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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Joe Johnson Knows: Knicks Need Two Free Agent Stars, Not One

The Knicks have done everything possible to position themselves for improvement beginning next year. They acquired Tracy McGrady from the Rockets — not for his random DNPs due to knee problems — but for his expiring contract. With around just $18 million in salaries committed for next season, they’re in position to load up on…Read More

Kevin Garnett’s Trash Talk Claims Another Victim in Andray Blatche

Kevin Garnett’s a notorious trash-talker in the NBA and he has the game to back it up. It’s this mental edge that probably has helped him become such a ferocious rebounder and stellar defender throughout his career. Sometimes KG has used his edge to fire up teammates (or make them cry), while other times he…Read More

Lamar Odom: Matt Barnes Is Ric Flair

Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes were all over each other the entire second half in Orlando Sunday. Barnes isn’t the first player to try and make a name for himself by attempting to psyche out Kobe, but he definitely was the latest. The two constantly elbowed, jostled, and talked trash to each other, to the…Read More

Lamar Odom Dunk Stuffed by the Rim

Sunday’s game between the Lakers and Magic was fairly physical and heavily defensively-oriented. Both teams have strong interior presences which made it tough to score baskets down low. Lakers’ big man Lamar Odom figured he wasn’t going to be intimidated so he tried to make a statement by going up for a dunk on Dwight…Read More

Ron Artest Dyes His Hair Blond

If Ron Artest didn’t already draw enough comparisons to Dennis Rodman, he certainly will with his latest hairdo. Artest changes his hair so frequently he actually should have his own “Ron Artest’s hair” category here at LBS; Ron’s sported a Lakers logo, mohawk, and Rockets logo in the past few years. His latest change is…Read More

Did Rodney Stuckey Have a Seizure?

UPDATE: The Pistons are saying Stuckey did not have a seizure and that he never lost consciousness. He has returned to Detroit after spending the night in the hospital Pistons point guard Rodney Stuckey got carted off the court late in the third quarter in Cleveland Friday night. Stuckey appeared to be fine walking off…Read More

Anderson Varejao Sports the Cleveland Cavaliers Snuggie

Anderson Varejao is quite the character as we’ve come to find out. No surprise he was out in front leading the Cavs in their effort to set a Guinness World Record for “largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets” aka snuggies. Check out Mr. Varejao sporting his Cleveland Cavaliers snuggie at the pregame shootaround. Snuggie…Read More

Allen Iverson’s Divorce Sheds Light on 76ers Release

Earlier in the week, we questioned the reason for Allen Iverson’s release by the 76ers. He had been reasonably effective with the team — well worth a roster spot — and he had expressed a huge desire to play following his release by the Grizzlies. How could he go from one extreme — wanted to…Read More

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