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Monday, April 27, 2015


‘No More Drama’ for Captain Limpwrist

I absolutely live for these off-season interviews. You know, the ones where a star athlete sneaks in while his sport is out of season, telling people he’s turning over a new leaf. Inevitably, they all fall right back into their old ways. Well, the latest athlete to make his way on the list is Carmelo…Read More

Uh-oh! Did an NBA Ref Bet on Games?

This is deep doodoo for the NBA — really bad news. Apparently the ref in question got himself into the trouble by wagering on games with the wrong people to begin with. From the New York Post: THE FBI is investigating an NBA referee who allegedly was betting on basketball games – including ones he…Read More

Grandmama Might Be Back in the NBA!

This is a very exciting day in the life of Larry Brown. That’s how excited I am — I’m pulling a Rickey. See, Grandmama played a large role in my childhood growing up. OK, that may be overstating things a bit, but Larry Johnson was quite a prominent figure while I was in elementary school….Read More

Stephon Marbury Wants to Play in Italy

We’re already well aware of how insane Steph can be at times. We also know how cool he can be with his cheap Starbury shoes. But the latest exclamation by Marbury is way out there. It might just take the cake. He told the New York Post that he wants to play in Italy when…Read More

Will Kevin Durant’s Nike Deal Keep him from Going Starbury?

If you remember about a month ago, I got really excited when I heard Kevin Durant wanted to go cheap with his shoes like Starbury. In fact, at the time, reports suggested that negotiations were being held up by Durant’s desire to go cheap. Well, Tom Ziller informs me of the news that Durant has…Read More

Mark Hendrickson Was Not a Good NBA Player

Hey, how bout that? The guy sucks at two sports! OK, OK, fine, the guy is good enough to have been a professional athlete in two different sports — not many people in this world can make such a claim. Yet I can’t help but share the pictures passed along to me by my buddy…Read More

The Memphis Grizzlies, Starring Darko!

Best part of the news I will tell you: Darko has a new team. Worst part: Darko will be making a lot of money. Something about the words “Darko” and “coveted” makes me a bit uneasy. And I’m talking about these words being uttered since the 2003 draft, just to clarify. That 8 point a…Read More

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