Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith in Celebrity Boxing Match? Make it Happen

Mark Wahlberg is the star of the movie The Fighter about Mickey Ward that’s currently out in theaters. We know Marky Mark already keeps himself in excellent shape, but now that he’s added boxer to his list of credentials he’s become instantly more terrifying. So much so that a Celeb Fight promoter wants to put the pants dropper in the ring with Will Smith, who once portrayed Muhammad Ali on screen.

As I learned from Steve Cofield at Yahoo! Sports, said promoter is planning to offer each man a million bucks to get in the ring. We need to make this happen. Unlike previous crappy celeb boxing matches, this one has the makings of a spectacular show. I can just picture glorious winds circling about and papers flying around as the two superstars approach the ring, with a magnetic current pulling them together.

If I were handicapping the thing, I’d have to place Wahlberg as the favorite. At 6’2″ Will Smith clearly has a height and reach advantage, but Marky Mark will take the fight inside and try to land some stealthy uppercuts. Smith would have to get into the gym to make sure his cardio is up to speed, and he’ll probably try to keep Wahlberg at arm’s length in attempt to win things on the judges’ cards. So who ya got? Mike Lowery or Vince Papale?

Ambassador of the Year Manny Pacquiao Targeting Fight with Shane Mosley

Manny Pacquiao, fresh off a dominating win over Antonio Margacheato, was recently named HBO’s Boxing Ambassador of the Year. It’s an extremely well deserved honor for a man who has become the most popular and prominent figure in the sport. With all of Pacquiao’s recent success and publicity, people have been wondering what’s next. We recently learned that Pac Man’s next fight will be May 7th in the U.S. but we haven’t learned the opponent.

The three potential opponents being mentioned have been Juan Manuel Marquez, Andre Berto, and Shane Mosley. Marquez, despite his history of competitive bouts against Manny, is an unlikely opponent because his representatives (Golden Boy Promotions) are in a fight with Bob Arum (Pacquiao’s promoter). Berto is 27-0, but he’s young and doesn’t have the same recognition amongst fans as someone more established such as Shane Mosley. Which brings us to the negotiations.

Lance Pugmire reports that Mosley’s adviser has a Tuesday meeting with Pacquiao’s promoter to go over a potential fight and possibly sign a deal for a May 7th bout in Las Vegas. Mosley is 39 years old, well known by fans, and he’s fought every big name in the 147 and 154 weight classes. Now that Manny has jumped up in weight, the two can finally meet.

With the way Mosley was battered by Floyd Mayweather Jr., I’m not expecting a competitive bout if this deal gets finalized. If it ain’t Floyd, I’m not interested, and if it’s Mosley I’ll be even less intrigued. This will be a no-contest if it happens.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Still Hinting He Thinks Manny Pacquiao Is on Something

The news was announced late Tuesday night that Manny Pacquiao’s next fight would be May 7th in the United States at a venue to be determined. The opponents being discussed are Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, and Andre Berto. Frankly, I speak for all boxing fans when I say I don’t care who he’s fighting if it’s not Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is the ones fans and analysts have wanted to see for the past few years. Floyd has said he has nothing to gain by fighting Pacquiao, and the negotiations become strained when they talk about drug testing. Floyd Mayweather Sr. also hasn’t helped matters suggesting Manny is on something and calling him out with slurs. He continued the same behavior in a recent interview with Fight Hype, hinting he still believes Pacquiao is on something (go to 1:40 mark):

He says that Pacquiao can’t whip his son, but he doesn’t want Floyd to fight Pacquiao because he has his own reasons. That’s contradictory, no? If Pacquiao can’t whip his son, then why would he be afraid of the fight? There really isn’t a reason, unless he’s still hinting he thinks Pacquiao is on something, right?

Bernard Hopkins Still Motivated by His Critics Entering Fight with Jean Pascal

Bernard Hopkins turns 46 years old in January and is the challenger in his December 18th fight with Jean Pascal on Showtime. Pascal is the WBO and IBC light heavyweight champion who gained his IBC belt beating Chad Dawson in August. At 28 years old, the French Canadian has age on his side in his bout with Hopkins.

