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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Utah Jazz: From Contender to Pretender in Only One Year

It’s really quite incredible: the Utah Jazz lost their face of the franchise and best player in the franchise in a span of just two weeks. This is the same team that has been a Western Conference playoff mainstay since 1983, making the post-season in 24 of the 27 years since I was born. They’ve…Read More

Jared Jeffries Coming Home Video is a Quality Commercial Spoof

When the Knicks finally pulled off a trade for Carmelo Anthony this week, they put together a pretty emotional commercial about him “coming home” to get New York fans fired up.  I can’t say if it was effective or not since I’m not a Knick fan, but here it is if you haven’t seen it:…Read More

Chris Bosh Flop Video Would Make a Soccer Player Jealous

I’ve seen some pretty blatant flops in my day, but I’m not sure there was a flop that involved less contact than this one. Check out this Chris Bosh flop against the Bulls on Thursday night and tell me you don’t lose respect for the man (if you already had some). Here’s the video: Kyle…Read More

NBA Trade Deadline Recap and Analysis

The trade deadline is always one of the busiest times of year in the NBA. Players are swapped, contracts are dumped, and deals are made. We have you covered with a recap of every single trade made during the week, along with some analysis for what the moves mean for every single NBA team. For…Read More

Wizards Misspell Andray Blatche’s Last Name on Jersey

A metaphor for the Wizards’ season: Yup, that’s supposed to be Andray Blatche, not Andray Baltche. That’s a pretty tough one to screw up so obviously someone wasn’t paying attention. I suppose it was fitting considering Blatche went 6-for-16 from the field in a 23-point loss to the 76ers. What’s surprising is that this sort…Read More

LA Has Become a Blake Griffin Story

He is the amazing Blake Griffin, able to leap tall Russians in a single bound. No one’s quite saying he is a superhero yet, after all he is a Clipper … Scavengers assemble! With Donald Sterling’s track record of nonchalance, the Spidey sense of LA Clipper fans should definitely be tingling at the moment, with…Read More

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