Hardaway is More Delusional Than We Originally Thought

On Thursday night, we showed you a video of Penny Hardaway talking about a comeback to the NBA to play for the Miami Heat “super team.” I hate to post on the same exact topic twice in a row, but I found something in the interview that I couldn’t let slip through the cracks. Hardaway was talking about coming back and giving the Heat a limited number of minutes and some veteran leadership, which would obviously be the role they’d put him in. Here’s what he said about still being able to contribute:

This role that I’m trying to play for this team, it doesn’t take much, man. I could do that in my sleep.

I know it’s not going to be the most popular choice for a lot of people because they’re going to talk about what happened in the past but now, playing in a role [which that team needs], I could do that easily. I made that team two years ago and I played 33 minutes a game and I was in the starting lineup. That wasn’t long ago so I think I could do that little minimal role a lot easier.”

If you thought Penny was crazy for thinking the Heat might sign him with what little cap space they’re working with, take some time to examine the way in which he remembers his playing days. Check out his career stats over at ESPN, or any other site for that matter. The last time Hardaway averaged over 30 minutes per game was during the ’02-’03 season, when he appeared in 58 games for the Phoenix Suns. His last year in the league — the ’07-’08 season — Penny appeared in only 16 games and averaged 20.3 minutes. The year before that, he didn’t play at all. He played for the Knicks during the ’05-’06 season and appeared in only four games, averaging 18.0 minutes.

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Penny Hardaway Considering a Comeback?

Talk about chasing a cheap ring. Penny Hardaway is considering a second comeback to the NBA to play for the team he was last with, the Miami Heat. Hardaway said he’s reached out to Pat Riley, who hasn’t gotten back to him yet because the Heat have a lot of names they’re dealing with at the moment. No, really? I bet most of those “names” they’re considering aren’t players who are 39 years old and haven’t played a full season in almost ten years, either. Check out the video of Penny Hardaway talking about returning to the NBA to play for the Heat, courtesy of My Fox Memphis:

During his last stint with the Heat in 2007, Penny averaged 3.8 points and 20.3 minutes per game before being released. According to Rotoworld, he’s been “tearing it up in rec leagues in Miami.” I think rec leagues is the important thing to remember here. I really don’t see the Heat wasting a penny on him (no pun intended), especially given their current cap restraints. I suppose a washed-up athlete can dream though.

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Rumors Sell Tickets, Just Ask the Knicks

It’s not often that speculation can cause a season ticket sell-out, but that’s exactly what’s happened with the New York Knicks. We already told you how Madison Square Garden stock was soaring as a result of LeBron James rumors, and now CNBC has informed us that the Knicks have sold out their season tickets.

New York sold more than 3,400 season tickets before July 8th — the night of “The Decision” — so obviously the King James buzz had a huge impact. The Amare Stoudemire signing was supposedly responsible for the rest of the tickets being sold, but I think it’s safe to say the sailor suit-wearing Stoudemire wouldn’t have caused a sell-out without a little remaining hope that LeBron planned on joining him. What many are forgetting, however, is that the sell-out probably would have occurred one way or another, thanks in large part to Chris Paul and the Carmelo Anthony wedding.

According to the New York Post, Paul toasted to he, Anthony, and Stoudemire forming their “own Big 3″ in the near future. Fans have a tendency to believe anything a player says, so when all is said and done I believe the Knicks would have sold out with or without the belief that LeBron James would venture to the Big Apple. If “super teams” are the future of the NBA, and it’s starting to look like they are, I see no reason these three can’t form the core of the next one. If I were a Knicks fan and heard the news about CP3′s toast, I’d have run out and bought a season ticket anyway.

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T-Wolves Have Nothing to Show for Dealing Garnett

Don’t confuse this claim with one that would attempt to convince you that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be better off if they still had Kevin Garnett. What I would like to call to your attention is that after trading Al Jefferson to the Utah Jazz for two future first-round picks, the T-Wolves have now rid themselves of every piece they received from the Celtics in return for Kevin Garnett in 2007, excluding draft selections. After getting what looked like a ton in exchange for The Big Ticket at the time, this can’t be what Kevin McHale and the Minnesota front office envisioned.

