CSN shows naked Cubs mascot with penis on live TV (Video)

In an absolutely fantastic moment in live TV history, CSN Washington made one of the greatest, albeit inappropriate, blunders that we have ever seen.

On Monday, the Chicago Cubs unveiled their new mascot — Clark the Cub — which aims to appeal to young kids. The mascot looked cute to me and like something that would appeal to youngsters, but the internet got a hold of it and turned it into a big joke, apparently forgetting that the mascot is for, you know, young children.

Anyway, Deadspin sunk their claws into the mascot and said it looked like a “perverted furry.” They then turned it into a meme and encouraged readers to Photoshop dirty images of the mascot, leading to the handy piece of artwork with Clark’s twig and gigs sticking out.

Then, in some amazing twist of incredible fate, Deadspin’s inappropriate photoshop of Clark the Cub ended up on CSN’s broadcast when they did a segment to decide which was the worse mascot: Clark or the New Orleans Pelican. The reaction from host Nicole Darin was priceless.

“Also worth noting … he doesn’t wear any pants! Uhh I think that’s a gag photo,” Darin quickly pointed out.

Darin and her co-host smoothly transitioned into a discussion about whether Yogi Bear wears pants, unlike Clark, whose junk was ever-present in the photo.

Oh man, that was just fantastic on every single level.

Cubs mascot Clark

TV station shows A-Rod graphic instead of Nelson Mandela

A-Rod Nelson Mandela

How’s this for an epic blunder? WDIV-TV in Detroit was preparing to do a feature honoring Nelson Mandela, but they showed a graphic of Alex Rodriguez instead.

Why does it always seem like A-Rod is involved when it comes to blunders of this nature? The guy is a part of controversies without even doing anything.

You can watch the full video below:

H/T Awful Announcing

Melsahn Basabe will be pulling a Bugs Bunny for Iowa per Big Ten graphic

Melsahn Basabe Iowa

The Big Ten Network had a bit of a mistake in their graphics package for the Iowa-Penn basketball game on Friday. Though they had five different faces for the Hawkeyes’ starting lineup, they listed every player as forward Melsahn Basabe (the real Basabe is on the far left).

We know Basabe is a pretty solid player for Iowa, but only Bugs Bunny is capable of playing every position for his team in the same game. We all know that.

Image via @mhays83, h/t Mark Ennis

James Taylor had a National Anthem flub at World Series (Video)

James-Taylor-National-AnthemFive-time Grammy Award winning music artist James Taylor was on hand at Fenway Park on Thursday night to perform the National Anthem before Game 2 of the World Series. It did not start well.

In yet another reminder that even famous artists can become flustered when standing in front of nearly 40,000 rowdy sports fans, Taylor began singing “America the Beautiful” before quickly correcting himself and switching gears to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Oops.

It’s not as bad as it seems. As Fox News noted, the folk singer was scheduled to play “America the Beautiful” during the 7th inning stretch alongside some victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. He had obviously rehearsed both performances and had a brief brain fart, which he did a nice job of recovering from. We have seen much, much worse over the years.

Vontae Davis: ‘We prepared hard for Tom Brady’ (Video)

Vontae DavisThe Indianapolis Colts were able to do something no other team in the NFL could do: stop Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Maybe the reason they were able to find success against Manning was they had a different game plan from everyone else. I mean you heard it from Vontae Davis, who said after the game that preparing for Tom Brady was the secret. Oops!

Davis did have five tackles and two passes defended during the game, so maybe we’ll cut him some slack for the blunder.

Referee Terry McAulay still thinks Andy Reid coaches Philadelphia?

Andy ReidReferee Terry McAulay might be a little confused about which team Andy Reid coaches.

Reid successfully challenged the spot of a first down during his Kansas City Chiefs’ 31-7 win over the New York Giants on Sunday. The challenge reversed a first down and gave the Giants a 4th and 1. The Giants elected to punt, and they gave up an 89-yard return for a touchdown to Dexter McCluster. Obviously Reid’s challenge was a game-changer.

But the funny part about the challenge is that when McAulay explained that the first down ruling was being overturned, he said “Philadelphia will not be charged with a timeout.”

Reid is in his first season with KC after 14 in Philly, so it’s understandable why McAulay had the slip-up. It’s not like he’s the first ref to make such a mistake.

Thanks to LBS tipster David for the heads up

Royals closed captioning includes ‘homosexual’ and ‘pimp hitter’

Royals closed caption pimp hitter

FOX Sports Kansas City had a little bit of a problem with their closed captioning on Sunday during the Royals-Texas Rangers game.

Rangers DH Jeff Baker pinch hit for David Murphy during the top of the 10th inning and struck out. The outcome had to be a disappointment for the closed captioning person, who labeled Baker a “pimp hitter.”

The closed captioning also screwed up twice by calling someone “homosexual”:

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