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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Draymond Green goes off in team huddle (Video)

Draymond Green

Draymond Green is one of the most vocal leaders on the Golden State Warriors, so it’s no surprise that he got very animated when the Dubs were getting blown out in the third quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday.

The Warriors had fallen behind by double digits in the third and Green was not feeling it. During a timeout, he went off:

I’d love to say that his speech inspired the team, but the margin between the teams only grew larger. The Cavaliers ended up winning by 30, a game after getting blown out by 33 points in Game 2.

Steph Curry’s reaction was pretty good too. He seemed like he was thinking “Ugh, here goes Draymond again.” He was just sipping his water, not really paying attention. He’s probably heard that speech from Draymond way too many times.

Steve Kerr goes Gregg Popovich in interview (Video)

Steve Kerr interview

Needless to say, Steve Kerr was pretty upset over his Golden State Warriors’ performance during the first quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland on Wednesday.

The Cavs got out to a fast start and led 33-16 after the first 12 minutes of play. Consequently, Kerr ended up pulling a Gregg Popovich during his interview between quarters with ABC’s Doris Burke.

Take a look:

Hey, at least he delivered the message with a smile and not a scowl.

Gilbert Arenas goes off on Kevin Love in Instagram post

Gilbert Arenas selfie

Kevin Love was reportedly frustrated about not being medically cleared to play in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. He’s not the only one who isn’t happy about it.

Love was placed in concussion protocol by the NBA after taking a shot to the head from Harrison Barnes during Game 2 on Sunday. Unfortunately, Love hadn’t progressed enough to be able to participate in Wednesday’s Game 3.

Charles Barkley called it unfair for doctors to keep him out. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas went as far as to say Love should wear a “retard helmet” and play in the game in a profanity laced Instagram post. Here’s what Arenas wrote in its entirety:

This hurts me deeply to talk about a fellow (#0 man) BUT #kevinlove i wanna say F**K YOU, not a personal f**k you,a frustrated F**K YOU…you missing game (3) becuz of a concussion? DAWG this aint football u have a better chance hitting 60 tonight then getting elbow in the head again GOTDAMMIT #OMG…your 0-2 in the nba finals, if #Lebron can wear a #BainMask when he broke his nose,im pretty your u can wear one of those retard helmets to play in the game #SMDH #SOFTER then baby s**t…(i have money on the line #Grrrrrrr)…hahahahaha alright #prediction (TAKE CAVS at half and game)…heres why cavs actually play better when love is out becuz the other team actually goes at love on defensive of end ,the cavs cover 80% more of their spreads when hes out and since vegas gave +1 to gs they know everyone is america will take that line since they beat CAVS by a total of 50 in the first 2 games….

Even before getting to the part about Arenas having money on the line, you wouldn’t be alone if that thought crossed your mind before reaching that section of the post.

Arenas has shared crazy views in the past via Instagram, including these thoughts on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and sexist remarks about the WNBA. Arenas is certainly no stranger when it comes to completely crossing the line between being politically correct and offensive.

Charles Barkley: It is unfair for doctors to keep Kevin Love out of Game 3

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, M.D., has a very strong opinion about Kevin Love being held out of Game 3 of the NBA Finals due to his concussion suffered in Game 2 on Sunday.

Appearing on ESPN’s pregame show prior to Game 3 Wednesday, Barkley was visibly frustrated with doctors holding Love out of the game. Barkley said that he wouldn’t have let doctors keep him out of a Finals game.

“If a doctor had told me I couldn’t play in a Finals game, I’d have slapped the hell out of him. (Imitates doing a slap) I would have said, ‘See, my hand-eye coordination is great.’ I’d say, ‘Doc, listen, no disrespect, if I die, I die, but I’m not missing a world championship game.”

Barkley then defended Love.

“It’s unfair to Kevin. I know we have our problems with concussions in football, but I think it’s unfair to try and compare basketball and football concussions together. In football you get hit every play and can have a bunch of concussions.

