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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Chauncey Billups Shows Kobe the Ultimate Embarrassment

Who can really fault Kobe here? The guy was just focused on playing some good defense and stopping the player who got the ball. I guess he was too focused and forgot about the guy inbounding the ball. Chauncey Billups made a play just before halftime that showed his strong court sense and intuition. In…Read More

Stan Van Gundy: LeBron James Is Literally Unstoppable

I guess when a guy goes for 49 against your team and scores nearly half the opposing team’s points, it’s pretty easy to find good things to say about him. And when your team wins like Stan Van Gundy’s did, it also makes praising your opponent less painful. The Magic barely squeaked out a one-point…Read More

Video: Dwight Howard Dunk Brings Down the Shot Clock

There’s a reason why people (including himself) are calling him Superman — it’s because he does crazy things on the court. A clear example of Dwight Howard’s strength was when his dunk in the first quarter brought down the shot clock, causing a lengthy delay in the game. Check it out in case you missed…Read More

How Can the Clippers Screw This Up?

When I heard that the Clippers had won the NBA draft lottery, the first question that entered my head was pretty simple: why? With all the needy franchises out there, those desperate to pull themselves out of the depths of suckdom, why were the Clippers the lucky team to get the first pick in the…Read More

Kobe Bryant: Credit Aldous Snow for Sasha Vujacic’s Success

Most of the time Kobe Bryant is pretty hard-nosed and serious. There are some moments though when Kobe takes off the game face and actually plays around, like when he does commercials or post-game interviews. Take for instance Kobe’s comments after the Game 7 win against Houston. Why did sharpshooter Sasha Vujacic have a good…Read More

LeBron James’ All-Time Dream Team

Ordinarily an issue like this wouldn’t even matter, but since it’s LeBron James, a highly respected player who will likely go down as one of the greats, the subject becomes interesting. Who does LeBron regard as the best players of all-time? Who would he want on his all-time dream team? He answered the question with…Read More

Rafer Alston Sure Likes Kissing Guys

The NBA point guard formerly known as Skip to My Lou may have to change the first word to match the name of a popular 70s rock band. For some reason, When Magic guard Rafer Alston wants to thank someone on the court, he doesn’t high five or chest bump. Oh no. Rafer (reefer?) has…Read More

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