Jason Kapono’s Jump Shot Is Illegal

It probably isn’t much of a surprise to you that I’m a big Jason Kapono homer. And acting as such, I’m almost obligated to show you this video. Matt Watson at FanHouse brings to my attention that Jason Kapono can actually get off his jump shot (and make the basket) in under 0.3 seconds — 0.22 to be exact. Now why is that significant? The NBA says there must be at least 0.3 seconds left on the clock in order for a player to legally get off a shot, otherwise the game is over. Don’t believe he can do it? Skip ahead to about the 4:50 mark on the video:

Maybe the NBA needs to get more precise clocks with hundredths of a second on em, and maybe they need to amend that rule to 0.22 seconds or something — the Jason Kapono Rule.

Benny the Bull Holds Grudges

What is it with mascots these days? You had the Oregon Duck go after the Houston Cougar even teabagging the fool, you had Coco Crisp get run over by the Mariner Moose, and now Benny the Bull is taking target practice on opponents? SpinMax emails in with the news that Benny the Bull took a couple shots at some of the Celtics during Tuesday’s game:

Kevin Garnett and James Posey engaged in some late-game trash talking
with Benny the Bull.

“Bulls can talk,” said Garnett, who initially was upset after he and Posey were hit in the back by clothing fired from a T-shirt launcher during a timeout in the closing minutes of the C’s 106-92 victory. “Walking off the floor we got hit by some shirts.”

“I don’t know – I feel threatened,” Posey said. “I don’t feel safe. They really have tough love here, but it was definitely an inside job. They made the mascot do it. I got hit in the back walking away. That spot on my back is sore. I might have to get treatment on it.”

I really wish I could have heard Posey’s comments to see if he was being serious or sarcastic. One thing we do know is that these mascots are getting completely out of hand. Shooting opponents — even with a T-shirt gun — is inappropriate. And this might not be a surprise considering Benny has a criminal record. Maybe Benny’s jacked up personal life is bleeding over into his professional world.

Screw Nash, Shaq Should Run the Point

If you missed the Suns game Monday night, you missed Shaq go all vintage early-90s on us. It was quite the spectacle. Enjoy the enjoyment:

You know that old line that Shaq is a point guard stuck inside a big man’s body? I think it’s probably true. Man does he love handling the rock. Someone just needs to remind him to forget about the no-look passes.

Video via Ballhype. And yes, I jacked the title from a comment left on YouTube — couldn’t resist it.

Gilbert Arenas Willing to Take Pay Cut

As is often the case, I am a little late to this party. While in LA over the weekend for the Wizards/Lakers game on Sunday, Gilbert got to talking contract. He offered something that you don’t see many athletes doing these days — to take a pay cut:

“I want to see Antawn taken care of first and then I’ll take the pay cut to keep the team intact.

We know what’s in jeopardy so, you know, I told him whatever he wants, give it to him and I’ll take the pay cut. I know what he does. He’s a part of my success and I’m a part of his success so we have this one-two combination that works in this league. We know we make each other better. Someone has to sacrifice. This might be one of his last contracts so I’ll sacrifice and hopefully I’ll get another at the end of the day and if I don’t, I know I did the right thing.”

I don’t know how you could possibly take this as anything other than a guy being generous. I know it’s hard to turn down money when you can get it, but maybe Gil figures he’s earned plenty from his current contract as well as his endorsements. If that’s the case, more power to him. And it’s not like Gil is the type of guy to do something just for his image. He means what he says and I believe him on this. It’s quite honorable and really makes him the true team player.

Paul Pierce Hammers the Heat

My faithful Indian companion. Couldn’t resist it. For some reason or another, probably because they suck, the Miami Heat have been a great source for outstanding quotes this year. And this isn’t limited to just their players and coaches — it extends to opponents as well. Witness Paul Pierce, who played a few minutes in Boston’s blow out of Miami in which the Heat were held to an NBA record-low 17 field goals.

Kevin Garnett offered polite praise of the Miami Heat before Paul Pierce interrupted the postgame news conference and said, “Man, I am going to tell you the truth. They got D-Leaguers out there, so I think we just handled our business,” the Boston forward said, listing some of the five Miami players who spent time in the developmental league this season. “We’re supposed to do that.”

I’m sure glad he realizes it and I’m happy he didn’t play the PC game like Garnett. Pierce has been there — last year comes to mind. It’s OK for him to call them out for what they really are since he had to take all that criticism before when the C’s were the laughing stock of the NBA. Besides, what good are the punching bags of the league if you can’t make fun of them. It’s only Shaq who doesn’t have a right to complain.

What is Shaq’s Problem?

Honestly, I don’t get this guy. Maybe he’s like Gary Sheffield or something where he always needs an enemy as motivation to stay focused. Because for some reason Shaq can’t be traded to a new team without getting in some parting shots on his old team. That’s why I don’t understand how the dude got off these completely unprovoked words towards his former team:

“I love playing for this coach and I love playing with these guys. We have professionals who know what to do. No one is asking me to play with Chris Quinn or Ricky Davis. I’m actually on a team again.”

Was that really necessary, Shaq? Pat Riley, who is about the last person I’d be defending at this point, actually is justified in calling it sad that Shaq is still attacking the Heat. I would completely agree. Jorge Sedano at 790 The Ticket in Miami says Shaq is the handles breakups more unprofessionally than any other athlete. I might have to agree.

This is the same Shaq whose first words upon receiving the NBA championship trophy with Miami was to rave about Riley, calling him the best coach he’s ever had — a blatant slap in the face of Phil Jackson. It makes you wonder why Shaq would use such a great, beautiful stage to bring down someone from his past rather than just talk about the present. These comments were yet another example of Shaq making unprovoked attacks that only make him look bad. Honestly Shaq, just keep it to yourself, we’re tired of this business already.

Watch the Dallas Mavericks Live in 3D

Even if Mark Cuban is doing his best to piss off bloggers and make it awkward for others, he still is on the cutting edge when it comes to product development. The man who started HDNet has arranged a screening of the Mavericks/Clippers game Tuesday in 3D at a movie theater. No surprise that Cuban’s idea is a form of synergy for the man who owns both the Mavericks and some Landmark theaters, but the concept in itself is quite creative. FSN Southwest will broadcast the game in 2-D and work with a special 3-D production crew to make the 3-D broadcast work. Cuban seems to think the idea is a real winner:

“I think 3-D will play a huge role in out-of-home entertainment for the next few years,” said Cuban, founder of HDNet. “It will be a unique experience for watching sports, concerts and special events that only theaters will be able to offer.”

I don’t know if I’d be running out of the house to go catch a basketball game in 3-D, but I do have to say that I’m quite intrigued. And by intrigued, I mean I’d like to watch it if I had the opportunity, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do so. Man, never shy to express his opinion, Mark Cuban is always way ahead of the game when it comes to technological ideas. Is it any surprise he’s a billionaire?