John Calipari Could Return to NBA, Run from NCAA Violations Once Again

This sounds about right. Any time news comes out about potential recruiting violations within a John Calipari program — which happens at every school he coaches for — we stand by for the rumors about where he is headed next.  Unlike other coaches who stick around and take their lumps after they are found guilty of such activity, Calipari has a tendency to leave a program in peril and accept another high-paying job.  This time, that high paying job could be at the next level.

According to the NY Daily News via FootBasket, Calipari may have his sights set on the NBA once again.

John Calipari coming back to the NBA to coach? Perhaps. Calipari recently left the distinct impression that, although he is recruiting and conducting business, as usual, as Kentucky’s basketball coach, he ‘wants back in,’ according to a source. Calipari has never gotten over how he was fired by the Nets 20 games into the 1999 lockout season.”

Naturally, a “source” can be anyone or nobody at all.  Given Calipari’s track record, this wouldn’t come as a surprise.  He is once again under fire for alleged recruiting violations, this time via a staffer that worked at Memphis and Kentucky.  If Kentucky ends up being sanctioned by the NCAA or Calipari senses that punishment is on its way, it would be just his style to take his services elsewhere.


LeBron James Catches Timberwolves Sleeping After Free Throw (Video)

LeBron James had a one-and-one situation at the foul line in the fourth quarter of Miami’s game with Minnesota Friday night. Apparently nobody from the Timberwolves (or Heat except LeBron) realized that, because they were all caught sleeping at the line. Check out this video:

With plays like that, it’s no surprise the Minnesota Timberwolves are the worst team in the Western Conference. It’s one thing not to have much talent and be over-matched in games, but it’s completely inexcusable to just not have your head in the game. That’s truly pathetic. It actually reminds me a lot of this middle school football play which is pretty sad.

Thanks to Ball Don’t Lie for the video

Video: Jordan Crawford Goes Between the Legs to Andray Blatche

With the way things have been going for him, it’s important for someone to make Andray Blatche feel special these days. After all, it has to hurt when your own team misspells your last name on your jersey in the middle of the season.  That’s why Blatche has teammates like Jordan Crawford who can do special things with the basketball.  Check out this video of Jordan Crawford going between the legs to Andray Blatche:

That’s what you call a complete basketball play.  The block, the spin move, the break, and the no-look, between-the-legs dish.  It can’t get much better than that.

Jason Terry: Matt Barnes Is ‘Soft as Toilet Paper’, the Charminator

Jason Terry caused a skirmish between the Mavs and Lakers on Thursday night when he shoved Steve Blake in the fourth quarter (watch the video). Five players wound up being suspended including Matt Barnes who decided to rip Mavs assistant coach Terry Stotts off of him. Well the bad blood between the teams did not cool off there.

On Friday, Terry was a guest on the radio with Colin Cowherd and traded a few shots. He was asked about Matt Barnes and whether or not he feels Barnes is an enforcer type guy for the Lakers. Suffice it to say, Terry highly disagreed.

“I call Barnes the Charminator. You know what that is? That is a guy that’s soft as toilet paper. It’s not only that he’s a Pac-10er and he’s a Bruin, and so you know we hate those guys — us Wildcats we hate Bruins. Whenever you don that uniform, I can’t stand you, other than Reggie Miller. Some guys put on that Laker uniform and you turn into Jerry West, Kareem, and Worthy, and Magic. Those are the real Lakers, not Barnes.

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Can Lakers Finish First in West, NBA?

The San Antonio Spurs must be nervously checking their rear view mirrors like a speeding driver looking out for the Highway Patrol.

If you’re a Spurs fan, let me save you the double-take; the purple and gold lights are flashing and the Lakers sirens are blaring. The Los Angeles Lakers are right behind you with those obnoxious playoff flags slapping in the wind and Jack Nicholson is on the bullhorn, yelling “PULL OVER”.

As a Spurs fan, you’re probably getting that sinking feeling in your stomach right about now as your heart starts racing and your brain starts thinking a million thoughts. “If we had just won that one game … how did this happen … I didn’t even see them coming … can we still talk our way out of this? … do you think Kobe Bryant takes bribes? …”.

I know what it’s like — the Lakers passed up my Boston Celtics team bus a few miles back while we were stuck on the side of the road with a flat Rondo.  No one thought it was possible for the Lakers to surpass the Spurs a few weeks ago after they stumbled into All-Star Weekend. Now, they are just two and a half games out of first in the West. That’s what happens when you go 16-1 and the team in front of you falters to an 11-8 record in the same timespan.  Gone now are the worries about home court vs. the Spurs and the Celtics. What’s replaced them is more than hope; it’s a real tangible chance for Lakers to clinch the top seed overall and secure home court through the NBA Finals.

So, for those wondering, can the Lakers actually do what seemed impossible just a month ago? Here’s what each team has left on their remaining schedules:

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Steve Blake and Jason Terry Fight After Push, Matt Barnes Goes Nuts

The Lakers-Mavericks game got a playoff feeling to it on Thursday night at Staples Center when the teams had a skirmish in the fourth quarter. It all started with a shove by Jason Terry on Steve Blake that started a mini-fight, resulting in Matt Barnes getting angry with Mavericks assistant coach Terry Stotts, and a partially naked woman getting escorted out for attempting to rush the court. Here’s a video of the Lakers-Mavericks fight sparked by Terry’s cheap shot:

Terry, Blake, Barnes and Brendan Haywood were all ejected immediately, while Shannon Brown later got tossed for shoving Brian Cardinal. The best reaction of all came from Phil Jackson who said “There was no fight. They were two cock-roosters bumping chests. Just some pushing and shoving going on.” Classic. Leave it to Phil to keep everything in perspective, right?

Of course he’s not worried — his team has won eight in a row and is closing in on the Spurs for the top spot in the West. The way they’ve been playing, it’s hard to figure they won’t take the top spot before the regular season ends.

Ron Artest Nominated for Citizenship Award by Basketball Writers

Ron Artest, everyone’s favorite crazy man, was one of four players nominated for the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship award. Go ahead and file this story under phrases you never imagined could have been true five years ago.

Yes, the same Ron Artest who was a big part of the Malice at the Palace, who bailed out on his teammates in Indiana to promote his rap album, and who used to drink liquor at halftime of games, is actually up for a good guy award. The crazy thing is Artest actually is a highly deserving nominee after changing his ways.

Ron Ron started seeing a psychiatrist who helped him overcome many mental issues, and he even shouted out his doctor after winning the finals. He’s become a citizen of the people, showing up at fraternity events and other community events. He frequently gives tickets away to fans and even treated a couple to front row seats to Game 1 of the Finals last year.

Perhaps nothing displays Artest’s kind heart, generous soul, and selfless nature than his decision to raffle off his championship ring — something for which he worked his whole life — to raise money for mental health charity. Most players would keep the memento to commemorate the landmark achievement, but Artest decided to use it as an opportunity to enhance other people’s lives.

Ron is a changed man and should win this award in a landslide. Outside of his occasional crazy relapses, he has been a model citizen from whom many players can learn.

Oh yeah, Dwight Howard, Kyle Korver, and Marcus Camby will be the runners-up are the other nominees.