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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Gilbert Arenas: I Faked An Injury Because I Was Afraid to Get Booed

During the preseason, we were led to believe that Gilbert Arenas chose to sit out against the Knicks in order to give teammate Nick Young a chance to showcase his skills.  Young dropped 24 points in the game, cashing in on what looked to be a thoughtful gesture from a teammate.  Arenas was laughing with…Read More

Eddie House: Heat May Have Been Bored After Building 22-Point Lead

Besides the Indiana Pacers throwing in 54 points during the third quarter on Tuesday night, the other surprise was seeing the Miami Heat blow a 22-point lead. People watching this one early figured they had seen enough when the Heat raced out to the big lead against the Jazz. The Heat went from up 21…Read More

LeBron, Wade, and Bosh but Eddie House Takes Last Shot for Miami Heat

One of those pathetic, cliche questions reporters feel obligated to ask (but really think they’re creative in doing so) a Big Three group of players is “Who gets the final shot?” Nevermind that the goal is to win every game by enough of a margin where a last shot won’t be necessary, but many media…Read More

Kevin Garnett: Charlie Villanueva Is a Nobody, Not Paying Attention to Him

If you thought the “clarification” of Kevin Garnett’s comments and Doc Rivers’ support would be the end of the cancer patient trash talk saga, you were wrong. Asked by a pot-stirring reporter about the situation following Boston’s overtime win over Chicago, KG kept his mouth motoring: Charlie Villanueva may be a nobody on a nobody…Read More

Clipper Darrell Strike Lasted Only One Half

Clipper Darrell went from leading a fan parade begging LeBron to sign with the Clips to going on strike after the team started off 0-4. He said he was striking until the team started to put forth a full effort of hustle and heart for 48 minutes and that he would wear black while on…Read More

Raptors Coach Jay Triano Drops F-Bomb During TV Interview (Video)

If Toronto Raptors coach Jay Triano is frustrated enough to be dropping f-bombs on live television after a 1-3 start, it could be a long season for him in Canada.  Chris Bosh decided he was more interested in being on TV than staying with the Raptors, so it’s probably going to be a tough year…Read More

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