Chris Bosh Could Sell You a Car

I first saw this video on Monday at Deadspin but for some reason or another, I failed to post it. Maybe it’s because I was at work at the time. That could be it. Anyway, considering the video is still applicable, and Bosh is one of my favorite NBA players, I must help his cause in posting the video here. Hey, every vote counts. Check out his sales pitch for a roster spot in the All-Star game:

No wonder the NBA had him trying to replace Gilbert as their primary blogger following Gil’s injury. Clearly there’s not a player who can stand up to Gil, but nobody can say that Chris Bosh doesn’t have personality (not to mention ballerish game).

Scott Skiles: Undeserving Fall Guy

Scott Skiles FiredYes, with this post, I am back. In time, I’ll throw up some pics and videos from the LBS Global Growth Trip 2007, but for now, I’ll keep it to sports. It just boggles my mind that a man who received decent consideration for the Coach of the Year a season ago can end up fired only a few months later. What the heck happened to the Bulls that they were so bad this year? Why all of a sudden did Chicago go from being a playoff team to one of the worst in the Eastern Conference?

At first, it was easy to attribute a lot of the problems to the rumors of the Kobe Bryant trade. That’s understandable; when the stars of the team are worried about their contract situations and futures (Gordon and Deng) it creates tension and uneasiness. But even last year when the Bulls were successful in the regular season and advanced to the second round of the playoffs, they still started the season just 3-9. Recalling that information makes me think that they fired Skiles too prematurely this year.

Additionally, I think Skiles was in a bad spot to begin with. The Bulls overachieved last year which resulted in lofty expectations this year. And when your only moves are not trading nor extending Deng and Gordon, while the rest of the conference is getting better, you’re probably going to look worse. I’m not quite sure why the Bulls made this move, but as they say, it’s easier to fire the coach than all the players. That sounds about right.

Jason Kidd Calls in Sick to Work

I guess there’s some sort of clause in his contract that gives him sick days. In case you missed it, the news of the night was that the Knicks actually won a game. When you look a little deeper, you see it’s because the Nets were without their best player, Jason Kidd. Where was Kidd you ask? Well, the Walking Triple Double called coach Lawrence Frank around 2pm to say he had migraines, and then failed to show up for his team’s game.

Maybe it was the contract extension he sought and did not receive. Maybe it is the general state of the team, which fell back below .500. Maybe it is a desire for a trade. Whatever the reason, the apparent protest by Kidd to show his value to the team came against the division rival Knicks.

“He’s on strike,” one team source said.

“Everyone is going to have to sit down and figure out where we go from here,” one source claimed.

I’m not so much concerned about Jason Kidd here, as I am about the misfortune of the Knicks winning. Why couldn’t he have picked any other opponent? Why did it have to be the Knicks? And another thing. Much as I like you Jason, what the heck is up with this revolt? I guess he can flex his muscles wherever he pleases, and wind up with the upper hand. It’s pretty clear that the Nets need him more than he needs them (until they stop signing his checks).

Isiah: Losing in New York Like Being on Death Row

Pulp FictionSorry to feed you more Isiah madness, but honestly, this guy just won’t quit. Whether it’s coaching his three-ring circus team to 45 point losses, or costing his company $10 million in a lawsuit, he continues to do the unthinkable. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear him equate the pressures of losing a basketball game in New York to what prisoners on death row are going through. Following the Knicks’ comeback win over the Bucks Friday night, Isiah unleashed this nugget:

“Every time you lose a game in New York, you’re on Death Row here,” Thomas said following the Knicks’ dramatic 91-88 victory at the Garden. “So tonight they unstrapped the belts and I get to walk. Had we lost, I’m sure they’d have wet me down.”

Anyone else have a picture of the gimp getting ready to step into Isiah? Maybe that’s just me. Seems like the kitchen’s heating up for Zeke. If you can’t handle it buddy, you better get out while you have the chance. And don’t get too comfortable either — the belts will be strapped back on before long.

Isiah Finally Needs to be Fired

Actually, check that. I don’t know where I’d get my entertainment if not for the Knicks and their debacles. Thursday night might have been an all-time low for Isiah’s boys — on the court, at least. (caveat: since the brawl with Captain Limpwrist at the Garden). The Bricks got pummeled 104-59, getting outscored by Boston’s first team, second stringers, and even garbage-timers. Nothing went right for the Knicks. If it weren’t for a Nate Robinson three at the buzzer, it would’ve been the fewest points in team history since the implementation of the shot clock.

The Knicks embarrassed in every possible way. Their crappy play on the court matched their erratic and troublesome behavior off of it. I don’t know how many lives Isiah gets to live with the Knicks, but you can’t fire all the players for stinking up the joint.  Follow me?  The man is ultimately responsible for how his team plays from day-to-day, and when the team he coaches gets blown out like that, trailing by 50 points at times, he should take the blame. The Knicks might not be a playoff team, but they also have no business struggling to score 50 in a game.  Their focus and effort is not at a respectable level, and Isiah is the man responsible for getting the maximum effort from his players.  For the embarrassment he’s caused the organization both on and off the court, Isiah Thomas needs to be fired.  Now.

Smush Parker Struggles With Valet

The ubiquitous SpinMax, who also happens to be the biggest Oklahoma fan in the world this week, emails in with this great story. Not to be outdone by Chris Henry, Heat guard Smush Parker got involved in an altercation with a valet parker this week.

Yomaira McKenzie, 41, said Parker ”lost it” Tuesday morning when he was asked to pay the $12 valet parking charge he allegedly owed at a condo building at 355 Biscayne Blvd. McKenzie is an assistant manager at Standard Valet, which services the building.

According to a Miami police incident report, Parker, 26, claimed he had paid the fee in advance a night earlier. He said he did not have any available cash to pay Tuesday.

Tension apparently escalated when Parker, denied his keys until he settled the debt, allegedly pushed a valet podium and grabbed McKenzie’s arm in an attempt to get his keys, according to the incident report.

As someone who never carries more than $20 in their wallet at any given moment, I feel for Smush. But come on, is that really a reasonable way to react to the inability to pay a fee, even if you had paid it the previous night? Violence is not the answer to all life’s problems, Smush. On the bright side, at least he didn’t go to the “don’t you know who I am?” card.

(photo from Flickr)

Gilbert’s TV Career Taking Off

Which is a good thing, considering his basketball career is on hold for three months. The Wizznutzz (via Ballhype) puts me onto Gil’s latest short film projects. Naturally, they’re pretty humorous. There’s a James Bond-esque Agent Zero film, a Gil’s Island film, and a cooking with Gilbert one. I think my favorite is Gil as America’s Black President:

Gil’s recent blog post is worth a read as well, though mildly depressing because of the injury. If you read it, you’ll find out why Gil celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend. What a nutball. (though he does make a valid point)