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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Kevin Garnett Backing Off Charlie Villanueva Cancer Comment Is Even Worse

Kevin Garnett’s desire to get inside Charlie Villanueva’s head with some trash talk Tuesday has backfired. Villanueva wrote on his twitter page that KG crossed the line calling him a cancer patient because CV doesn’t have hair. For anyone who knows Garnett’s history, the comment is not surprising. What is surprising is that KG denied…Read More

Heat Could Have Their Championship Role Player in James Jones

Any NBA coach, player, analyst, fan, or even courtside dancer knows all championship teams need a role player.  A team is only as good as its bench, and a bench is only as good as its specialists.  Just look at the last five seasons.  The Lakers had Trevor Ariza in 2009 and Lamar Odom in…Read More

Baron Davis Admits He Was Out of Shape

It’s amazing that a little over two years ago I was talking about the Clippers as a real contender when they signed Baron Davis. The excitement quickly ended when it was learned that Elton Brand would leave for Philadelphia, making the Baron signing seem like a waste of money. The problematic point guard has been…Read More

Shaq Dresses Up Like Girl as Shaqeeta and Is Scary Feminine

That was Shaq on Halloween Sunday looking straight up like a girl. He had the stuffed bra, wig, makeup, and heavy eye shadow going. Oh yeah, and he was bragging about the size of his breasts and booty, err, rather the size of Shaqeeta’s goodies. Now if you really want the full experience, check out…Read More

Heat Interested in Acquiring a Point Guard, Smart Idea?

Through only three games, we can already see the Miami Heat are going to take some time to before they gel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being one of those writers who panics because they lost a game already.  All I’m saying is we can see there are going to be some growing pains…Read More

Anthony Tolliver Is on LeBron’s Hit List

Over the summer, Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver made a hilarious video spoofing LeBron’s “The Decision” show (must-see if you haven’t). In the video, Tolliver mocks LeBron and announces his own decision to sign with Minnesota as a free agent. Nobody gave a crap about Tolliver’s decision to take his services to the T’Wolves, but everyone…Read More

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