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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Foul on Derek Fisher or No Foul?

I suppose another way of asking the same question is: should the refs be blowing the whistle that late in the game? In case you missed the close play or want to see it again, here it is, because it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of contact. That looks a lot like a foul, and…Read More

Joakim Noah, a Pot Smoker? Nawwww

I mean, come on, who would really believe that such a sweet, innocent child like Mr. Noah actually tokes herb? Back when he was negligent on his donut duties, I just chalked it up to rookie defiance. How silly of me. It just wasn’t my natural reaction to think a man who dresses like this…Read More

Lamar Odom: Lakers Wanted the Spurs

When most players are asked about an opponent they prefer to face, they usually stay pretty P.C. on the issue giving the “We don’t care who we play” line, or the “We’ll come out ready to play regardless of who the opponent is.” That’s kind of what I expected from Lamar Odom on the subject…Read More

Tom Brady Gave DiCaprio the Boot at Celtics Game 7?

As if wearing a Giants hat to a Celtics game — in Boston no less — wasn’t enough to start a controversy, Brady may have had another trick up his sleeve. I don’t know where they get this stuff from, but the Detroit Free Press is a respectable enough source for me to share their…Read More

Why Was Jannero Pargo Taking All the Late Shots?

While watching the end of the Hornets/Spurs Game 7, there was one thought that consistently ran through my head: why the hell is Jannero Pargo taking all the shots? With talented players like Chris Paul and David West on the floor, I couldn’t understand why all the outlet passes were going to Pargo, nor why…Read More

Is Mike Brown Misusing LeBron?

I dunno, I saw 45 points, a Game 7, and the Cavs making it to the Finals last year. Seemed to me like LeBron carried his squad well last year, and even overachieved with what he had this year. Seems to me like he has stellar numbers and plays well. But that’s just me, the…Read More

Dan Majerle: No as Suns Head Coach, Yes as Assistant

With the news of Mike D’Antoni (no apostrophe necessary) going to the Knicks, that leaves the Suns with a nice big vacancy at their head coaching position. Veterans like Rick Carlisle, Scott Skiles, and my buddy LB are off the board, so who’s left for the Suns to pursue? That’s been a big question, and…Read More

LeBron Puts His Mom in Check

If you saw Game 4 last night between the Cavs and Celtics, you surely remember the play where Paul Pierce bear-hugged LeBron James to keep him from scoring. If you haven’t, this video will get you up to speed. And even if you have, keep in mind that the lady getting in between LeBron and…Read More

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