When you deal the greatest player in your franchise’s history — one who, at the time, was still at the peak of his game — you intend to get something out of the players you dealt him for. If the T-Wolves had known that Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, and journeyman Theo Ratliff would all turn out to be duds and trade bait, they would have looked elsewhere to make a deal. Had they envisioned Al Jefferson becoming expendable at the age of 25, they wouldn’t have wasted their time even speaking to the Celtics’ brass. Obviously, Minnesota received something in the form of draft picks and other players when they dealt all of the former Celtics, but at this point it doesn’t appear they’ve gotten their hands on anything promising.

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Man Arrested for DUI: LeBron’s Decision Made Me Drink

As we could have anticipated, there are plenty of folks who are devastated by LeBron James‘ decision to take his talents to the Miami Heat. Cleveland Cavs fans are certainly heartbroken. Dan Gilbert feels betrayed. But what about Boston Celtics fans? Apparently, some of them took the decision pretty hard as well.

A 30-year-old man from Flint, Mich. was reportedly stopped by police early Sunday morning after they witnessed his vehicle drift over the center line. When police asked if he had been drinking, he admitted that he had been and provided a classic excuse as to why. According to the officers, the man said LeBron’s decision to play for the Miami Heat instead of the Boston Celtics was too much for him. I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure the Celtics were in no way a part of the King James sweepstakes.

Either this drunk came up with one of the worst excuses for banged-up driving in the history of DUI stops, or he’s completely delusional. Let’s say that really was the reason he was drinking. He really thought there was a chance LeBron went to Boston and was crushed when he didn’t? Oh yeah, and he still wasn’t over it three days later? Unless he was just finding out about the news on Saturday night, he must have been on one hell of a bender. Let’s hope losing his license for a while helps him get over his dreams being shattered.

Man arrested for drunken driving after being disappointed in LeBron James’s choice to play for Miami Heat [MLive]
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David Stern Approves Heat Super Team

Whether you are among LeBron James‘ now seemingly loyal few, or air mailing your old “23″ jersey to Cleveland to be thrown on the bonfire, there’s no doubt that King James has come under some, I’ll say, deserved criticisms for the way his free agency culminated. On Monday, James found one carefully phrased criticism pointed in his direction from none other than NBA commisioner David Stern, who was content with LeBron’s choice, but called “The Decision” spectacle “ill-conceived.” While Stern may think otherwise, he chose wisely to say this:

Our players, having negotiated for the right to be free agents at some point in their career, are totally within their rights to seek employment with any other team. That’s something we agreed to. That’s something we embrace. That’s our system.”

Stern also took exception with the now infamous comic sans Dan Gilbert letter lambasting James for his “cowardly” abandonment of Cleveland, which resulted in a $100,000 fine for the franchise. So while it’s always interesting to try and guess what David Stern is actually thinking behind his often calculated remarks, there are really no surprises here. It’s no good to have your poster child turn heel like a WWE superstar and you can’t have owners running around town bashing their former players.

Stern says Miami’s Big 3 acted within rights [AP/FOX Sports]

Heat Throw Three Kings Intro Party

The Miami Heat threw an introduction party for their new star players on Friday night, dubbing the event a celebration of their “Three Kings.” Dwyane Wade literally took center stage, with Chris Bosh and LeBron James flanking him on the wings. As of now, it’s clear that Wade is the core of Miami’s team as the only incumbent member, but we’ll see how long that lasts. The party was nothing short of a rock concert and was quite the spectacle. It was even more attention-grabbing than when Tom Izzo rode in on a motorcycle for midnight madness. You have to see this video of the Miami Heat’s Three Kings introduction party:

The players were treated like royalty and were handed keys to the city. LeBron said they were gunning for not one, two, three, four, five, or six, but seven — SEVEN! — championships. He also is so confident in the star’s abilities he said Pat Riley can join them on the wings and they’d still win. The difference between the Celtics of 2008 and how this team appears is attitude; Boston’s stars were willing to share the ball and spotlight while these guys are cocky and acting like they’ve already won just by signing a piece of paper. The Lakers, Celtics, and Magic will probably remind them it’s not that easy.

Video Credit: YouTube user Jimbroni27