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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Isiah – Get out of the Kitchen

Just like Clemson losing, it’s always a good thing in sports when the Knicks lose cuz you don’t hear much out of New York from November to April. Seriously.  It’s not like they have collegiate teams or anything.  The only downside unfortunately is that nothing can make Yankee fans more staunch than watching their beloved Knicks…Read More

The People of Gilbert Arenas v. Nate McMillan – It’s Must see TV

At 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET, all televisions across the country should be tuned into one program.  Buy a satellite dish, order the NBA package, hump your neighbor, I don’t care what you do, just make sure you get to a TV to watch the Trailblazers @ Wizards game today.  How could there possibly be so much hype over…Read More

Watch out! The Hornets are Healthy

Mark my words now, the Hornets will make the playoffs in the Western Conference and they’ll be as high as a 7 seed. New Orleans/OK City was hit harder than any team in the NBA by injuries, but now that they’re getting healthy, they’re on a roll and on their way to becoming a force…Read More

Gilbert’s Prepping for the 3 Point Competition

You know here on the website I like to keep things pretty professional – no gawking at celebrities, no biases towards teams, and certainly no preferential treatment towards athletes with whom I attended high school. It’s just the basic policy with which I like to operate because I’m not sure I could sleep comfortably at…Read More

This is Hibachi Speaking

In case I haven’t already made it abundantly clear, Gilbert Arenas is my favorite player in the NBA. You know what, forget the NBA. Gilbert Arenas is my favorite athlete. Ever. This guy is incredible. He is so great that I don’t even need to recount his greatness for you. He is the Benihana’s of…Read More

Suns @ Wizards: NBA Finals Preview?

Wheew, something to watch mid-week! Today in the NBA we have a matchup between the top team in each conference (record-wise) and I have to say I’m stoked for it. The Suns and Wizards are getting ready to tip-off shortly from the Verizon Center in D.C. At 24-16 the Wizards lead the Eastern Conference, while…Read More

Roundball Recap

Rockets 84 Bulls 77 – TMac scored 15 of his 31pts in the 4th qtr including go-ahead jumper to break 77-77 tie. He’s still got it: 6th straight 30pt gm for T-Mac. Rockets have won 6 of 8 without Yao. Clippers 100 Hornets 90 – Sam Cassell phoned home with 31 in his first gm…Read More

Roundball Recap

Lakers 101 Mavs 98 – Sasha Booyachick a career high 16pts including 4 of 5 moneyballs.  Phil Jackson gets career win #900 ranking him 9th all-time, he became the fastest to reach that mark doing so in 1,264 games (compared to 1,278 for Riley).  Loss ends Mavs 13 gm winning streak. Suns 128 Warriors 105 – Suns have won 22…Read More

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