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Monday, October 20, 2014


Journeyman Quentin Richardson Traded to Fourth Team this Offseason

This has been quite the offseason for Quentin Richardson. First he started off with the Knicks and got traded for Darko — quite the insult — on draft night. The Grizzlies then turned around and moved him to the Clippers for Zach Randolph, trying to show their fans that they’re “spending” to make the team…Read More

That Greek Olympiakos Team Is Stacked with NBA Players

The good news about basketball’s growing popularity is that it’s created plenty of job opportunities for those who can’t make it in the NBA but don’t want to give up their dreams of playing professionally. The downside is they’re poaching some of our talent (though I’m not too worried) and the organizations with the deepest…Read More

J.R. Smith Tweets Using Gang Writing Like He’s a Blood

The reason why this story caught my attention is because it’s a follow-up to something we covered during the playoffs. If you’ll remember correctly, we posted a video of J.R. Smith flashing the letter “B” after draining three-pointers against the Lakers in the playoffs. I thought J.R. Smith was flashing gang signs at the time…Read More

The Grizzlies Have No Use for Scouts

From the people who brought you “We’ll give you Pau Gasol for free” comes the latest story. The Memphis Grizzlies were 24-58 last season, tied for fifth worst in the league. Apparently they decided that meant it was a good time to clean out their entire scouting department: Last season, the Grizzlies had five full-time…Read More

The Reason for the “J” in the Spelling of Jrue Holiday’s Name

Making fun of the spelling of someone’s name is always a tricky proposition. Can you really get on the person for a screwup by the parents? For instance, is it Andruw Jones’ fault his parents spelled his name with a “U” causing people for some unknown reason to pronounce it “Ondrew” as if the U…Read More

This Is What Nike Was Afraid of???

As if Nike and LeBron James didn’t already take enough heat for going all Communist Russia by confiscating the tape of LBJ getting dunked on, now they seem even worse for causing the stir. Most of the videos making their way around the internet have been pretty crappy quality. My boy HG at You Been…Read More

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