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Friday, October 31, 2014


No Shortage of Confidence for Thunder

It’s no secret that the Thunder have enough talent to match up with the Lakers — especially when Kobe Bryant manages to score only 12 points on 5-of-10 from the floor.  My gut feeling is that the Lakers will still win the series, but if the Thunder do somehow pull off the upset, it will…Read More

Manu Ginobili’s Nose Busted Up by Dirk Nowitzki’s Elbow

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili was caught with a flailing elbow by Dirk Nowitzki during the third quarter of Friday night’s playoff game. Dirk was driving to the basket from the corner when Ginobili tried to reach for a steal. Because Manu was leaning in, his nose got hit by Dirk’s elbow resulting in this ugly…Read More

NBA Groupies Now Advertising in USA Today Sports Weekly

Now that he’s recently retired, my Dad has a lot more time on his hands for sports reading so he just began subscribing to USA Today Sports Weekly (in addition to the existing SI, Sporting News, and Baseball Digest magazines, of course). When he gets done with the mags, he passes them on to me…Read More

Dwyane Wade Arrested by the Fashion Police for this Outfit

This was the outfit Dwyane Wade wore to Miami’s post-Game 2 news conference in Boston. I guess Wade figured the look would take the focus off Miami’s hideous play on the court. Chris Webber was saying that one of his friends called Wade’s outfit the Batman car. I couldn’t agree more. Between the bandages under…Read More

Joakim Noah: Nobody Goes to Cleveland on Vacation

Joakim Noah is quickly establishing himself as an All-NBA talker with his game not far behind. Prior to the start of the Bulls/Cavs playoff series, we noted that Joakim Noah wanted to face the top dogs in the Eastern Conference, calling them the enemy. Noah’s feud with LeBron James dated back to their issue in…Read More

Blazers Put Overlooking Suns ‘On Notice’

Of all eight first-round series in the NBA playoffs, most people figured the Suns/Trail Blazers would feature the least intrigue. Phoenix finished the season winning 14 of their last 16 games, a span that included a 10-game winning streak. Conversely, Portland went 4-3 in April and saw their best player, Brandon Roy, injure his knee…Read More

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