Wizards announcer hilariously mistakes airball for game-winner (Video)

Wizards missWizards TV announcer Steve Buckhantz made a pretty hilarious blunder at the end of Washington’s 96-95 loss to the Detroit Pistons Wednesday.

The Wizards were down by one and had a last chance to win the game. The ball went into the hands of Trevor Ariza who attempted a corner three for the game. The ball hit the net, so Buckhantz thought it went in for the game-winner and reacted accordingly, screaming out “dagger!” He went on for at least 10 seconds thinking the Wizards had just won it, talking about a “miraculous comeback,” apparently not noticing that the Wizards players were walking off the floor with a sullen mood.

On a delayed reaction, Buckhantz finally said, “They’re saying it did not go.”

Yeah, just a little late to the party there, Buck.

To be fair, from the original angle, it did look like the shot fell.

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Singer Jeff Fuller screws up national anthems at Blue Jays game (Video)

Poor Jeff Fuller. The tenor was supposed to sing the national anthems for Canada and the US prior to the Toronto Blue Jays-Houston Astros spring training game on Wednesday, but he botched both versions.

As captured in the video above, Fuller stumbled while singing “O Canada.” According to USA Today, Fuller screwed it up the first time he tried singing it and just started over. But after messing up the second time, he reportedly moved right on to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Though the video doesn’t show it, USA Today says Fuller also stumbled while singing the US national anthem but managed to regroup and finish.

The crowd treated him well and still applauded despite the mistakes. Toronto manager John Gibbons reportedly gave Fuller a pat on the back.

When it comes to singing in front of a large audience, it doesn’t matter how many times one practices a song, because there’s no accounting for how someone will perform under pressure.

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News anchor asks Mo Farah if he’s ever raced before (Video)

We’re not exactly experts in the field of TV, but there is one thing we do know: If you’re going to be conducting an interview, it’s always advised that you actually do some preparation about your subject ahead of time. That way you don’t end up asking an Olympic gold medalist if he’s ever run before.

Mo Farah was a star at the London Olympics, taking home the gold medal in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races for the host country. His story was pretty well known for people who followed the Summer Games. WDSU anchor LaTonya Norton must not have been paying attention then, or done any research now, because she didn’t seem to be aware of Farah’s accomplishments.

Farah ran a course record in the Rock ‘N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon Sunday, finishing in one hour, 59 seconds. He did an interview with Norton after his win, and she came off as clueless.

“Haven’t you run before? This isn’t your first time …” she said during her questions.

“What does it take to prepare for a marathon like this?” she asked, apparently unaware that it was a half marathon.

Credit Farah for handling the whole thing nicely. He let Norton off the hook on all questions and tried to answer as best as he could.

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George Stephanopoulos confuses Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman (Picture)


Apparently Morgan Freeman is a big Boston Celtics fan. Who knew? Wait, that’s not Morgan Freeman. The legendary actor may be a green teamer for all we know, but that would be Celtics legend Bill Russell.

Russell attended Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration on Monday morning, and George Stephanopoulos accidentally identified him as Freeman during ABC’s telecast of the event. One is a Hall of Fame actor and one is a Hall of Fame basketball player. Russell has more NBA championship rings than fingers. Freeman’s award shelf looks much different.

Aside from the fact that they are both older African-American men with facial hair, Russell and Freeman have very little in common. Rough miscue for Stephanopoulos. It happens.

Photo via @bubbaprog

West Virginia lost bowel in bowl game, according to newspaper typo


Most fitting newspaper typo ever? Quite possibly. That typo appeared in Sunday’s edition of the Weirton Daily Times in West Virginia. West Virginia lost the Pinstripe Bowl to Syracuse 38-14 on Saturday. When you get smashed that badly by a 7-5 team, you deserve a typo like that.

Here are all the other awesome newspaper headline mistakes we’ve seen in the past.

Photo via Twitter/D_PaulSoHard
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Texas Bowl T-shirt has Texas state flag wrong (Picture)

Texas Tech played Minnesota in the Texas Bowl on Friday, and one Red Raiders player noticed a T-shirt with a major blunder on it. Texas Tech freshman wide receiver Summitt Hogue shared the picture below on Instagram and pointed out that the shirt got the Texas state flag wrong:


The flag seen above is that of Chile. Here’s what the Texas state flag looks like:


What’s sad is that someone shared a photo of a shirt from last year’s bowl game that shows the same mistake was made. I’m really hoping this was an unlicensed shirt rather than the official bowl game shirt, because that would be pretty sad.

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Donald Trump wishes Patriots good luck, calls Bill Belichick ‘Bob’

Donald Trump had the right idea in mind when he wished the New England Patriots good luck before the team’s “Monday Night Football” game against the Houston Texans, but he made one mistake. He called Bill Belichick “Bob” for some reason:

I guess Trump had a little too much Bob on the mind after referring to team owner Bob Kraft.

Trump is actually good friends with Kraft and appeared in the Patriots’ locker room following a win over the New York Jets in October.

The Donald was also a special guest in Kraft’s owner’s box for a 2010 Jets-Patriots game. You might remember it because it’s when Trump’s hair went flying all over the place.

Trump has long had an involvement with professional football. He was the founder/owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals and even signed Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker to the team.

The only good thing about Trump’s blunder is at least it wasn’t as bad as some of Boston mayor Tom Menino’s mistakes.