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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Linda Cohn caught trash talking Brooklyn Nets on ESPN (Video)

ESPN anchor Linda Cohn was burned by a hot mic during an episode of “SportsCenter” on Thursday.

Cohn must have been having a conversation off air about NBA free agency, because when the show re-joined and went live, she was caught on-air talking some trash about the Brookly Nets.

“You know who hasn’t done a damn thing (in free agency)? You [intelligible] on the Knicks, but what about Brooklyn?” Cohn said.

Cohn is a New York native and her rooting preferences frequently come out in her highlight reading. If you notice, she LOVES the Mets and Rangers and always gets way more enthusiastic and detailed about them, so it’s no surprise she had a strong opinion on the Nets and Knicks.

We all know that the Knicks have been striking out on free agents, but Brooklyn is facing an entirely different issue; they are trying to pare payroll. That’s what’s going on with them. As for Cohn, well, she is just the latest in a long line of broadcasters burned by a hot mic.

Linda Cohn

H/T Complex Sports
Photo: Twitter/Linda Cohn

Bryce Harper attempts idiotic bunt with two strikes (Video)

With the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees tied 1-1 in the top of the seventh on Tuesday night, Bryce Harper was willing to do whatever it took to get on base. Attempting a bunt in a 1-2 count probably wasn’t the best way of going about that.

Harper, who led off the inning, squared around to bunt against Masahiro Tanaka and fouled the pitch off, resulting in an incredibly boneheaded strikeout. He tried to justify the decision after the game.

“I think with two strikes, you’re just trying to get on base right there,” Harper said, via Alex Schiffer of NJ.com. “He threw a good pitch to bunt actually. I just got on top of it and fouled it back. I mean, if I lay it down perfect, actually if I don’t even lay it down perfect, if I just lay it down on the third-base side, I’m safe at first base and I’m on first with (Ryan Zimmerman) coming up.”

Sure, but not with two strikes. And considering he tied the game with a solo home run off Tanaka in the fourth, Harper probably had no business trying to bunt his way on to begin with.

Nationals manager Matt Williams, who dropped his head in disbelief after Harper’s strikeout, did not hide the fact that he was disappointed.

“Yeah, we’ll save that one for another day,” Williams told reporters.


Harper said he was simply trusting his gut.

“You know, it happens. I’ve done it before,” he explained. “Bunted with two strikes before. Maybe not at the big league level, but I’ve done it before. So it was in my head the whole time when I was 1-2. I went with my gut and it didn’t work.”

You should probably get that out of your head next time and just swing away, Bryce. Williams doesn’t want to do his secret handshake with a power hitter who strikes out on a bunt attempt.

Video via @1007MountainDr

Matt Joyce benched, fined after forgetting Angels had day game


Los Angeles Angels outfielder Matt Joyce was scratched from the lineup on Monday after he arrived late to the ballpark. His excuse was pretty embarrassing.

On Tuesday, Joyce admitted to reporters that he thought his team’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays was a night game. First pitch was at 1:07 p.m.

“It was a mistake,” Joyce said, per Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register. “It’s definitely something that will never happen again. Obviously I felt terrible about it.”

Mike Scioscia categorized Joyce’s benching as a “lineup decision” on Monday, but it seemed strange that he wasn’t starting for the first time this season against a right-handed pitcher and was not called upon as a pinch-hitter.

“It’s just one of those things that should never happen,” Joyce added, admitting that he has also been fined by the team. “As a guy that’s been around and had some service time, I made a mistake. I assumed we had a night game since it was a day game Sunday and assumed we had a night game Monday since we normally always do. By the time I realized it was a day game it was a little late.”

The Angels ended up losing 10-6, but they probably weren’t missing much with Joyce out of the lineup. The 30-year-old is hitting just .148 in 33 games this season.

If you’re going to arrive late to the ballpark, you better have an excuse like the one this Texas Rangers reliever had last season. Mixing up the time of the game is something a Little Leaguer would do, and it sounds like Joyce realizes that.

H/T Eye on Baseball

Roger Goodell butchers Marcus Mariota’s name (Video)

Roger Goodell had several months to prepare for the NFL draft, yet he still somehow managed to mispronounce Marcus Mariota’s name when the Tennessee Titans selected the quarterback second overall on Thursday night.

Goodell misspoke and pronounced the Heisman Trophy winner’s last name as “Marioto” instead of “Mariota.”

It’s OK, Roger, we’ve seen much worse from the NBA commissioner.

Roger Goodell

Robinson Cano makes embarrassing baserunning mistake (Video)

Professional athletes are not immune to baserunning blunders. We all make mistakes while on the job now and then, but very few of us embarrass ourselves the way Robinson Cano humiliated himself on Wednesday night.

During the sixth inning of the Seattle Mariners’ loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cano found himself on third base with a man behind him at second. First base was vacant, which helps explain why Cano was tagged out when he started jogging to home after the batter was walked.


Cano, who clearly thought the bases were loaded and Dodgers reliever Paco Rodriguez had walked in a run, admitted that the blunder was the most embarrassing of his career.

“I would say yes. I felt in that situation the dumbest guy in the game,” he said after the game, per Greg Johns of MLB.com. “I wish he’d thrown it into left field. Those are the things that make you embarrassed, being in the game so long and those little things happen in a game. I told the manager, ‘It’s my fault, I should have been paying attention.'”

Hey, at least he didn’t blame it on an injury like we saw this veteran player do last year. I can almost guarantee you that will never happen to Cano again.

NCAA’s Tom McGinnis totally botches trophy presentation (Video)

Tom McGinnis NCAAJust when you thought a trophy presentation couldn’t get any worse than what the Chevy guy did during the World Series last October, someone goes out and gives him a run for his money.

Tom McGinnis, who is a member of the NCAA Men’s Hockey Committee, completely botched the trophy presentation for the Providence Friars, who won the NCAA championship with a 4-3 victory over Boston University. At first McGinnis started to call Providence “Boston,” and then he called the Friars the Terriers, which is BU’s nickname.

Video via @TheCauldron

Dick Vitale accidentally included an F-bomb in a tweet

Dick Vitale

We all know Dick Vitale has a tendency to get overexcited about stuff, and we were reminded of that when he made an embarrassing mistake on Twitter Saturday.

All Dickie V. wanted to do was share a photo of himself meeting with two fans at a First Watch restaurant in Florida. Everything went fine when he posted the photo to Instagram.


But Vitale got a bit overconfident and tried to tweet the photo as well. That resulted in a very unfortunate tagging mistake.


For whatever reason, Dickie V. decided to use the “I was hacked” excuse after making what was clearly an honest mistake.

Come on, man. It happens to the best of us. We can understand people like this college football coach claiming they were hacked, but everyone knows Vitale just tagged the wrong Twitter handle. Was it the worst handle he could have possibly tagged? Sure, but an unintended handle, nonetheless.

H/T Barstool Sports

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