Donald Sterling, Clippers Giving Away Tickets to Celebrate Black History Month

In one of the biggest ironies you could conceive, Clippers owner and notorious alleged racist Donald Sterling was pictured along with Blake Griffin in an ad celebrating Black History Month in the Sunday edition of the LA Times:

This is quite the clever marketing for a few reasons. First off, adults must accompany the children receiving the free tickets, so they have to purchase tickets themselves. Plus, you know children love food at the concessions, so this isn’t exactly a huge financial burden to the organization. The other big and more important reason why this is good marketing by the Clippers is because it portrays Sterling as a benevolent donor to the African-American community.

Sterling, as you well know, has taken a public beating regarding his alleged racism towards African Americans. He’s heckled his own players including Baron Davis, has been accused of many racial actions by former GM Elgin Baylor including having a “plantation mentality,” and he’s been alleged to bring women into the locker room and make comments such as “look at those beautiful black bodies.”

What better way to change his public image than by giving away 1,000 tickets to a game to underprivileged children in the name of Black History Month? If the real goal were to treat children to a game, then why wouldn’t he quietly donate the tickets to local elementary schools or Boys and Girls Clubs? How many underpriviliged children do you know who read the Sunday LA Times sports section and ask their parent to take them to the game? Make no mistake about it — this was a P.R. move every bit as much as it was a charitable action, so don’t get confused when you hear otherwise.

Blazers Fan Wins Car on One-Handed, Half-Court Shot (Video)

Should NBA teams explore changing the half-court fan shot to the three quarter-court fan shot?  If not, there could be a lot more cars given away.  I don’t know if humans are evolving and are now more capable of sinking the half-court shot, but I feel like we’ve seen a lot of them lately.  Just a couple weeks ago we saw a Sacramento Kings fan hit the shot to win a Kia.  We praised that fan for swishing the shot and not needing the glass, but he was outdone on Friday night. Check out the Blazers fan one-handed, half-court shot video:

It’s one thing to use two hands.  It’s another to use the glass and get lucky.  But this guy could not have made it look any easier.  You’d swear he sits at home and does this for fun.  When he found out he had been selected to attempt the shot, he probably put in an order for some nice seat covers for the Toyota truck he knew he was about to win.  Talk about owning it.


Video: Detroit Pistons Players Laugh at John Kuester’s Ejection

Four Detroit Pistons players missed shootaround Friday morning in protest of Coach John Kuester, according to several reports. Two more players were late to practice, but it’s been reported that two of the “protesters” were sick while Ben Wallace had a legitimate excuse for not being in attendance. Kuester said perception was different from reality, but reality suggest a different story.

During the second quarter of Friday night’s loss in Philly, Kuester was ejected after getting called for two technical fouls. Three players could be seen laughing at the ejection, including Tracy McGrady, Ben Wallace, and Rodney Stuckey. Here’s the video:

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Carmelo Anthony Returning Home to New York Knicks? He’s From Baltimore

Much like statistics, it’s amazing how much the truth can be manipulated in the interest of marketing. You’ve probably seen the TV commercial that was running all throughout the week leading up to Melo’s first game as a New York Knick — it was called “coming home.” It was an over-the-top production that actually worked, generating absurdly high ratings for his Knicks debut against the Bucks.

This whole week for Carmelo Anthony was about him returning home to New York to play for the Knicks. That’s left me confused because I always thought Melo was a Baltimore guy.

Though he was born in Brookyln, I’ve read that he moved to B-More when he was seven. When people in Baltimore talk about Melo, they say “We’re so proud of Carmelo here. Everybody talks about him all the time. He’s a hero.” Melo is considered an athlete who made it out of the rough areas on Myrtle Street.

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Utah Jazz: From Contender to Pretender in Only One Year

It’s really quite incredible: the Utah Jazz lost their face of the franchise and best player in the franchise in a span of just two weeks. This is the same team that has been a Western Conference playoff mainstay since 1983, making the post-season in 24 of the 27 years since I was born. They’ve reached the Western Conference Finals six times and got Michael Jordaned twice. And now, a team that had won over 50 games in three of the previous four seasons is on a five-game losing streak, only four games over .500, and falling out of the playoff race.

It was only two weeks ago when longtime head coach Jerry Sloan “resigned” because he was tired of the coaching grind or something like that. It was clear that management was taking point guard Deron Williams’ side in the dispute between the two, so Sloan walked. The blame for Sloan’s departure fell on Williams, and Deron didn’t like that. A week later, it slipped out that Williams wanted to leave Utah when he became a free agent in 2012. And earlier this week, he was traded to New Jersey in a move that caught everyone off guard.

And just like that, the Jazz became a sub-par team for just the second time in 27 years.

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Jared Jeffries Coming Home Video is a Quality Commercial Spoof

When the Knicks finally pulled off a trade for Carmelo Anthony this week, they put together a pretty emotional commercial about him “coming home” to get New York fans fired up.  I can’t say if it was effective or not since I’m not a Knick fan, but here it is if you haven’t seen it:

Call the Carmelo commercial what you will, but LBS reader Ben Masur sent us a pretty hilarious spoof of it about former Knicks center Jared Jeffries.  The Houston Rockets bought out Jeffries’ contract on Thursday, and there is already speculation that he will be returning to New York to help the Knicks on defense.  The fans are ecstatic about the potential move.  Check out the Jared Jeffries coming home video:

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Chris Bosh Flop Video Would Make a Soccer Player Jealous

I’ve seen some pretty blatant flops in my day, but I’m not sure there was a flop that involved less contact than this one. Check out this Chris Bosh flop against the Bulls on Thursday night and tell me you don’t lose respect for the man (if you already had some). Here’s the video:

Kyle Singler’s Duke flop thinks that was a joke. Even the guy who got Kaka ejected in the World Cup for the flop is laughing. Maybe now we know the reason nicknamed Bosh Rupaul. How’s he supposed to get respect with sad moves like that one?