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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Tim Donaghy Was Pretty Good at That Whole Fixing Games Thing

Henry Abbott at True Hoop has some excellent info on the Tim Donaghy scandal. Matter of fact, it was so good, ESPN was promoting it on the front page of their website. Betting expert and founder of, RJ Bell, sent an email over to Henry with some juicy content. From True Hoop: Fact #1:…Read More

Mark Cuban Would Tank Games in Certain Situations

I hope he’s not going to get mad at me for using that headline, but I’m trying to be fair given what he shared on the radio. If I were going for the entirely sensational headline, I would have just said “Mark Cuban would tank games.” Mind you however, that when Cuban joined Michael Irvin…Read More

Baron Davis + Teri Hatcher = Lovely

One’s a desperate housewife, one’s a desperate basketball player. They’re a perfect match wouldn’t you say? Hey, if the rumors are true, then I’m all for it. So how in the eff did it happen? Tony [Parker]… introduced the brunette star to a fellow NBA guard, the Golden State Warriors’ Baron Davis, 28, at the…Read More

Yao Ming’s Wedding Pictures and Photo Album

We had heard late in June that Yao would be getting married and even joked about the size of the cake. Of course I had nothing but congrats to give the big guy for finding his soul mate or whatever, good for him. But there’s no wedding (regardless of what’s on the menu) that would…Read More

Smush Parker Has a Rap Song

We already know how much of a hit at the stores the Troy Hudson rap album was. Maybe somebody thought they would take a cue from Troy when they created the Smush Parker rap song. The words come from my buddy Chris, in an email that states it perfectly: I was shocked to see Smush…Read More

Celtics Aren’t Giving up a Lot for KG

If the rumors are what we think — that the Celtics are talking to the T-Wolves about acquiring Kevin Garnett in a trade (first reported by, then that would be pretty groundbreaking. That is considering the fact that KG is set to make a ton of cash, and that he previously was not interested…Read More

Hey, Gilbert’s Still Alive, Remember?

Yeah, back a few months ago before the injury, Gil was the hottest thing around. Now, not so much. He’s rehabbing his injury and blogging about it. In fact, he dropped a few nuggets on us. One is about his current training program. The other, was some nice smack talk. I’ll share both of them…Read More

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