Landon Donovan Apologizes for Tweaking Sacramento Kings Fans on Twitter

Wednesday evening in Sacramento was one of the saddest moments of the NBA season. The Kings faced the Lakers in what was likely their last game ever in Sacramento given their plans to move to Anaheim. It couldn’t have been a more bitter goodbye for Kings fans who watched their team blow a late lead to the enemy Lakers after mounting a huge comeback. But if there were some people who enjoyed seeing the outcome, it was Lakers fans.

Team USA star soccer player and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan is an LA native and fan of the local sports teams. As a Lakers fan, he took particular joy in watching the team beat the Kings in their final game in Sacramento and gloated on twitter:

Donovan took massive amounts of heat from Kings fans as a result and followed up by saying “Jesus, one little joke brings out the passion. Note to self: don’t ever go to Sacramento…ever.” Then when things were explained to him from real people in Sacramento who are forced to see their team leave and have local jobs lost, Donovan started to understand and empathize. He apologized, writing “I apologize. I’m a diehard Laker fan and got emotional. I made a mistake, sorry to all the King fans.” He even took down that critical tweet, but thanks to Jose3030 on twitter it was preserved.

Donovan never had to apologize for his comments because he is a Lakers fan and that’s part of the rivalry. But after he connected with fellow fans who showed him how much it sucks to lose a team, he understood and apologized. He didn’t have to, but I’m glad he learned how painful this is for Kings fans and realized how insensitive his remark was. It’s the Maloofs who need the criticism, not the fans.

Kobe’s Gay Slur Gets Him in Trouble

Kobe Bryant may have just been angry over receiving his 15th technical foul of the season, but his reaction was inappropriate by any means. He went to the bench, slammed his fist against a chair, and got the attention of referee Bennie Adams. At that point, he called him a “f***ing f***ot,” here’s the video via Jose3030:

Alright, so the word Kobe used has become so common that it has obscured the meaning and origin behind it. That doesn’t make it acceptable. Just like someone using the n-word or another racial slur, using that word is not OK. Think about what you are as a person. How can you be described? Is there anything about you that people can use to throw a slur your way? Of course, and it probably would make you upset if someone used it the way Kobe did.

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Does NBA Want to Force College Players to Stay in School Two Years?

After lamenting the lack of quality play in college basketball this season, I suggested a solution to improve the sport. My suggestion was having the NCAA institute a rule saying players who choose to enroll in college must stay at least three years before being eligible for the NBA draft. At the same time, I also said players should be allowed to enter the draft straight out of high school to make it more fair for the NBA-ready players. While the league doesn’t seem to be interested in making the draft open to high schoolers (which they should), they may be interested in keeping players in college for longer.

In a report published Friday that talked about prospect and son of coach Doc Rivers, Austin Rivers (pictured), Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports says the NBA may want to extend the one-and-done rule to two years in the next CBA. Quoting from his column, which I first saw on Pro Basketball Talk, “Several high-ranking NBA team executives told Yahoo! Sports they wouldn’t be surprised if the age limit in the new CBA is pushed to two years in college and 20 years old by the end of that calendar year. One NBA general manager says about two-thirds of teams are in favor of that change.”

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Swizz Beatz Making Updated New York Knicks Theme Song

The New York Knicks have changed up their team mightily since last season. They signed Amare Stoudemire in free agency, and then traded for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Bullups in February. They’re closing out their regular season on a 7-game winning streak and they’ve guaranteed themselves their first winning season since 2001. So with the remade roster, the winning record, and the playoff appearance, the team has decided they need a new theme song. According to XXL Magazine, they’ve asked Swizz Beatz to make a new one.

XXL Magazine says the Knicks asked him to update the current song which was made by former A Tribe Called Quest rapper Q-Tip back in 2008. They say the track will premier in time for the beginning of the playoffs this weekend and that fans can expect to see an accompanying video on MSG before long. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise given the way Melo’s team debut was hyped up on MSG, though that had nothing on Jared Jeffries’ coming home video.

Charlie Villanueva-Ryan Hollins Fight, Villanueva Turns into Raging Bull

Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins were both ejected Monday night for their roles in a minor fight during the Pistons-Cavs game. It all started when Villanueva went to set a screen on Hollins and led with his shoulder. He was upset that Hollins elbowed him in the mouth, they exchanged words and … well, just watch the Charlie Villanueva-Ryan Hollins fight video and see for yourself:

Villanueva says Hollins said something that set him off, and we’re guessing it was something along these lines. Regardless, there are no words that could justifiably turn Villanueva into the raging bull he became. I’ve seen dudes go on tirades and rants before, but Charlie V truly lost it. While Hollins was by the Cavs bench and Charlie was in the tunnel, he yelled “I will kill that dude.” Yikes! Settle down Charlie and take a few yoga puffs next time.

LeBron James and Jermaine O’Neal Mix it Up After Flagrant Foul

LeBron James and Jermaine O’Neal got into it momentarily in Miami Sunday after a hard foul issued by O’Neal. Rather than take a charge, O’Neal decided that laying a shoulder into LeBron would be a good idea. Check out the video of Jermaine’s body check on LeBron:

What’s the lesson to be learned? Don’t stand in the tracks when a train’s coming through. Oh yeah, and Jeff Van Gundy actually made plenty of sense issuing his commentary. Like he said, throwing the ball back was a natural reaction for LeBron even if it resulted in a technical foul. Jermaine got a flagrant 1 foul and both Dwyane Wade and Paul Pierce were assessed technicals as well.

The skirmish between the squads reflects the game’s intensity and it’s another sign that the playoffs are nearing. Like I said two months ago, Boston going 3-0 against Miami in the regular season didn’t matter. The Heat proved they’re a serious contender for the title.

Lou Williams on His 76ers, Allen Iverson, Doug Collins, Lil Wayne, and the Playoffs

LBS had the pleasure of speaking with Philadelphia 76ers guard and Sixth Man of the Year candidate Lou Williams on Friday. Lou is hosting a bone marrow donor drive April 12th at Temple University in Philadelphia in support of DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow center. Lou got involved with DKMS after his younger cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. Luckily his cousin found a donor, and now Williams is trying to raise awareness for leukemia and the importance of bone marrow donations.

We talked on Friday about Lou’s recovery from his hamstring injury, what it’s been like having Doug Collins as the team’s new coach, how Allen Iverson was as a teammate, Lou’s rapping interest, the infamous Lil Wayne game, and the upcoming playoffs. We also want to remind everyone they can go to www.getswabbed.org to register as a bone marrow donor. Our conversation follows.

LBS: I know you’ve been dealing with your hamstring injury, how have you been able to stay healthy throughout your career, good fortune, good preparation?

Lou: Has to be good fortune because my diet sucks and I always prepare well, but I would just say good fortune.

LBS: The team obviously lost the game when you got hurt [against the Bucks] and lost two more since then. Coach Doug Collins said afterwards that everyone can see how much the team misses you and how vital you are to the team. How does it make you feel to hear that from your coach?

Lou: It feels good for Coach Collins to have that much confidence in me and feel like I’m a vital part of this team. That’s the type of year and type of team we have with the Sixers. Everybody believes in each other and we’re a good team. We don’t have one superstar player, we need everybody on the same page, we need all our guys in order to win games. It was great to hear him say that and it was great to get that same love from the guy.

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