularity where he could probably get almost any woman he wants. But for right now, he’s still a single guy still searching for that special someone. Luckily for him, he’s in the treasure trove of beauty that is the Big Apple. So what kind of girl is Lin…Read More

Jeremy Lin says it’s weird seeing his face on every website

Jeremy Lin has already become popular across the globe. For someone who went from bench player to international superstar in a span of two weeks, Lin is handling his rise to fame quite well. But even he admits all the new attention is a little weird. “I would just say logging onto my computer ……Read More

Lakers players reportedly want Metta World Peace gone

Statistics will tell you that Metta World Peace is nearing the end of his career. Last season, he averaged 8.5 points per game — more than two less than any other year of his career. He also posted career lows in rebounds (3.2) and played less than 30 minutes a game for the first time…Read More

Manny Pacquiao plans to meet Jeremy Lin next week

When you graduate from Harvard, bounce around the NBA after being cut by multiple teams, get a chance to log some minutes, and then turn into one of the best players in the league, even the most famous people in the world want to shake your hand. With that in mind, it is easy to…Read More

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