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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Will Kevin Durant’s Nike Deal Keep him from Going Starbury?

If you remember about a month ago, I got really excited when I heard Kevin Durant wanted to go cheap with his shoes like Starbury. In fact, at the time, reports suggested that negotiations were being held up by Durant’s desire to go cheap. Well, Tom Ziller informs me of the news that Durant has…Read More

Mark Hendrickson Was Not a Good NBA Player

Hey, how bout that? The guy sucks at two sports! OK, OK, fine, the guy is good enough to have been a professional athlete in two different sports — not many people in this world can make such a claim. Yet I can’t help but share the pictures passed along to me by my buddy…Read More

The Memphis Grizzlies, Starring Darko!

Best part of the news I will tell you: Darko has a new team. Worst part: Darko will be making a lot of money. Something about the words “Darko” and “coveted” makes me a bit uneasy. And I’m talking about these words being uttered since the 2003 draft, just to clarify. That 8 point a…Read More

The Bucks Are Officially Stalking Yi

It’s like getting a number from a drunk chick at a bar. You call her a few days later and she quickly gets off the phone, because after all, she was drunk when you met her. Then you call the next day and get voice mail. Day after that, same result. Pretty soon, you get…Read More

Spike Lee ‘Likes Dick,’ Pause

Spike Lee straight up says he “likes Dick,” when talking about Dan Dickau. If you notice, after Spike’s slip, Gus Johnson calmly slides in a “pause.” As I’ve come to learn, such use of the word “pause” is another way of saying that the reference was not homosexual — not that there’s anything wrong with…Read More

Still Obsessed With Joakim Noah

Sorry to say it, but I actually think the clown is starting to grow on me. I mean, once you accept him for what he is — a class clown — you can actually sit back, laugh at him and enjoy his goofy behavior. So anyways, here’s a little more on Joakim, because I’m still…Read More

Jason Kapono & Luke Walton Are Rich

I can’t even believe that I’m writing this. I remember watching them both play in college. Kapono was nice enough, and he was a star as a freshman. He was quite the sensation actually. But then his entire career went downhill after Steve Lavin took over as coach. He was immediately forgotten, drafted by the…Read More

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