LeBron James Dunks Hard to Prove Andre Iguodala Wrong

The Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday evening 111-99 outscoring them 34-17 in the 4th quarter. Though the final score was important, the real story was LeBron James responding to Andre Iguodala’s comment before the game.

Ethan J. Skolnick of The Palm Beach Post says that before the game Iggy described a change in LeBron’s game. “He doesn’t expend too much energy trying to dunk on guys,” Iguodala explained. “He makes the easy play now. He doesn’t go down the lane and windmill in the halfcourt set, or backwards dunk it. It’s just kind of just get the finish. It’s kind of like he’s preserving his body for the long haul.”

Those comments seemed to be a fair observation and LeBron didn’t dispute them when asked to respond before the game. However, LeBron did promise to show Iguodala his comments weren’t going to be accurate Friday night. And he did just that. LeBron got some nice dunks including this awesome alley-oop throwdown from Dwyane Wade:

I know there’s two cliches that would fit in quite well here. Something about Superman’s cape and sleeping dogs. Iguodala shouldn’t have tugged or awakened, not necessarily in that order.

Emeka Okafor Crazy Buzzer-Beater Forces Overtime (Video)

We start you off on this fine Friday with one of the best shots you will see all year in the NBA.  With the Jazz leading the Hornets on Thursday night, 105-103, and 1.3 seconds remaining in the game, one would think any type of play to tie the score with an entire court to go is mathematically impossible.  Not if your name is Emeka Okafor.  The Hornets center hit a ridiculous off-balance shot from just inside the three point line after a full court heave to send the game to overtime.  Check out the Emeka Okafor buzzer-beater video:

Naturally, New Orleans would go on to win the game in overtime.

Video: Rodney Stuckey Monster Dunk on Chris Bosh

Rodney Stuckey went straight Space Jam on Chris Bosh in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s loss to Miami Wednesday night. Much like JaVale McGee who had the block of the year in a loss on Tuesday night, it didn’t matter that the Pistons fell to the Heat because they won the highlight battle. And what does it say about skinny Bosh that Stuckey spotted the lane and blew by everyone from the three-point line? Obviously the threat of the Avatar did not deter Stuckey from taking it straight to the rack for a slam down.

Don Nelson Thinks Underhanded Free Throw Idea for Biedrins Got Him Fired

Don Nelson has won more games than any other head coach in NBA history but the 70-year-old has been out of coaching this year. Nelly was fired in September after his fourth season on the job with Golden State, his second stint with the team. Though he led the team to a playoff appearance in ’08 and an upset over the Mavericks, the Warriors slipped to a sub 30-win team the past two seasons. It was no surprise when the team let him go and the job was handed over to his assistant Keith Smart, but now we may have some reasons why the move was made.

In a lengthy interview on CSN Bay Area Monday, the San Francisco Chronicle says Nelson gave a reason for his firing. “I got fired when I asked [Andris Biedrins] to (shoot underhanded),” Nelly says.

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Kevin Johnson Encourages Sacramento Kings Fans to Move on

Former Phoenix Suns All-Star point guard Kevin Johnson is now the mayor Sacramento, his hometown city. He’s been trying to help the city keep its beloved basketball team, but the Kings moving seems inevitable. Last week we wrote about the Kings filing patents for exclusive rights to the names Los Angeles Royals and Anaheim Royals. That seemed to be a clear sign the Kings were leaving, and a blog post by KJ on Tuesday night echoed that statement.

Towards the end of his post, KJ wrote “First things first, we’ll fight to protect taxpayers and the city. That means making sure the Kings fully pay off their loan.” He added, “Then, we plan for the future” and he began to talk about the city possibly building a new arena to attract a future team. He capped it all off writing “The slow death is almost over. It’s painful. But a new beginning is right around the corner.”

I would encourage you to read the entire post if you’re a Kings fan but you may not like the message. Recognizing the team may be moving on and that you can’t do anything about it is difficult, but like KJ says, Kings fans can take the high road in the situation.

Video: JaVale McGee Incredible Block on Wes Matthews

The Wizards are the second-worst team in the East but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to play for. At the least, JaVale McGee and company can still make the highlight shows with spectacular plays like this one. Check out this clean block by JaVale McGee on Wesley Matthews:

People are already calling it the block of the year and it’s hard to disagree. It’s rare a guy gets all ball in a situation like that but McGee managed too. Best part is instead of being one of those people who knocks the ball out of bounds, he grabbed out out of Matthews’ hand to create a turnover. It’s safe to say McGee rebuilt some of the equity he lost after this embarrassing sequence.

If Knicks Are Going to Fire Mike D’Antoni, They Should Fire Donnie Walsh First

New York, we have a problem.

As the New York Knicks’ star-studded spaceship comes tumbling back to Earth, Mike D’Antoni‘s seat is heating up as if he had been jettisoned from the cockpit to burn up in the atmosphere by himself.

While the Knicks load up on losses, the front office counts down the days until D’Antoni will inevitable be fired. The Knicks’ loss Monday night to the Boston Celtics dropped the Knicks to the 7th seed and sent their record crashing to .500. Now just 35-35 and sitting behind the 76ers in the East, New York looks worse than they did just a month ago. With no signs of a turnaround coming, the negative fan base is growing tired and frustrated by the New York minute. For all of this, their coach Mike D’Antoni, will unjustly shoulder the blame.

But is it all D’Antoni’s fault? Not all of it, no. To a degree, he has been responsible for their recent losses. His style of coaching and play calling doesn’t necessarily demand defense and plays into the laziness of his current roster on that end of the floor. But the roster he has to deal with — that’s not his fault; he can’t coach up a team that isn’t willing to be coached.

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