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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Top 10 Dunks of All-Time

Vince Carter jumps over an entire person in the game in the olympics  Dr. J, windmill, on the fastbreak MJ over Ewing, baseline, classic John Starks, baseline, over the MJ & the Bulls  KJ over Hakeem and Ewing  Scottie Pippen teabags Ewing Shawn Kemp has a flattop Tom Chambers plays leap frog / Dominique baseline clutch and…Read More

Gilbert Fires Back!

Just this morning in my story about Gilbert Arenas making the game-winning shot to beat Seattle last night, I made mention of Skip Bayless’ disparaging remarks about Gilbert. To recap, after making the game-winning shot, Gilbert took off his jersey in the middle of the court and laid it down expecting fans to come running…Read More

Gilbert Arenas Makes the Game-Winner This Time

I guess lesson to be learned — don’t give Gilbert a second chance. Yesterday I was pretty harsh on Agent Zero for totally airballing his floater attempt to tie the game against Portland. I mean literally, that shot couldn’t even qualify as an alley-oop pass it was so far off.But last night in Seattle, Gilbert…Read More

Agent Zero Loses to Portland, Again

It’s been a while since I wrote about Gilbert (and checked in with his blog for that matter).  Probably because the last time I was there he was telling me he was going to score 50 against Portland and he wound up scoring 9 in a stinker.  It also most likely has to do with…Read More

Chris Kaman has More to Love

Alright, so a lovely compilation of “Ballers w/ Randoms” photos has been uncovered (put together) by the fine fellows at Free Darko. It’s already made its rounds (I first saw it at Mr. Irrelevant’s humble abode) and yesterday The Big Lead also made reference to it. It’s just too priceless to pass up, so I will…Read More

Report: Milwaukee Bucks Sign Larry Krystkowiak as New Head Coach

1250 WSSP in Milwaukee is reporting that the Bucks have signed assistant coach Larry Krystkowiak to a two-year deal to become their new head coach.  Krystowiak would replace Terry Stotts who was fired earlier on Wednesday.  The news comes as no surprise as Krystkowiak was speculated to be the leading candidate to replace Stotts once the firing…Read More

Spurs Have won 13 Straight, But Gregg Popovich Isn’t Happy

When a team wins 13 games in a row, even if you’re De La Salle high school football, you’re generally pretty elated about it. You’re obviously not going to be celebrating unless the 13th game won you a championship — but it’s still something to feel good about. That is, unless you’re Gregg Popovich. The…Read More

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