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Friday, March 6, 2015


Charles Barkley Really Loves the Bay Area

Looks like someone’s been having some nice photoshop fun with Charles Barkley. These photos remind me a lot of the Joakim Noah photos the Bruin Report Online crowd put together. But these, oh boy, these are outstanding. I’ll throw a couple of my favorites up, and then you can go to C.W. Nevius’ blog to…Read More

The Warriors Are Toast

Admit it GSW Hoop fans, you’re getting nervous now. All the wheels fell off the wagon on Tuesday night. A golden opportunity was blown; a spectacular moment was missed. The Warriors had the Mavs up against the ropes — one slug away from the canvas — and they let Dallas get back up. And Dirk…Read More

What’s Up with the NBA Seeding?

OK, I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time, but it’s still worth mentioning now that Houston and Utah is 3-2 Rockets, with each game being won on home court. The other series this affected was Miami/Chicago, but we all know how that turned out. I have asked several knowledgeable people, and still…Read More

Heat Get Swept Magnificently

For only the second time in NBA history, the defending champion got swept out of the playoffs in the first round. Let me repeat, the Miami Heat got absolutely embarrassed in the first round. So for all the talking, gabbing, jabbering Miami did, it all got thrown back in their face splendidly. To Mr. Riley,…Read More

Warriors Fans Are Hella Full of Crap

Being from California, I often associate with many Bay Area sports fans — they just kind of make their way to So. Cal, be it for work, school, or pleasure. In fact, I have several friends and acquaintances who are Bay Area sports fans. And I typically enjoy many a good laugh and conversation with…Read More

Lakers Lose, Kobe Thinks He Wins

I’ll admit it; you can lump me into the category of Kobe Hater when it comes to my thoughts on that ass rapist talented basketball player. I’ve been disgusted with Kobe Bryant from the moment he strolled into his high school’s INDOOR gymnasium wearing sunglasses to the press conference where he would announce his eligibility…Read More

Meet Oscar Robertson, NBA Analyst

There he was appearing as a guest analyst on The Hot List on ESPNEWS Monday, joining Josh Elliott. The title for the segment — Hall of Famer Breaks Down the Playoffs. The second question was about the 8th seeded Warriors who pulled off a stunning Game 1 victory over the top seeded Dallas Mavericks. Elliott…Read More

Riley, Wade, Shaq Are Feeling the Heat

The jersey’s unraveling by it’s thread and nobody wants to admit it. Miami’s already lost Game 1 of the series, and the Heat are searching for answers, with Pat Riley taking D-Wade to the woodshed: ‘I’m not going to give him a pass,” Riley said of Wade. “He did not do the job defensively that…Read More

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