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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Carmelo Anthony Won’t Use Crutches for Swag Reasons

Carmelo Anthony sprained his right ankle in Thursday night’s loss to the Grizzlies and he’s recovering. The team apparently wanted Melo to use crutches to help recover, but he refused and went with a walking boot instead. His reason? “Yeah I had a boot on last night. They wanted me on crutches, but it was…Read More

Shaq Math: 18-39 Is Above 50% (Video)

Shaq’s damn lucky that he’s 7-feet tall and a skilled basketball player, otherwise he might be screwed. While discussing Dwight Howard’s regular-season record 39 free throw attempts against the Warriors Thursday, it was pointed out that Shaq also once matched that number in a playoff game. Shaq was quite proud that he went 18-39 because…Read More

Vince Carter: Chill Bros Next to Mavericks Bench ‘Were Cool’

Remember the chill bros that appeared to be sitting on the Mavericks bench during a game this week? Turns out they weren’t technically on the bench, but because they were seated between Vince Carter and Delonte West at one point, it gave the appearance that they were. Well Vince, who clearly seemed to be amused…Read More

Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett Say Celtics Are Rajon Rondo’s Team

Breaking news: the Celtics look old. Actually, they don’t just look old — they are old. Keep in mind that this is a team that no longer cares about proving itself in the regular season. For the past few years, Boston has coasted through the regular season and picked up the tempo come playoff time….Read More

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