Notre Dame drink cups feature embarrassing spelling error

Notre Dame drink cup

Notre Dame is a prestigious school with a sterling academic reputation. But even they make embarrassing mistakes every now and again.

Seen above is a photo of a drink cup being sold at Notre Dame’s season-opening game against Temple on Saturday. Yes, it has a horrible spelling mistake and calls the Fighting Irish the Figthing Irish.

Does it get much worse than that?

Lest you think that was a sole occurrence and there is no way they could sell cups with that mistake, here’s another one shared by an Instagram user:

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Elliott Fry is the best kicker on South Carolin

Elliott Fry Carolin jersey

One game into the college football season and we already have our first jersey mistake of the year. This one came in the season opener between North Carolina and South Carolina when Gamecocks kicker Elliott Fry’s jersey was missing a letter and said “Carolin” on the front instead of Carolina.

Fry kicked a 37-yard field goal and two extra points in the first quarter as South Carolina was getting its rout on.

Here’s another look at the mistake:

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Max Stassi gets first MLB hit, then tagged out not paying attention (Video)

Max-Stassi-tagged-outIn the span of just a few minutes on Tuesday night, Houston Astros catcher Max Stassi experienced one of the most memorable moments and one of the most humiliating moments of his professional baseball career.

With Houston leading 2-1 over the Texas Rangers in the top of the fifth, Stassi singled to record his first ever MLB hit. He then reached second on a throwing error by Rangers pitcher Jason Frasor, but was tagged out when he lost track of the baseball and wandered off the bag.

Basically, the Rangers pulled the hidden ball trick on Stassi without even trying. Frasor’s throw had gone off the top of shortstop Elvis Andrus’ glove and was snagged by Ian Kinsler, who was backing up the play. Stassi thought Andrus had the ball in his glove, so he was in no rush to get back to the bag when Elvis began walking toward the pitcher’s mound. But Kinsler was the one with the ball, and he walked up behind Stassi and tagged him out.

Poor guy. This is the type of stuff that can only happen to the Astros, but you hate to see it happen to a rookie after recording his first hit. Although, it’s probably best to get boneheaded plays like that out of the way now. At least he didn’t cost his team a valuable game.

Boxer Keith Thurman shouts out San Diego instead of San Antonio

Boxer Keith Thurman had the right idea in mind when he attempted to thank the host city of San Antonio following his knockout win over Diego Chaves at the AT&T Center on Saturday night. Unfortunately, he screwed up one relatively major detail.

Thurman was gracious in victory, thanking his managers, promoters, and those who helped make his fight possible. But when he tried shouting out San Antonio for their support, he called out the wrong city — San Diego — before quickly correcting himself.

Wanna get away?

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Ben Zobrist, Matt Moore mixed up in All-Star Game introductions

Imagine being 24, in your third MLB season, and getting the huge honor of being named to the All-Star team for the first time in your career. That’s a big deal. Unfortunately for Matt Moore, his moment of fame was botched when Joe Buck accidentally got the two Tampa Bay Rays all-stars mixed up during introductions.

Moore appeared first on first base line, but was introduced as his teammate, Ben Zobrist. Next up was Zobrist who, you guessed it, was introduced as Moore.

Moore had a “what just happened” look on his face (seen below), while Zobrist was just laughing about the mistake.

Matt Moore

Rays fan Timothy Burke points out that this was not the first time Zobrist was misidentified in an All-Star Game. There was a mistake in a graphic during his first All-Star Game appearance in 2009 when Jason Barlett was misidentified as Zobrist:

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NTSB blames intern for KTVU Asiana flight 214 pilot confirmation

KTVU pilots

Bay Area TV station KTVU had a royal screwup on Friday when it erroneously reported the names of the pilots responsible for the crash of Asiana flight 214 last weekend. The news segment played out like an episode of “The Simpsons” where Bart prank calls the local bar asking for names like Seymour Butts or Amanda Hugandkiss. The news anchor called the pilots by clearly fake names and didn’t even realize it. Seriously, these were the names:

– Sum Ting Wong
– Wi Tu Lo
– Ho Lee Fuk
– Bang Ding Ow

Somehow nobody picked up that they had been fooled. What’s worse is that KTVU said in its apology that they actually did some legwork to confirm the names of the pilots, and that the National Transportation Safety Board actually confirmed those names!

[Video: KTVU screws up names of Asiana flight pilots]

Well, the NTSB wasn’t about to let themselves look like the biggest idiots in the world, so they did what any reasonable company would do — they blamed the screwup on the intern!

Here’s a statement issued by the NTSB on the matter:

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KTVU reports Asiana pilots as Sum Ting Wong, Bang Ding Ow (Video)

Bay Area news outlet KTVU made an epic blunder when it reported the names of the pilots of Asiana flight 214 that made a crash landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, leaving two dead and 168 people injured. The mistake was so bad and embarrassing, it really makes you wonder how nobody figured out they were being pranked.

A KTVU anchor reported the names of the pilots for Asiana flight 214 as:

– Sum Ting Wong

– Wi Tu Lo

– Ho Lee Fuk

– Bang Ding Ow

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