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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Kobe the Only Injured Player in the NBA

If you ever wanted to know the deep-down reasons behind my disgust of one Kobe Bryant, you don’t need to look any farther than this very post (wearing sunglasses to his “going pro” announcement in high school would do the trick, too). Out of all the stars that are hurt, get hurt, and play hurt,…Read More

Going to Knicks Right Move for D’Antoni

At first I agreed with with most of the comments I was hearing from pundits — going to Chicago would be the best move for Mike D’Antoni. But now that I’ve thought about things since he’s agreed to become the next coach of the Knicks, I’m convinced that going to New York is the right…Read More

Hornets Signify Changing of NBA Guard?

Despite their excellent regular season, the Hornets were a popular pick to bust in the playoffs. Lots of experts had the Mavericks beating them in the playoffs, figuring experience would be a huge factor. Though I had New Orleans winning their first round series, I didn’t think they’d be able to get past the second…Read More

Kobe Bryant to Win MVP? Deserves it

Mike Bresnahan at the LA Times says sources told him Kobe Bryant will be presented with the MVP trophy next week in Los Angeles, answering one of the most popular questions of the year. I’m sure some praise of Kobe is about the last thing you ever expected out of me, but I am even-handed…Read More

Karl Malone Impregnated 13-Year-Old?

Apparently The Mailman was delivering his goods to local middle schools while he was at Louisiana Tech. Many people missed the story over the weekend of Demetrius Bell, a 7th round pick by the Buffalo Bills. Bell is the son of Karl Malone, though The Mailman had no role in his life and told him…Read More

Josh Howard Partying During Playoffs?

It was only two weeks ago that I wrote about Baron Davis reportedly being out partying the night before the Warriors’ last game of the season — a must-win they lost to Phoenix that eliminated them from the playoffs. And today it disappoints me to write about the report from the Dallas area that Josh…Read More

There Was Nothing Wrong with the Name

Until that no-talent carpet bagger decided to start taking coaching jobs all over the place, sullying the name that is Larry Brown. I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting a response to my namesake taking a job with the Bobcats, so I’ll have at it. First of all, I would like to say…Read More

Kobe Not Willing to Take Pay Cut to Keep Lakers Together?

Not long ago I was raving about Gilbert Arenas volunteering to take a pay cut to keep the current Wizards together. How much more clear can you make it that you prioritize winning over money than by volunteering to take a pay cut? That’s truly putting your money where your mouth is, or something like…Read More

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