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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Vin Scully Rips Denver Nuggets for all the Tattoos

Longtime Dodgers broadcaster and franchise icon, Vin Scully, is well respected for his ability to call a game and tell stories. He’s usually known to discuss most issues in a positive light but he’s brought down the hammer of truth for certain occasions. On Monday night when the Dodgers lost to the Diamondbacks 3-2, Scully…Read More

Magic Will Beat the Lakers, For God Is on Their Side

Funny, wasn’t it only a few months ago we were going through this same spiel when Kurt Warner was playing in the Super Bowl? At that time their coach Ken Whisenhunt had said the Cardinals had an edge because of their religious beliefs. Well Dwight Howard’s not playing football but he’s in the basketball equivalent…Read More

Poor Sport? LeBron Dodges Media After Game 6 Loss

It was only three weeks ago that I was praising LeBron James after he won the MVP award, saying that he handled his business in such a professional and positive way. He treats his teammates and fans well, he respects the media, and seemingly doesn’t have any missteps off the court. Well after losing Game…Read More

Magic Considering Having Jameer Nelson Play Against Lakers

Now that they’ve reached the NBA Finals, a potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Magic are trying to break out all the stops. With that in mind, they’re entertaining the idea of having point guard Jameer Nelson suit up for the series. Team president Bob Vander Weide is looking for any edge possible against the Lakers: “The…Read More

How Was Tim Tebow Sitting Courtside for Magic/Cavs Game 6?

Far be it from me to be the buzz kill during an exciting Game 6 in Orlando, but my buddy Botros tipped me off to something quite interesting. Apparently Tim Tebow was in attendance for the game and caught on camera several times near the court. Naturally once must assume that the man had pretty…Read More

Cavs Losing Series Doesn’t Equate to LeBron James Choking

It’s amazing how one game can do so much to change the tune and tone of critics everywhere. Prior to Game 5 where LeBron James recorded a triple double to extend the Eastern Conference Finals to a sixth game, many critics were already calling the Cavs a bust and LeBron a choke. Look, I’ll admit…Read More

Video: J.R. Smith Flashing Gang Signs After Three Pointer?

J.R. Smith went off in Game 4 for the Nuggets draining 4 three-pointers including back-to-back threes that solidified the win with under two minutes to go. Already with a technical earlier in the game and one in Game 3 for taunting after making a three, Smith started acting out to celebrate his hot shooting streak….Read More

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