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Friday, November 28, 2014


Is Anyone in a Worse Situation Than Tracy McGrady?

The Rockets may have lost Game 2 of their first round series with the Blazers on Tuesday night, but they’re still tied 1-1 in the best of seven and best of all, heading home for two straight games. Given the way they played in Game 1 and that it took 42 from Brandon Roy for…Read More

Rihanna’s Looking for a Baller … Is it Andrew Bynum or Baron Davis?

Given all the off-court issues Andrew Bynum’s had lately, I’m not so sure that dating a celeb is something he should be doing right now. Much less a celeb who’s involved in a shaky breakup from Chris Brown amidst a potential physical assault incident. Regardless, multiple reports say the Lakers’ center was seen getting cozy…Read More

Who’s Dressing Melo These Days?

Usually I don’t like to comment on the personal appearance of an athlete, but for premeditated clothing choices, I feel I can make an exception. I know Carmelo Anthony has cultivated a new look this year cutting off his braids, but seriously, who’s the brains behind the joker outfit on Sunday night? Apologies to any…Read More

Shaq Gets Pranked, Seeks Revenge by Cutting Louis Amundson’s Hair

To quoteth the greateth Shaquille O’Nealeth, “Two things you don’t touch for a black man: His food, and his car.” The Suns ponytailed chick off the bench apparently violated the first commandment with a prank on Shaq’s car, filling it up with Styrofoam. Kings rookie Jason Thompson says packing peanuts is much more pleasant than…Read More

Sacramento Kings Introduce the SlamWow Mascot Promotion

First we had the Timberwolves create a line of glass cleaning products to promote Kevin Love for Rookie of the Year. This time it was the Sacramento Kings promotion staff creating the SlamWow in honor of their mascot, Slamson the Lion. And wouldn’t you know, the ad is just like the ShamWow commercial! I have…Read More

Video: Ray Allen Elbows Anderson Varejao in the Nuts

The Cavs pounded the Celtics on Sunday, crushing them from the start and going on to win it 107-76. I guess the frustration for Boston was manifested in Ray Allen’s tussle with Anderson Varejao in the 3rd quarter. Let’s go to the video: That one referee was right under the basket so I’m not sure…Read More

Anderson Varejao Sports the Chosen 2 Tattoo for LeBron

Apparently Anderson Varejao has quite the sense of humor. What you think he used for that, a magic marker? You think crayons did the job? By the way, as great as I think LeBron James is, I had no idea he had a “Chosen 1″ tattoo on his back. Just a bit egocentric, wouldn’t you…Read More

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