Joakim Noah, a Pot Smoker? Nawwww

I mean, come on, who would really believe that such a sweet, innocent child like Mr. Noah actually tokes herb? Back when he was negligent on his donut duties, I just chalked it up to rookie defiance. How silly of me. It just wasn’t my natural reaction to think a man who dresses like this to the NBA draft:

And dances like this:

Would actually be in a sane frame of mind. What was I thinking. Joakim, I am so shocked. Of all the kids in the league, I just never thought it would be you. Now that bad boy from Duke, J.J. Redick, he has pot head written all over him. But you? I never suspected it. I’m ashamed, Joakim, ashamed.

Lamar Odom: Lakers Wanted the Spurs

When most players are asked about an opponent they prefer to face, they usually stay pretty P.C. on the issue giving the “We don’t care who we play” line, or the “We’ll come out ready to play regardless of who the opponent is.” That’s kind of what I expected from Lamar Odom on the subject when he joined Tim Montemayor on Sporting News Radio. Instead, Odom volunteered that the Lakers wanted to face the Spurs in the Conference Finals:

To play against them is really significant for us — it’s a challenge that we’re ready for. We’re ready to compete at the highest level, to play our A-game every night, and may the best team win. We were rooting that the Spurs won the series.

I figure most people would associate wanting the Hornets as taking easy way out, even though New Orleans was the two seed. The Spurs are the veteran team, battle-tested, and full of playoff experience — they’re the defending champs. Odom’s comments that they wanted the Spurs makes me think the Lakers are playing with confidence and that they feel they want to knock off all the top dogs on the way to the title. Well, Lamar got his wish, now it’s on him to deliver the goods.

Tom Brady Gave DiCaprio the Boot at Celtics Game 7?

As if wearing a Giants hat to a Celtics game — in Boston no less — wasn’t enough to start a controversy, Brady may have had another trick up his sleeve. I don’t know where they get this stuff from, but the Detroit Free Press is a respectable enough source for me to share their words. Because this is just too good to pass up:

Now that we’re into the cool part of the playoffs, expect to see more celebrities in the stands.

The Boston Herald had an interesting note about Patriots quarterback (and Michigan Man) Tom Brady bumping actor Leonardo DiCaprio from his usual courtside seat during the Celtics’ Game 7 against the Cavaliers on Sunday. Leo was relegated to a suite “way, way up” in the new Garden.

“Interesting?” the Herald wrote. “We think so, considering Leo has gone to more Celtics games and has spent more time in Boston than No. 12 has this year. But who are we to judge?”

I can’t seem to find that tidbit in the Herald, but that’s coming from the DFP. Pretty funny, if you ask me. I guess it’s just payback by Tom for all the drunk dialing Leo’s been doing to his ex, and Tom’s current, Gisele. Hmm, now I think I know who bought the nudie Gisele pic for 193k.

Why Was Jannero Pargo Taking All the Late Shots?

While watching the end of the Hornets/Spurs Game 7, there was one thought that consistently ran through my head: why the hell is Jannero Pargo taking all the shots? With talented players like Chris Paul and David West on the floor, I couldn’t understand why all the outlet passes were going to Pargo, nor why Pargo felt it was necessary to try and take over the game. He’s not their hero — we pay to watch CP3 play — and that’s how the Hornets win. Taking a look at the play-by-play of the game, Pargo controlled the ball 14 times in the 4th quarter, taking 12 shots, making five of them, and getting fouled on two possessions.

I understand that Pargo was hot to start the quarter, but man, he just flamed out late in the game and took the squad down with him. Moreover, how could the Hornets let him control the ball the way he did? How in the last three minutes of the final game of your season do you not have the ball in the hands of your best player — CP3 — who also happened to be the second most valuable player in the league because of his ability to create? I don’t understand how Byron Scott, much less the players on the floor, let that happen. Jannero Pargo is a fine player who helped New Orleans out all year, including this particular game, but at some point limits need to put in place, and role players need to understand just that — their roles. And for Jannero Pargo, it’s not to take over the ballgame by bombing shots 1-on-1 and taking every single ball up the floor.