The age difference doesn’t bother Hopkins who stays motivated by his critics. Speaking prior to his upcoming fight, Hopkins reflected telling the media “my life has been about proving people wrong. I thank you all for giving me the push that I desperately needed for my career.” Hopkins infamously spent five years in prison but went on to a successful boxing career afterwards, using his doubters as motivation.

Hopkins has a chance to make history by winning the fight. With a victory, he will become the oldest champion surpassing George Foreman who was also 45 when he beat Michael Moorer in 1994. Does being so old make Bernard a fan favorite? Not in his eyes — he says he thinks people 40 years and up are rooting for him but other people want him to lose because they want him out of boxing. Because he’s still effective at his age, Hopkins can probably relate to men like Joe Paterno whom people tried to force out, saying “nobody should be asked to leave his job before he is physically and mentally ready.”

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Sylvester Stallone-Rocky Inducted into Boxing Hall of Fame

Before we go any farther, I just want you to digest that headline for a minute. Yes, the man who played Rocky — a boxer from a fictional movie — was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Along with Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Kostya Tszyu — you know, real boxers who actually fought in the ring — Sylvester Stallone is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. Have you any idea how absurd that is?

Stallone is an actor. He played a boxer in a fictictious movie. Sure, he played in a series of movies, and they were great, but none of it was actually real. It’s an insult to guys like Tyson, Chavez, and Tsyzu who all actually were beat up on the ring and administered beatings, that someone who did nothing gets in.

If boxing inducts Sylvester Stallone into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, where do we go from here?

Does Adam Sandler gain induction into the Golfing Hall of Fame for his portrayal of Happy Gilmore? Better yet, maybe he can go into the College Football Hall of Fame for his role as Bobby Boucher. Screw it, I’m nominating Jake Taylor for Cooperstown. And after that, I’m making sure Butch McRae makes it into Naismith. And I won’t sleep until Forrest Gump makes it into the Table Tennis Hall of Fame (if it exists).

Honestly, Sylvester Stallone into the Boxing Hall of Fame? What a joke. They should be ashamed of themselves.

For a complete list of fictitious athletes who belong in the Hall of Fame, check this out.

Boxer Christy Martin Shot, Stabbed by Husband James Martin

Just a day after writing about Mike Tyson’s career and his fight with Evander Holyfield, another boxer from the same era finds herself in the news. Boxer Christy Martin, who was promoted by Don King and one of the first prominent female boxers, was hospitalized after being shot and stabbed by her husband.

Martin was picked up by a driver along the highway Tuesday night after escaping a struggle with her husband, James Martin. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Martin was conscious when deputies arrived at the hospital and was able to tell deputies that her attacker was her husband, 66-year-old James Martin. She said her husband had confronted her inside their home and that she had been able to leave the house after being stabbed, according to the sheriff’s office.”

Police have been unable to find James Martin, whom they consider to be a danger to himself. You could speculate about a motive in the case but I think we already have enough evidence: he was a boxing trainer, and they were married. Any other questions? And for the record, Million Dollar Martin was 49-5 in her career with 31 knockouts.


Sergio Martinez Knockout Video Against Paul Williams – KO of the Year

Sergio Martinez ended his fight with Paul Williams earlier than many people expected, midway through the second round. Williams wound up for a left hook but left himself completely wide open. Martinez capitalized and clocked Williams squarely on the chin. Check out the Sergio Martinez knockout video of Paul Williams that is a strong candidate for knockout of the year:

There was plenty of trash talk before the fight, including this gem from Williams prefight: “I’m not worried about the dog biting me because you can’t bite in the ring.” Well the dog just took a huge bite out of the Punisher. Martinez is now 46-2, avenging his loss to Williams from a year ago. He says he’s willing to hear offers for fights and that he would be willing to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao at 156 pounds. Williams is now 36-2 after the loss.