Soulja Boy Disrespected by LeBron

This is the ultimate laugh your ass off scenario. During the week I was pretty upset with Gilbert Arenas for calling out the Cavs saying that he wanted to face them in the playoffs. It wasn’t just Gilbert who called out Cleveland — his teammate DeShawn Stevenson joined in the party calling LeBron overrated. LeBron pretty much laughed it off saying, “With DeShawn Stevenson, it’s kind of funny. It’s almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn’t make sense to respond.” Apparently the word made its way around to rapper Soulja Boy, and he wasn’t too happy to hear the quote:

“Someone from Interscope Records called me and sent me the quote,” Way said. “I looked and didn’t really think much about it. LeBron said something like he was Jay-Z and DeShawn [Stevenson] is Soulja Boy. I took that as [disrespectful].”

Of course you should take it as disrespectful — LeBron was dissing you both. He was using you as his figure for comparison — he called you a one-hit wonder — a hack who can’t hold a candle to the real deal. Kinda reminds me of Roy getting “Munsoned” in Kingpin. In the end, we must have sympathy for poor Soulja Boy’s plight — after all, he did nothing to get himself in the middle of this but make a cheesy song. And looks like the Wizards are already eating their words down 1-0. Smart move fellas, smart move.

Baron Davis Out Partying Night Before His Benching?

Much of the talk on sports shows on Tuesday revolved around Don Nelsons’ benching of Baron Davis for the entire second half Monday night. With the Warriors’ loss on Monday, Golden State was eliminated from the playoffs despite sporting a winning percentage just shy of .600. Baron shot 2-13 in the first half — a slump for which you’d think he’d be left in to work out. Not the case. So why exactly was Baron left on the pine the entire second half? Nobody knows. But thanks to Brett Edwards’ research at FanHouse, we might have an idea why. From the Arizona Republic:

Golden State’s Baron Davis was gone. He was benched for the second half by Warriors coach Don Nelson after a 2-for-13 first half and a Sunday night birthday party in the Valley.

“I gave Baron a much-needed rest in the second half,” Nelson said.

Sure enough, checking Baron’s player profile tells us that his birthday was in fact on Sunday — the 13th of April. While nobody outside of the people at Baron’s party and inside the Golden State locker room can ever be certain about the situation, this sure fills in a few holes to the story. I honestly can’t believe that players would be out partying like that the night before games of such momentous importance, but Baron’s never struck me as a player with elevated levels of maturity. I hope this wasn’t the case, at least for the sake of Warriors fans. It would be hard to forgive him if this were the case. Between Baron and Melo, looks like all you have to do to win in the NBA is stay sober.

Gilbert Already Talking Smack on Cavs

Gilbert being Gilbert once again decided to go out on a limb and say something in his blog he probably would have been best off keeping to himself. Ordinarily I’m in favor of Gil speaking his mind because it brings us that much closer to him as fans. But if I were his coach and teammates, I’d be certifiably pissed about his latest words.

I think everybody wants Cleveland in that first round. They’ve been a .500 team ever since they made that trade and everybody wants a chance at that matchup.

We want Cleveland for our own reasons, we don’t think they can beat us in the playoffs three years straight. It’s hard to beat a team three years straight. We want to try our luck.

Come on, Gilbert. What are you thinking? Giving Cleveland bulletin board material entering a playoff series? And honestly Gil, the Cavs have owned you; you have no right to speak. Maybe there was a slight chance Cleveland overlooked Washington because they had beaten them two years in a row had Gilbert kept his mouth shut. Now? Gil’s awakened a sleeping giant. Arenas has nothing left but to deliver after making these remarks.

Hey Melo, That’s the Ticket!

Longtime LBS readers know that Carmelo Anthony is one of the site favorite targets to pick on. Problem is since appearing in a video promoting the message of “don’t snitch” — which prevents the law from taking its course against criminals — Melo hasn’t done a whole lot bad. Sure, there was Captain Limpwrist’s brush with hand-to-hand combat at the Garden, but since then, not much. He even told us in July that there would be “No more drama” for him. Yeah, whatever. Then how do you explain getting arrested right before the playoffs are about to start?

Coach George Karl even acknowledged that the arrest was a distraction for the team, “In a lot of ways, we’re a family, and we feel the pain of the distraction — and we also feel for him. I think we have all made mistakes.” Much like Brandon Marshall who got busted for DUI right after a Broncos win, Melo celebrated by getting hammered. I don’t get how Carmelo couldn’t hold off on his partying until after the season. And why not hire someone to drive for you? Given Melo’s clear lack of focus, I would be surprised to see Denver take their playoff series to six games.

By the way, Melo gets bonus points for having a priceless mug shot. Anyone else think it could be swapped out for a head shot of LenDale White without any hesitation?

Jason Kapono’s Jump Shot Is Illegal

It probably isn’t much of a surprise to you that I’m a big Jason Kapono homer. And acting as such, I’m almost obligated to show you this video. Matt Watson at FanHouse brings to my attention that Jason Kapono can actually get off his jump shot (and make the basket) in under 0.3 seconds — 0.22 to be exact. Now why is that significant? The NBA says there must be at least 0.3 seconds left on the clock in order for a player to legally get off a shot, otherwise the game is over. Don’t believe he can do it? Skip ahead to about the 4:50 mark on the video:

Maybe the NBA needs to get more precise clocks with hundredths of a second on em, and maybe they need to amend that rule to 0.22 seconds or something — the Jason Kapono Rule.

Benny the Bull Holds Grudges

What is it with mascots these days? You had the Oregon Duck go after the Houston Cougar even teabagging the fool, you had Coco Crisp get run over by the Mariner Moose, and now Benny the Bull is taking target practice on opponents? SpinMax emails in with the news that Benny the Bull took a couple shots at some of the Celtics during Tuesday’s game:

Kevin Garnett and James Posey engaged in some late-game trash talking
with Benny the Bull.

“Bulls can talk,” said Garnett, who initially was upset after he and Posey were hit in the back by clothing fired from a T-shirt launcher during a timeout in the closing minutes of the C’s 106-92 victory. “Walking off the floor we got hit by some shirts.”

“I don’t know – I feel threatened,” Posey said. “I don’t feel safe. They really have tough love here, but it was definitely an inside job. They made the mascot do it. I got hit in the back walking away. That spot on my back is sore. I might have to get treatment on it.”

I really wish I could have heard Posey’s comments to see if he was being serious or sarcastic. One thing we do know is that these mascots are getting completely out of hand. Shooting opponents — even with a T-shirt gun — is inappropriate. And this might not be a surprise considering Benny has a criminal record. Maybe Benny’s jacked up personal life is bleeding over into his professional world.

Screw Nash, Shaq Should Run the Point

If you missed the Suns game Monday night, you missed Shaq go all vintage early-90s on us. It was quite the spectacle. Enjoy the enjoyment:

You know that old line that Shaq is a point guard stuck inside a big man’s body? I think it’s probably true. Man does he love handling the rock. Someone just needs to remind him to forget about the no-look passes.

Video via Ballhype. And yes, I jacked the title from a comment left on YouTube — couldn’t resist it.