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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Time to Start Talking Spurs Dynasty

Photo courtesy of Getty Images How can I be so presumptuous right? Did I not learn from my criticism of LeBron early in the series against the Pistons? Am I really talking dynasty after one game? Game stinking one is in the books and I’m already handing the Spurs the trophy? Well, not so fast….Read More

Wife Drove Billy Donovan’s Decision to Desert Orlando

The St. Petersburg Times has a really interesting chronology and account of Billy Donovan’s decision to leave Orlando and return to Florida. In reading through the article, I can’t help but notice that Donovan’s wife seems to have been a driving force in Donovan’s departure from the Magic. Just take the opening sentences: Billy Donovan…Read More

I Can’t Wait for Spurs/Cavs Game 1

I think this is actually important enough to mention — the fact that I’m eagerly awaiting the first game of the NBA finals. It’s not the layoff necessarily that has me antsy. Nor is it the fact that baseball is the only other major sport playing games right now — I highly enjoy watching baseball…Read More

I’m Stronger Than Kevin Durant

It’s not often that I can make such a claim. Truthfully, most NFL kickers would out-lift me. I’m pretty skinny and scrappy, and back in high school baseball, the bat swung me. But I’ll be damned if I can’t get into a weight-lifting competition with none other than Texas’ finest, future NBA lottery pick, Kevin…Read More

LeBron: Good Teammate, Bad Father

LeBron James was interviewed by Rachel Nichols for the ESPN Sunday Conversation. In the interview, he revealed the news that he would not miss an NBA Finals game for the birth of his child. As Marcel Mutoni points out at FanHouse, the baby is due when Game 5 is scheduled. Don’t fret Cavs fans, here’s…Read More

Magic Letting Donovan Off the Hook

According to a report from the Orlando Sentinel as of early Monday morning. The Orlando Magic today will allow Billy Donovan out of his 5-year, $27.5 million contract that he signed on Friday. “It’s over,” said a source close to the situation. … Unless Donovan wakes up today and changes his mind, the Magic will…Read More

Cavs Goal Is Just to Reach the Finals

I already did my fair share of ripping on LeBron. Obviously I have no complaints about his Game 5 performance — how could I? But I do have a complaint, or rather a point to make. LeBron does not sound like a man ready to win an NBA Championship. He sounds to me like a…Read More

Is Jermaine O’Neal as Good as Gone?

Jim O’Brien was hired as the newest coach of the Indiana Pacers on Thursday. O’Brien says he wouldn’t have taken the job if he didn’t feel that the Pacers would be a playoff team next year. That’s great and all from the Rick Pitino protege, but let me say one thing — you’re not making…Read More

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