Kings Fan Bobby Jovanov Nails Half-Court Shot, Wins Car (Video)

In reality, anyone that is a Sacramento Kings fan probably deserves a new car for attending a home game.  I’m surprised the Kings don’t have to give free cars out to everyone in order to get them in the door these days.  One of their few hundred fans, Bobby Jovanov, took matters into his own hands on Wednesday night — backwards Peja Stojakovic jersey and all.  In fact, he made it look easy.  Check out the Bobby Jovanov half-court shot video:

It’s one thing to have the line down on the shot and use the glass.  It’s another to have the perfect line and perfect distance.  That thing was a picturesque swish.  To top it all off, Jovanov went directly to the Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration.  This is a guy that new he was hitting that shot the second they chose him for the contest.  If only it counted for more than a Kia. Thanks to Busted Coverage for the video.

Ray Allen Will Likely Set Three Point Record Against Lakers Tonight

Ray Allen is two three pointers away from breaking Reggie Miller’s career three point record of 2,560. He will likely break that record against the Lakers on Thursday night at the Garden. How fitting. Miller will be one of the broadcasters calling the game. How even more fitting. Allen and Celtics fans couldn’t ask for a better scenario.

Since the record is probably going to fall tonight, I figured this is a fitting time to share a highlight video I put together of Allen’s long and successful career. There’s a little bit of NSFW language in the music, so you might want to resist the urge of blasting it if you’re at your desk. Enjoy:

Tim Legler Prediction Inspired Tracy McGrady, Detroit Pistons to Beat the Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in bad shape as you well know, setting a league record by losing 26 straight games. They haven’t won since December, they’re the subject of constant internet jokes, and LeBron thinks their game against the Wizards should be on national TV. Worst part of all, they have developed a bullseye in the sense that nobody wants to be the team that loses to them. Count the Detroit Pistons in that group.

The Pistons beat the Cavaliers on Wednesday night 103-94 to extend Cleveland’s losing streak. After the game, several of their players said a prediction that the Cavs would win by ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler motivated them.

In an interview with Rachel Nichols after the game, Tracy McGrady said “Tim Legler, we heard you. You gave us some bulletin-board material. We used that.” According to reporter Chris Iott via Ben Maller, “The Pistons watched a video of Legler making the prediction shortly before the opening tip.” Additionally, Tayshaun Prince and Ben Wallace also mentioned Legler’s prediction as motivation for them.

Although it’s somewhat pathetic that professional athletes still need TV talking heads to help motivate them to play their best, it does prove that they listen to what we say, regardless of how much they deny it. Between Bart Scott’s rant and this story, maybe teams should consider hiring analysts to pick against them.

Lil Wayne Happy LeBron James Finally Acknowledged Him at Miami Heat Game

A few weeks ago we passed along word that rapper Lil’ Wayne was unhappy LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hadn’t acknowledged him at Miami Heat games. Weezy is such a dedicated fan that one of his first moves after being released from prison was to watch a Heat-Hornets game, but he was hurt the stars didn’t so much as throw a glance in his direction.

Well after complaining to Rolling Stone in an interview, Lil’ Wayne finally got his wish.

LeBron James apparently gave Weezy a head nod during the Heat-Pacers game on Tuesday night. Asked after the game if their beef was squashed, LeBron played coy saying “I don’t know. That’s a question you gotta ask him. We just, for all the fans that come watch us play… we just try to do our job and win ball games.”

Dwyane Wade was apparently surprised to hear that LeBron had acknowledged the rapper, asking LeBron “you did?” when he heard about the incident after the game. As for Lil Wayne’, he told NBC Miami he was satisfied with the nod.

And just like that, the world’s dumbest controversy came to an end.

Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

LeBron Thinks Cavs-Wizards Game Should Be on National Television

LeBron James may think karma is a b**** when it comes to his former team, but that doesn’t mean he is afraid to give them a little plug every now and then.  Since we tend to be extremely critical of LeBron here on LBS, I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not King James was being sincere with his latest comments about the Cavs losing streak.

As we all know, the Cavaliers are amidst the worst losing streak in NBA history, having lost 25 straight.  On Sunday, they will take on the Washington Wizards.  What makes this match-up particularly special is that the Wizards are on quite a humiliating run themselves — they have yet to win a road game.  Washington is a perfect 0-25 on the road this season, and with two home games to play before Sunday that record is going to remain in tact.  The Cavs have two games of their own before the Battle of the Bums, so it’s possible their streak will be snapped by then.

If the Cavs run their streak to 27 straight losses, LeBron thinks the game should be nationally televised. “I think that should be a nationally televised game right there, honestly,” LeBron said. “Something has to give in that game.”  Ya think?

Something certainly does have to give if the Cavs lose their next two games.  There are no ties in basketball.  Either the Cavaliers will snap their losing streak or the Wizards will win a game on the road.  The question is does LeBron really think that is something worth televising, or is he patronizing two horrendous basketball teams?  You be the judge.

Video: Andre Iguodala Dunk Fail

Sixers forward-guard Andre Iguodala is about as talented a player one can be without being a superstar.. He’s played, and played well, for USA Basketball in the FIBA World Championships. Including this season in which he’s missed some games due to injuries, Iguodala has played in all 82 games five times in his seven years in the NBA. He’s long, athletic, and he finished second in the NBA Dunk Contest in just his second season — a contest many believe he deserved to win. But Tuesday night against the Hawks, Iguodala had an embarrassing moment on a break away dunk attempt:

What might be better than the miss is the play-by-play guy’s pronuciations of Iguodala and “embarrassin’.” I realize there are differently levels of broadcaster, but shouldn’t a basic requirement be an ability to speak well?

Cleveland Cavs Losing Streak Puts Bullseye on Their Back

We knew that when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in bad shape.  Nobody could have predicted it would be this bad.  The losing streak has now been pushed to 25 games.  One of the 25 was a humiliating 55-point loss that LeBron particularly enjoyed.  Cleveland continues to build upon the longest losing streak in NBA history, and there’s no telling when the embarrassment will stop.

When teams get ready to play the likes of Boston, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Antonio, and Miami, they do their best to bring their A-game.  Unfortunately, the same can be said for Cleveland at the moment.  It’s hard enough being a horrendous basketball team.  It’s even harder when teams are desperate to win every time they face you.

No team wants to be the one that’s talked about all over Sportscenter for snapping the Cavs streak.  Cleveland might as well be the defending NBA champs at this point.  Who would have thought that was possible with an 8-44 record?  The fact of the matter is If you’re a competitive person, you’d hate losing to the bottom of the barrel.  The Cavs have as big a bullseye on their back as the best teams in the league.

With upcoming games against the Pistons, Clippers, and Wizards, it wouldn’t be unfathomable for the Cavs to snap the skid.  The problem is they need to catch some team on an off day, and even the teams that aren’t motivated would hate losing to a squad that hasn’t won since before Christmas. 

Best of luck, Cleveland.