Is Mike Brown Misusing LeBron?

I dunno, I saw 45 points, a Game 7, and the Cavs making it to the Finals last year. Seemed to me like LeBron carried his squad well last year, and even overachieved with what he had this year. Seems to me like he has stellar numbers and plays well. But that’s just me, the casual observer, who follows boxscores and watches only the final 10 minutes of games. But I’m the type of person who Matt Watson says doesn’t see what he sees: Mike Brown and the Cavs are misusing LeBron James. Watson’s been saying it for a while, and he quotes basketball author Brian McCormick who feels the same way.

[Boston's defense looks] good because the Cavs put LeBron in positions to fail. He gets the ball 30 feet from the basket, nobody moves and the entire defense plays him. They run down the shot clock so he is forced to take terrible shots.

Now, LeBron is not perfect. He can only shoot jump shots going to his left. If he dribbles right and has to shoot a jumper, he puts it behind his back to his left hand and steps back for the shot.

Why are the Cavs afraid to shoot in the first 14 seconds of the shot clock? Why doesn’t James post-up? When he does get the ball near the post, however, he always reverse pivots to the baseline side, rather than to the middle, which takes away space and makes for a tougher shot or move.

I’m not watching the games in enough detail to pass fair judgment on the issue. I see LeBron passing the ball to teammates that aren’t making shots. I saw LeBron missing all kinds of outside jumpers during this particular series. And I’ve also seen LeBron take over games with his coach seemingly getting out of the way to let LeBron do his thing. So rather than Mike Brown being on the hot seat, maybe Danny Ferry should be because he needs to get LeBron some better teammates. What do you think, should my cousin Mike be on the hot seat?

And even though the Cavs won’t be in the NBA Finals this year, the playoffs will continue to excite. Make sure you check out our site sponsor, Ticket Solutions, for all your NBA Playoff Tickets. They got your NBA Finals tickets covered, your Boston Celtics tickets, and your Detroit Pistons tickets in case you’re interested.

Dan Majerle: No as Suns Head Coach, Yes as Assistant

With the news of Mike D’Antoni (no apostrophe necessary) going to the Knicks, that leaves the Suns with a nice big vacancy at their head coaching position. Veterans like Rick Carlisle, Scott Skiles, and my buddy LB are off the board, so who’s left for the Suns to pursue? That’s been a big question, and one name that has appeared as a potential replacement is former Suns player, Dan Majerle. Well much to my surprise, Majerle was a guest on FSN Arizona’s telecast of the D-Backs/Rockies game Tuesday night in the top of the 5th inning. Daron Sutton wasted no time getting to business asking if Majerle would be the next coach of the Suns and who he thought were candidates for the job. Majerle’s response:

In a word, no. At this point in my life I am not interested in being a head coach. I would not say that I would not want to be an assistant or some kind of assistant for the Suns. I would entertain those kind of ideas because I always thought maybe I could be a good coach.

I know that Jeff Hornacek has surfaced, Marc Jackson has surfaced, a couple of assistants — the guy from Boston — guys like that.

Jeff Hornacek? Where’d that come from? And it sounds to me like Majerle could become a head coach in time and that he could wind up on the staff at some point. Majerle also said that he was against the Shaq trade because he wanted to see the team get another chance to win the title since he felt they were so close. We agree on that point, largely because I didn’t see any positives to adding Shaquille. So to answer those questions, Majerle behind the bench is a possibility, just not as head coach.

LeBron Puts His Mom in Check

If you saw Game 4 last night between the Cavs and Celtics, you surely remember the play where Paul Pierce bear-hugged LeBron James to keep him from scoring. If you haven’t, this video will get you up to speed. And even if you have, keep in mind that the lady getting in between LeBron and Pierce is LeBron’s mom. Make sure you’re watching LBJ’s lips:

Since I’m guessing the video will be pulled before long, LeBron tells his mom, “Sit your ass down” after she gets in the middle of things. That is priceless, and not much of a surprise since it wouldn’t be the first time she was getting The King in trouble. Good thing the game wasn’t played on Sunday!