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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Mark Cuban Drops $110,000 Celebrating Win Including $20,000 Tip

What is more insane: dropping $110,000 during a postgame celebration or working as a waiter and getting a $20,000 tip?  We don’t mean to beat the concept of the Dallas Mavericks celebrating their championship win at Club LIV in Miami to a pulp, but the tab Mark Cuban ran up and the tip he left…Read More

Miami Heat Players Reportedly Partied at Club LIV with Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban rented out Club LIV in Miami Beach to celebrate his team winning the NBA championship. We posted pictures and videos from their night out, including Dirk partying and Lil Wayne and Mark Cuban holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy. One aspect of the celebration that we (and nearly everyone else) missed…Read More

Assessing the 2010-11 Miami Heat Roster and Where they go from Here

Some view Miami’s loss in the NBA Finals as a monumental failure. And if you only watched the last five games of the series, you’d have no reason to believe otherwise. But honestly, how many of us thought Miami would come closer to a title than the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers this year?…Read More

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