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Monday, October 15, 2018


Microphone guy at Saints game falls down

Microphone Saints

One of the game-day employees at Thursday night’s Saints-Falcons game had a bit of a mishap on national TV.

One of the men holding a parabolic sound dish down by the end zone fell over while covering the opening kickoff of the second half of the game:

It’s one thing to see the person fall down, but also being able to hear it too was a magical moment in broadcasting (for everyone except that guy). Hopefully he bounced back without a problem.

Tip via Sweet Howie T.

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NFL admits officials missed clock error in Chargers-Steelers game


The NFL has admitted that a mistake was made with the game clock near the end of regulation in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the San Diego Chargers Monday night.

In a statement on Tuesday, NFL spokesman Mike Signora acknowledged that an error by the stadium scoreboard operator resulted in 18 seconds being inexplicably taken off the clock before Pittsburgh’s last possession.

“Because of an error by the clock operator, the game clock was incorrectly started before the Steelers’ first play from scrimmage following the touchback,” Signora wrote, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. “That first down snap came with 2:38 left to play instead of 2:56, a difference of 18 seconds.”

Signora said that while the official game time is kept on the stadium scoreboard, it is the responsibility of the officiating crew to make sure the time is accurate.

“The official game time is kept on the stadium scoreboard, but it is the responsibility of the side judge to supervise the timing of the game,” the statement continued. “Had the side judge or any of the other six on-field officials noticed the timing error, they could have corrected it.

“The game clock is not subject to instant replay review unless there is a timing issue on the last play of the first half or the last play of the game.”

In other words, a stadium employee screwed up and no one caught it. However, Mike Pereira noted earlier that the clock operator is typically a local person who is paid by the NFL.

As we mentioned before, this is not the first time we have seen an error with a game clock that could have changed the outcome of a game. Simply put, the NFL is incredibly fortunate that the Steelers ended up winning. This could have become a way bigger issue.

NFL had big clock issue that could have cost Steelers a win


The NFL has to be relieved that the Pittsburgh Steelers scored a touchdown as time expired to beat the San Diego Chargers Monday night. Otherwise, league officials would be faced with a flurry of difficult questions about what happened to the game clock late in the fourth quarter.

Here’s what went down: After kicking a field goal to take a 20-17 lead with 2:56 remaining, San Diego kicked off to Pittsburgh and the ball went out of the end zone for a touchback. So why was there 2:38 left on the clock when the Steelers began their drive?

Good question.

The clock was running as there was a dead ball, and the time was never put back on. You can see a video of the inexplicable runoff here. The NFL has declined to comment on what happened, but Mike Pereira of FOX Sports gave some information.

As Kevin Seifert of ESPN noted, the NFL operations manual says the side judge has the responsibility of backing up the stadium clock operator.

At some point, the league is going to have to address the issue. You can only imagine what would have happened if the Steelers ran out of time or ended up tying the game with a field goal and losing in overtime. Mistakes happen, but that one could have been costly. While we have seen some bizarre errors with game clocks in the past, that one was up there with one of the worst.

UPDATE: The NFL has admitted that there was an error and their officiating crew missed it.

Texas governor Greg Abbott mistakenly congratulates Astros on winning ALDS

Texas governor Greg Abbott is going to catch serious flack from Houston Astros fans for possibly jinxing the baseball team.

Abbott’s Twitter account sent a tweet congratulating the Astros for advancing to the ALCS Monday and challenged the Texas Rangers to join them:

Texas governor Astros

There was only one problem: The Astros were only up 6-2 at that point and hadn’t won the game or series.

Yes, the Astros scored three in the bottom of the seventh to go up 6-2 and were six outs away from clinching the series. It sure looked like they had it in the bag.

But then they allowed five runs in the eighth and two more in the ninth to the Royals and lost 9-6.

The series is now tied 2-2 and heads back to Kansas City for the decisive Game 5 on Wednesday.

If the Astros don’t pull this one off, Abbott is going to become a target of hatred for Houston sports fans and may end up with a reputation similar to this fellow.

Image via @CliffSaunders

ESPN awkwardly cuts to studio during Dabo Swinney interview (Video)

ESPN mistake

There was a bizarre broadcasting moment at the end of Saturday’s Clemson-Notre Dame game when ESPN cut to its studio during the middle of Dabo Swinney’s postgame interview.

The Tigers stopped the Fighting Irish on a two-point conversion to hang on for the 24-22 win. Swinney was quite emotional and provided an interview chocked full of great quotes, but viewers missed out on a good portion of it when ESPN cut to its studio and showed anchors Jay Harris and Kevin Connors sitting around, doing nothing:

Did Swinney curse or something during the interview? Did they have to dump out of it? Or was there just a technical error at play? Announcer Chris Fowler says it was just a technical glitch:

Whatever the case, we sure hope Harris dominated that game of Candy Crush.

Here is video of the full interview.

Man proposes to girlfriend during ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ segment


A fan at Great American Ballpark picked a horrible time to propose to his girlfriend during the Home Run Derby on Monday night. Either that, or the guy was making a joke that wasn’t funny at all.

As cameras panned around the stadium while fans held up signs featuring names of friends and loved ones who have been affected by cancer, one sign that was shown had nothing to do with the “Stand Up 2 Cancer” segment.

“Tara Giardini Marry Me!” the sign read.

If you remember, there was also an embarrassing moment during the “Stand Up 2 Cancer” segment at last year’s Home Run Derby when Chris Berman and John Kruk were caught on a hot microphone. We’ll get this thing right one of these years.

H/T The Big Lead

Linda Cohn caught trash talking Brooklyn Nets on ESPN (Video)

ESPN anchor Linda Cohn was burned by a hot mic during an episode of “SportsCenter” on Thursday.

Cohn must have been having a conversation off air about NBA free agency, because when the show re-joined and went live, she was caught on-air talking some trash about the Brookly Nets.

“You know who hasn’t done a damn thing (in free agency)? You [intelligible] on the Knicks, but what about Brooklyn?” Cohn said.

Cohn is a New York native and her rooting preferences frequently come out in her highlight reading. If you notice, she LOVES the Mets and Rangers and always gets way more enthusiastic and detailed about them, so it’s no surprise she had a strong opinion on the Nets and Knicks.

We all know that the Knicks have been striking out on free agents, but Brooklyn is facing an entirely different issue; they are trying to pare payroll. That’s what’s going on with them. As for Cohn, well, she is just the latest in a long line of broadcasters burned by a hot mic.

Linda Cohn

H/T Complex Sports
Photo: Twitter/Linda Cohn