Josh McRoberts Ruins Pacers’ Nearly Perfect Third Quarter Against Nuggets

It was hard getting over the shock of the Miami Heat blowing a 22-point lead against the Utah Jazz when I heard another shocking piece of information: the Indiana Pacers made 20 straight shots to start the third quarter. Yup, the Pacers beat the Nuggets 144-113 on Tuesday night thanks to a record-setting performance.

Indiana came out smoking hot in the 3rd, making its first 20 shots including 13 from outside the paint. The streak wasn’t broken until Josh McRoberts bombed and missed a three pointer to end the quarter. McRoberts also missed two free throws in the quarter making matters even worse.

Mike Dunleavy actually went for 24 points in the quarter alone, making five threes. The team set a franchise record with 54 points scored in the quarter and were five points away from setting the NBA record for most points in a quarter.

Coach Jim O’Brien said their hot quarter was about as much fun as you could have on a basketball court. Heck yeah that is — those players haven’t ever shot that well, not even when they were on fire playing NBA Jam. Scoring 54 points in a quarter and going 20-21? That’s just silly.

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Chris Bosh Admits to Being Lost in Miami Heat Offense, Still Finding His Way

If you’ve seen the Miami Heat play this year, you’ve probably noticed that it’s really a team of two true superstars with a bunch of other guys around them. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade run the show, combining to average 31 field goals attempted and nearly 45 points per game. We initially called the Heat the Bermuda Triangle — a reference to the three stars they signed in free agency — but the third player, Chris Bosh, is proving to be more and more of a supplemental player than a guy on the same level as Bron and Wade. Even he admitted to having similar feelings recently.

Per Matt Moore at CBS Sports, Bosh and LeBron had a talk on a recent team flight to get more familiar with one another. Bosh admitted to being a little lost on the floor at times, feeling like he’s on his heels. He said he needed to be more aggressive and he was on Saturday night, getting to the line a season-high 10 times for 21 points, another season high.

Bosh really is just trying to figure out his role on the new team and isn’t fitting in as naturally as Wade and LeBron. It makes sense given his style of play; he’s a tall power forward but he’s more of a face-up post player than a guy who sits under the rim and cleans up misses with his back to the basket. Bosh is used to being “the Man” on a team and he just needs to adjust to his new role as a supplemental player. And if winning (and being on TV) is all that matters to him, then the adjustment shouldn’t be much of a problem.

LeBron, Wade, and Bosh but Eddie House Takes Last Shot for Miami Heat

One of those pathetic, cliche questions reporters feel obligated to ask (but really think they’re creative in doing so) a Big Three group of players is “Who gets the final shot?” Nevermind that the goal is to win every game by enough of a margin where a last shot won’t be necessary, but many media members think this is some huge determining factor in what makes a team. See, unless you have Scottie Pippen on your squad, this is not an issue.

Well, it only took six games but we already got an answer to the question: it’s Eddie House. The Heat were down three against the Hornets 96-93 in the final seconds and needed a three point basket to tie the game. They ran an inbounds play for Dwyane Wade who rose up for a three but elected to pass to House midair. Though Wade had an excellent look coming off a screen, he thought House was the better option. House missed it and the Hornets pulled off the surprise win, handing Miami its second loss of the season.

There’s no shame in losing to the Hornets who are 5-0 and have beaten all very good teams. Chris Paul had 19 assists and Emeka Okafor missed just one shot going 12-13 for 26 points. What’s shocking is that with all the stars on Miami’s roster, Eddie House was the one taking the final shot. Both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James talked about how nice it would be to have a second star to whom they could defer. It seemed like both guys were in defer mode in the final minute and that hurt Miami.

It’s only November so there’s plenty of time for everything to be settled, but seeing Eddie House take the final shot is not what anybody expected.

Kevin Garnett: Charlie Villanueva Is a Nobody, Not Paying Attention to Him

If you thought the “clarification” of Kevin Garnett’s comments and Doc Rivers’ support would be the end of the cancer patient trash talk saga, you were wrong. Asked by a pot-stirring reporter about the situation following Boston’s overtime win over Chicago, KG kept his mouth motoring:

Charlie Villanueva may be a nobody on a nobody team, but it still doesn’t make what Garnett said alright. And if KG considers Villanueva a nobody, why was he wasting words and time on the man?

Honestly though, that reaction is indicative of Garnett’s mentality. KG is a successful player in large part because of his confidence. He talks himself up and prepares himself mentally with his words. Likewise, he talks his opponents down to give himself an edge. Garnett may be wrong, and he probably knows it, but he won’t admit it until he retires. You want to know why? Because he can’t go soft and lose that mental edge. Once he loses that, he’ll be completely done.

Clipper Darrell Strike Lasted Only One Half

Clipper Darrell went from leading a fan parade begging LeBron to sign with the Clips to going on strike after the team started off 0-4. He said he was striking until the team started to put forth a full effort of hustle and heart for 48 minutes and that he would wear black while on strike.

Clipper Darrell showed up for Wednesday’s game against the Thunder in all black, but he did bring his famous suit in his car. After the Clippers stunned everyone getting out to a double-digit lead in the second quarter, he went out to his car at halftime to change into the suit. Here’s how he turned out by the end of the game when he posed for a pic with yours truly:

Clipper Darrell said after the game he was having drug addiction-like withdrawals and that he just couldn’t do it. Factoring into the strike ending — aside from the withdrawals — was that the Clippers actually played well, running the Thunder out of the building. Things may have been awkward for Kevin Durant after the loss, but all was well in Clipper Land. Now all we need is for Vinny Del Negro to sit down once in a while and stop blocking my damn view!

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Raptors Coach Jay Triano Drops F-Bomb During TV Interview (Video)

If Toronto Raptors coach Jay Triano is frustrated enough to be dropping f-bombs on live television after a 1-3 start, it could be a long season for him in Canada.  Chris Bosh decided he was more interested in being on TV than staying with the Raptors, so it’s probably going to be a tough year for Triano’s squad.  Toronto has already lost some close games, and it appears their coach was frustrated with the teams inability to stop Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.  Here’s the casual, but humorous, Jay Triano f-bomb video, courtesy of Slam via SbB Live:

Unlike Ozzie Guillen, I don’t think the TV network encouraged Triano to curse as a means of boosting their ratings.  Gotta love the enthusiasm.

Video Credit: Twitter user sigD

Kevin Love: There Are Some Games You Circle on the Calendar

Timberwolves forward Kevin Love has been known to speak his mind and say some unwise things. Players like him make following sports much more fun, because we all know how boring generic cliches are. It’s Love’s personality that makes his new blog at GQ a fun read for fans, similar to the way Gilbert Arenas’ nba.com blog was a few years ago.

Love has written funny lines about his teammates, gone into detail about his coach’s style, challenged Bill Simmons, and already gotten into trouble for his R-rated language on the blog. He offers the type of insight that takes players behind the scenes, and thank goodness, he doesn’t use cliches.

You know how athletes all say each game means the same thing and we take them one at a time? Well Love actually admitted what we really know is the truth — you do circle some games on the calendar. “Every game is important, but the fact is, there are some games you circle on your calendar and this is definitely one of them,” Love said prior to Tuesday’s game against the Heat.

The T-Wolves lost that game 129-97 to give you an idea of how bad they are if they went all out for it, but that’s not a surprise. It does fit into what we said before — Miami is polarizing and the hated teams inspire the best play from opponents. Everyone will be out to get the Heat, but most won’t be able to beat them. Fact.

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