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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Did LeBron James correct the score at son’s AAU game? (Video)

LeBron James bald

LeBron James is an involved parent when it comes to his kids. He tries to make it to many of their basketball games, especially when it’s his offseason.

To that end, LeBron is in Las Vegas for an adidas basketball event and watching his 12-year-old son, LeBron Jr. (Bronny) play for his AAU team. The Overtime shared a video of James in attendance at one of his son’s game and said that James corrected the score at one point:

James wouldn’t let an error like that slide in one of his games, so of course he wouldn’t let the same thing happen when it comes to his son.

Bronny is extremely talented as a player and reportedly already has standing scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky, in addition to many other schools.

Stephon Marbury goes on Twitter rant about Derrick Rose’s contract

Stephon Marbury is sounding off on the plight of a fellow ex-All-Star guard.

The former NBA star took to Twitter on Wednesday night to rant about the one-year, $2.1 million deal that Derrick Rose signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, citing Rose’s 2011 MVP Award and even calling out LeBron James.

To be fair, there’s often some financial trade-off involved when it comes to signing with a championship contender. But even considering his injury history, Rose’s contract was still well-below market value for a 28-year-old who averaged 18.0 points and 4.4 assists per game last season.

Marbury of all people knows that every dollar counts, but it may ultimately be worth it for Rose, getting to vie for the NBA title that Marbury never won.

Chris Bosh thinks LeBron James and Kyrie Irving should ‘work it out’

Chris Bosh

One of LeBron James’ prominent former teammates is giving his two cents on James’ drama with a prominent current teammate.

In a quick chat with TMZ this week, ex-Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh was asked about the James-Kyrie Irving beef and replied that the two should “work it out.” Bosh was then asked if he respects Irving’s decision to carve his own path, to which he said, “Absolutely. That’s what we all want, right?”

Bosh was teammates with James on the Heat for four seasons from 2010 to 2014, making four consecutive NBA Finals and winning two championships. As such, he has a good idea of where Irving is coming from, having made three straight Finals and winning one title in three seasons playing alongside James.

It’s clear the James-Irving relationship is not pretty right now. But Bosh, who knows something about mending fences, seems to think it’s still salvageable.

LeBron James asking behind the scenes if Josh Jackson is available for Kyrie Irving?

LeBron James bald

Fire up any and all of your LeGM jokes, compatriots.

On an episode of ESPN’s “First Take” on Thursday, analyst Pablo Torre revealed that LeBron James has been taking an active part in Kyrie Irving trade negotiations on at least one front.

“LeBron James is doing some LeBron James offseason work,” said Torre. “And my understanding is it’s not just Derrick Rose, it’s not just Eric Bledsoe. LeBron James happens to know a guy named James Jones.

“LeBron James is hustling behind the scenes is my understanding, asking ‘Is Josh Jackson available for Kyrie Irving?’” he continued. “And the answer back that I heard is ‘No, he is not.’ But LeBron James is hustling on behalf of the Cleveland Cavaliers, at least for this one year.”

The aforementioned Jones, a close friend and longtime teammate of James on both the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers, was recently hired as vice president of basketball operations for the Phoenix Suns. This news also comes in the wake of reports that James is doing offseason workouts with both new teammate Rose as well as Suns guard and fellow Klutch Sports client Bledsoe.

For what it’s worth, James was rumored to be pushing for an Irving trade as far back as last year. The 20-year-old Jackson, who was selected No. 4 overall by the Suns in this year’s draft is likely near-untouchable, but it just goes to show that James is indeed eager for Irving to get his walking papers already.

H/T Fear The Sword

Report: Kyrie Irving wants trade to Knicks ‘very badly’

Kyrie Irving is hoping the Cleveland Cavaliers find a way to trade him before the start of the 2017-2018 season, and the star point guard reportedly has one team in mind that he wants to play for more than any other.

ESPN’s Pablo Torre said Thursday that a source told him Irving “very badly” wants to be traded to the New York Knicks.

“I got a phone call, and the voice on the other end of that phone call is a trustworthy person. And he was saying to me that Kyrie Irving very badly wants to be a New York Knick,” Torre said, via Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk. “Kyrie Irving wants to come home.”

The Cavs have no reason to care where Irving wants to be traded. The 24-year-old does not have a no-trade clause in his contract, so Cleveland will shop around for the best deal. Without getting a third or possibly fourth team involved, it’s highly unlikely the Knicks will be able to offer enough without giving up Kristaps Porzingis, and they aren’t going to do that.

It should be noted that the Knicks are still trying to work out a trade with the Houston Rockets involving Carmelo Anthony, and that will likely need to involve at least a third team as well. Could the Cavs factor into that deal somehow with Irving? It’s possible, though not probable.

With the way Irving is reportedly treating the Cavs, it seems like he believes he has leverage in this situation. That may be the case if he becomes enough of a malcontent, but he is still under contract for two more seasons. The Cavs don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do.

Kyrie Irving reportedly ignoring phone calls from Cavs

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving apparently has nothing left to discuss with the Cleveland Cavaliers after he informed the team he wants to be traded.

In his Thursday column, Jason Lloyd of The Athletic compared Irving’s current situation to what the Cavs went through with LeBron James in 2010. At one point, LeBron went completely dark and would not communicate with any members of Cleveland’s front office. The writing for his departure was on the wall then, and he eventually signed with the Miami Heat.

According to Lloyd, the Cavs have been unable to get Irving on the phone since reports surfaced revealing the star point guard wants out of Cleveland. Irving reportedly told the Cavs some teams he would prefer to be traded to, but he does not have a no-trade clause. If he can’t be convinced to stay, the team will simply look for the best deal possible rather than trying to send Irving to a destination he approves of.

Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman called the Irving situation “fluid” on Wednesday, and owner Dan Gilbert hinted that there is still a chance Irving could remain in Cleveland. If what we have heard about LeBron’s thoughts on the situation is true, it seems like Irving is as good as gone.

The biggest issue for the Cavs at this point is that every team in the NBA knows Irving doesn’t want to play for Cleveland anymore. That significantly lowers the 24-year-old’s trade value. If the Cavs can’t overcome that obstacle, they need to somehow convince Irving to change his mind.

LaVar Ball says he and LaMelo would beat Michael Jordan and LeBron James 2-on-2

LaVar Ball may have outdone himself yet again.

Before his Big Ballers AAU team played Zion Williamson’s SC Supreme team on Wednesday night, basketball’s most notorious hype man proudly boasted that he and 15-year-old son LaMelo, who headlines the Big Ballers roster, could beat anybody 2-on-2 … including Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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That Big Baller irrational confidence truly knows no bounds.

While we know by now to take LaVar’s far-out claims for their entertainment value rather than for their coherence, to his credit, he has proven that he can dish out the tough love to his sons in addition to all the hype. Now let’s just hope that the AAU experience treats him better than it has these last few days.

H/T Overtime

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