LeBron Piles It on Stephon Marbury

Earlier I was really pushing for Stephon to dump all his dirt on Isiah so we could have one lovely crap fest as it all hits the fan. I’m not quite sure if I’ll get my wish. The topic du jour though, happened to be whether or not people thought Isiah or Stephon needed to leave the Knicks. If you ask me, I think you can win with Stephon, and I’d be quicker to get rid of Isiah. When was the last time a freaking coach caused such a P.R. stir? Anyway, none other than King James himself would disagree with me:

Do not expect New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury to get traded to the Cavaliers any time soon. At least not while LeBron James is on the team.

“I don’t know him that well,” James said of Marbury. “But I couldn’t have a guy like that on my team.”

Pretty harsh words coming from Da King if you ask me. How can you comment on a guy you don’t know that well? Or is it enough to know that the guy didn’t respond well to a potential benching, and that’s all you need to know about him? I’m guessing that’s the deal. I think it’s a shame that Steph seems to be taking more of a character hit in this whole situation than that dirty, rotten, scum of a coach, Isiah.

UPDATE: The omniscient Matt Watson passes along word that LeBron and Stephon have a history going back to last year when LBJ took a shot at Marbury and his cheap shoes.  Now that’s an interesting twist.  Maybe this goes a little deeper than I originally thought.

Please Let Marbury Blackmail Isiah

Please, oh please, oh pretty please? If there is a basketball god out there, convince him to have Stephon blackmail Isiah Thomas! There is no question in my mind that Starbury has the goods on Isiah given what he hinted at according to a New York Daily News article (and even regardless of the quote):

“Isiah has to start me,” Marbury fumed, according to the source. “I’ve got so much (stuff) on Isiah and he knows it. He thinks he can (get) me. But I’ll (get) him first. You have no idea what I know.”

Well, we know of all the A-Mooch-A allegations against Isiah. We also know that Marbury “coerced” an intern to copulate with him. Is Starbury going to tell us that he and Isiah tag-teamed her? Is that what this is all about? Oh boy, could you just imagine the stories that would come out? Filthy, cheating, fornicating, Isiah! This could be great. Of course, this could also just be part of Marbury’s ploy to get himself to the Italian league. That’s always a possibility. It is at this point that I would normally link you to the infamous video of a cracked out Stephon on TV, but those beauties have unfortunately been removed from YouTube. Sigh.

Lakers Still Ripping Off LA Fans

By now you’ve probably come to know, if you didn’t already, that EVERYTHING in LA is more expensive. It’s not surprise off of course, that it cost more for a family of four to attend a Laker game than any other team in the NBA, according to Team Marketing Reports. But going to a Clippers game, though it’s in LA, doesn’t measure up anywhere nearly as high as attending a Laker game. Simple answer: attending a Laker game is a status symbol amongst the Hollywood crowd posing as Faker fans.

See, there is a downside of liking a trendy team — they become too popular and it ruins things for the actual fans. The fact that it costs the typical family of four around $500Â to attend a game is ridiculous. Once prices hit a level like that, it turns me away. Bottom line is the Lakers are a .500 team with an outside shot at the playoffs yet they’re still charging like they’re aiming for a three-peat. If fans want to see a difference, then they have to decide they won’t show up to games and support the outrageous costs. Either that, or jump on the Clipper bandwagon where the prices are at least semi-reasonable and the product is comparable. Honestly, nearly $500 for a family of four to attend a game and have a decent time? That’s absurd.

Faker Fans Are Too Fickle With Kobe

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate tune for a primadonna, attention whore like Kobe to receive upon being introduced in his first game of the season — boos. And loud ones at that. The man has played with fan emotions all summer long, and has in essence ripped our their hearts, leaving them no hope for the season. Not that I have sympathy for Faker fans, but they shouldn’t be at the mercy of a whimsical super star like Bryant.