“I just think it’s unfair to Kevin. He gets unfairly criticized at times. But if I’m Kevin, I’m going down screaming. There’s no doctor that’s not going to let me play in a championship game.”

Love is currently in the NBA’s concussion protocol and cannot play until doctors clear him. He’s looking at a return for Game 4 on Friday at the earliest.

Considering the NBA screwed up the situation off the bat by allowing Love to play immediately after getting hit in the head, they’re probably trying to make up for it now by being extra cautious. Unsurprisingly, Love is said to be “really frustrated” by the decision.

Dan Gilbert still regrets not drafting Draymond Green in 2012


Draymond Green was drafted No. 35 in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers held picks 33 and 34 that year, and owner Dan Gilbert, like Green, graduated from Michigan State. So why isn’t Green a Cleveland Cavalier?

According to Gilbert, it’s because he didn’t follow his gut instinct.

Gilbert gave a wide-ranging interview to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne for ESPN the Magazine’s June 27 issue, and as part of it, he revealed that he still loses sleep over the fact that he passed on the Warriors star.

Gilbert revealed that Michigan State coach Tom Izzo had called him at the conclusion of the first round, telling him “You gotta take my guy.” They did not, instead agreeing to a trade with the Dallas Mavericks. They selected Florida State’s Bernard James at No. 33 and Marquette’s Jae Crowder at No. 34. Both were traded to the Mavericks on draft night in a trade that brought Kelenna Azubuike and Tyler Zeller to Cleveland.

“I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat that we didn’t take him,” Gilbert said of Green. “I didn’t listen to my gut.”

Hindsight is 20/20. The Cavaliers weren’t even picking for themselves and it’s disputable whether Gilbert even had the final say over the picks. Plus, there’s no guarantee Green would have turned into the monster that he has if he’s playing for Cleveland and not Golden State. Still, in some alternate universe, the Cavaliers have a core of Green, LeBron James, Andrew Wiggins, and Kyrie Irving, and it’s conceivable that they’re sitting in the driver’s seat that the Warriors currently occupy. Plus, if the Cavs had taken him, Green would have one or two less names to recall when recounting his draft night experience.

Report: Kurt Rambis likely to stay on Knicks staff as lead assistant

Kurt Rambis

The man that Phil Jackson supposedly wanted as New York Knicks head coach won’t be hung out to dry by the Knicks president.

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, the Knicks are in negotiations to bring Rambis back as an assistant to new coach Jeff Hornacek. What’s more, the decision to bring Rambis back on staff was made by Hornacek, not Jackson or any other superiors.

Rambis’s title will be associate head coach, according to Al Iannazzone of Newsday, which is the same role he held under former coach Derek Fisher.

Of course, Hornacek and Rambis are not exactly strangers. They played together on the Phoenix Suns from 1989-1991, and according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the two men considered bringing each other on staff when they were head coaches.

“I think it’d probably be more awkward if I didn’t know Kurt,” Hornacek said at his introductory news conference last Friday. “But I do know Kurt and we talked about a lot of things and how, if I kept him on as coach, what his role would be. It was a good talk.”

Rambis was once said to be Jackson’s only candidate for the head job, but things clearly changed. With Hornacek planning on implementing aspects of the triangle into his offensive philosophy, perhaps Rambis can help in that capacity.

Report: Kevin Love ‘really frustrated’ that Cavaliers are holding him out of Game Three

Kevin Love concussion

Kevin Love’s concussion issues have not been handled well from start to finish, and that apparently has the forward cutting an unhappy figure.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Love is not happy that the Cavaliers would not medically clear him to play in Game 3 on Wednesday.

On one hand, this isn’t surprising. Of course Love would want to play. It’s the first time he’s been able to play in an NBA Finals and the Cavaliers are facing a must-win. On the other hand, he clearly was not right, and the Cavaliers dragged their feet on putting him in concussion protocol. If he can’t play, he can’t play. You can understand his frustration, but directing it at the team seems misplaced.

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