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Monday, June 29, 2015


Cavs Losing Series Doesn’t Equate to LeBron James Choking

It’s amazing how one game can do so much to change the tune and tone of critics everywhere. Prior to Game 5 where LeBron James recorded a triple double to extend the Eastern Conference Finals to a sixth game, many critics were already calling the Cavs a bust and LeBron a choke. Look, I’ll admit…Read More

Video: J.R. Smith Flashing Gang Signs After Three Pointer?

J.R. Smith went off in Game 4 for the Nuggets draining 4 three-pointers including back-to-back threes that solidified the win with under two minutes to go. Already with a technical earlier in the game and one in Game 3 for taunting after making a three, Smith started acting out to celebrate his hot shooting streak….Read More

Cleveland One-Ups New York, Brings in Chinese Market for LeBron

All the talk surrounding the summer of 2010 and the possible exodus of LeBron James has quieted down recently for the most part. I’m guessing it’s because the Cavs are in the hunt for the NBA title while the Knicks are at home. Either way, the more and more good things start to roll the…Read More

Bionic Diesel: Shaq Wants to Play Another Three Seasons

I don’t know what the deal is with Shaq or what’s crawled up his behind lately, but for some reason he has a desire to play another three seasons in the Association. Check out the crazy comments the Big Fella made on Sporting News Radio Saturday with Joe McDonnell and Bob Berger regarding his retirement…Read More

Video: LeBron James Game-Winning Shot to Beat Magic at Buzzer

So you were looking for a signature LeBron James moment? For him to win a game with an outside shot? Reason to believe the NBA isn’t as scripted as it seems? Look no further: I’m still in shock. The timeout rules in the NBA are bullcrap because with one second left the Cavs shouldn’t have…Read More

Chauncey Billups Shows Kobe the Ultimate Embarrassment

Who can really fault Kobe here? The guy was just focused on playing some good defense and stopping the player who got the ball. I guess he was too focused and forgot about the guy inbounding the ball. Chauncey Billups made a play just before halftime that showed his strong court sense and intuition. In…Read More

Stan Van Gundy: LeBron James Is Literally Unstoppable

I guess when a guy goes for 49 against your team and scores nearly half the opposing team’s points, it’s pretty easy to find good things to say about him. And when your team wins like Stan Van Gundy’s did, it also makes praising your opponent less painful. The Magic barely squeaked out a one-point…Read More

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