But why, if you’re going express your collective displeasure with Kobe by booing him, do you change your tune only minutes later, once the man starts raining in points like he’s on the cover of NBA Jam? Why would you so capriciously change from boos to cheers, and worse yet, chants of MVP once he starts to play well? Get your story straight, Faker fans. Do you want him gone, or not? If you can’t even get your thoughts and feelings straight, then why should you expect your superstar and savior to do so?

(Photo courtesy Matt Sayles/AP)

Ben Gordon Doubles as Doughnut Man

A few weeks ago, I presented you the story of Joakim Noah screwing up his doughnut duty as part of his rookie hazing with the Bulls. Ben Gordon was upset that Noah had been bringing Dunkin’ Donuts to the facility instead of Krispy Kreme. Well, that little faux pas resulted in Gordon serving dougnuts at a local shop. Here’s why:

Seems the Bulls’ marketing department was none too pleased that Gordon went public with his complaint that Joakim Noah brought the team doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts each day, instead of from Krispy Kreme, as part of Noah’s rookie initiation.

Dunkin’ Donuts is a Bulls sponsor — which is why Gordon found himself serving up pastries and coffee at a Dunkin’ Donuts near the Berto Center after practice.

[Ben] Wallace said he was ready to make Gordon work.

”I’m going to send them back about 10 times because there is a certain way I like my doughnuts,” Wallace said. ”I’m pretty sure he’ll get it wrong.”

First Roy Williams delivers pizza, and now we have Ben Gordon serving doughnuts? What’s next? Ron Artest assisting you at Best Buy? Oh wait …

(via Ben Maller)

Gil, Come to the Clippers, Part II

Aside from being a source of great humor, Gilbert’s blog has actually provided some newsworthy content recently. For one, it helped him clarify the story that he was going to opt out of his current contract with the Wizards. Now, it’s allowed him to explain another report about where he’d like to play. And I’m pleased to say that coming to LA is high on Gilbert’s list:

When I told Complex.com that the L.A., San Antonio, Dallas and Houston would be cities that I would like to play in if I opt out, they all come after D.C. If something did happen weird where Antawn left and we lost our team and it wasn’t a good situation for me to come back, those are the four cities that I would want to play in.

I would want to go back home and play in L.A. I would want to go to San Antonio because they’re a championship-caliber team — same thing with Dallas. Houston is on the come-up with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Three out of the four are contenders right now. That was my reasoning.

You never know, but the four teams I mentioned have a solid base. If anything happens with the Wizards, that’s my Plan B.

There was a time when wanting to come to play in LA also fell into the same category as going to a contender. Funny how things work. One thing I think Gil is missing is that most of the teams he mentioned probably couldn’t afford to take him on with the salary cap. Just a thought. But it sure would be nice to see Gilbert back in LA (sorry Wizards fans).

Jason Caffey: Father of Eight Children to Seven Women

Whenever you have one of those discussions with a friend regarding player salaries, it’s always wise to walk in armed with some examples. For instance, my bread-and-butter overpaid baseball contract is always the Rangers dishing $65 million for 22 wins from Chan Ho Park. Trumps every case. After that, I always come strong with my Jason Caffey signing by the Warriors for $35 million in ’99 (Caffey averaged 7 points and 4 boards a game during his career). Sure, it’s a bit outdated, but it always comes through in the clutch. Well, looks like Caffey might actually have another use for me. He now will happily reside in the Travis Henry/Shawn Kemp discussion.

As I have come to learn, Jason Caffey has fathered eight children from seven different women. That’s not quite up to Henry’s standards, who has nine over eight, but nonetheless, quite impressive. Caffey had to recently file for bankruptcy to get some of those credit collectors of his back because he can no longer afford to pay all the bills. Some of the women are quick to point out that Caffey was a good father and paid up when he was in the league, but getting bounced from the Association before his contract ended, he didn’t make all the cash on his deal. Even if that’s the case, I have no sympathy for the man. Bottom line: Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.

And it looks like 100% Injury Rate might have to update that list.

(via Ballhype)