‘True Mexican’ Antonio Margarito Will Die in the Ring Unlike Oscar De La Hoya

One of boxing’s more anticipated fights is set to go down on Saturday evening in Dallas. Antonio Margarito, suspended by many states for loading his gloves against Shane Mosley, will take on Manny Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium. Pacquiao hasn’t lost since 2005 and he’s defeated big names like Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, and Oscar De La Hoya his last handful of fights.

The win over De La Hoya was notable not only because of the impressive numbers the fight drew, but because it was Oscar’s last fight. Oh yeah, and because Oscar failed to answer the bell for the 9th round. Roy Jones Jr. has already gotten his two cents in on the matter, and now so has Margarito.

Speaking with Boxing Scene, Margarito said he wants to put in a better showing against Pac Man than Oscar had. “There’s a difference between both of us,” he said. “I’m a true Mexican. I will die in the ring. I will not quit.”

Not that any of us are looking forward to seeing a man die in the ring, but that’s the type of an attitude a fighter should have. My instant reaction to seeing Oscar not come out for the 9th round was that he quit and didn’t give people the show for which they signed up. Boxing is not only a sweet science, but it’s also for dedicated fighters with heart. Oscar lacked that in his Pacquiao fight and was overmatched. Hopefully Margarito will give the fans a better show.

Zab Judah Beats Lucas Matthysse in Controversial Split Decision

To give you an idea of how far boxing has fallen off the radar of most sports fans, the Zab Judah-Lucas Matthysse fight on Saturday night in Newark was the first fight I watched since Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley fought in May. The bout between the two men was a display of opposing gameplans: Judah went head hunting and kept peppering Matthysse with jabs to the left eye while Matthysse attacked Zab’s body relentlessly.

Judah seemed to be doing the most damage during the middle rounds, landing a good amount of punches and out-pointing Matthysse. The fight-changing moment occurred in the 10th round when Matthysse dropped Judah, recording the fight’s only knockdown. Matthysse hit him squarely in the face with a right, and after standing for about a second, the stunned Zab went down. The knockdown happened towards the end of the round, so Zab was able to fight his way through it until the bell sounded.

In the 11th and 12th, Matthysse proved to be the better fighter, doing more damage to an already injured Judah. The problem is Zab won enough rounds early to give him the lead on the cards prior to the beating he took the final three rounds. Zab easily won rounds 5-9 before getting hammered in the 10th. Two judges had the fight 114-113 in favor of Zab while the other judge had it 114-113 Matthysse.

Many folks were understandably upset over the result, but the problem is Judah did enough the first nine rounds to give him the win. Matthysse’s knockdown made it seem like he got the best of Zab by the end, but he didn’t do enough the first nine rounds. The most satisfying and deserving outcome to the fight would have been a draw.

Mike Tyson: James Toney Looked Horrible, Had No Respect

James Toney got destroyed by Randy Couture in his MMA debut at UFC 118 last month. Toney was unprepared to fight in the Octagon and was done as soon as he was taken down to the ground. This fact was evident to anyone watching, including Iron Mike Tyson himself.

Tyson, who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter, told the Canadian Press “You have to admit, Toney looked horrible. He looked slow. He didn’t look like a seasoned, conditioned athlete. You only had to look at his body structure. No way, Toney didn’t get ready to fight a real, professional athlete like Randy is. It was ridiculous. He had no respect for Randy.”

Tyson, ever the voice of sanity, said a boxer could succeed in MMA but would have to learn to wrestle and grapple first. He’s exactly right. Many MMA fighters have boxing backgrounds and all have to learn how to box. But that’s the thing — boxing is just one aspect of fighting in mixed martial arts. Without a wrestling and grappling background, you’re not going to do well in a fight.

Leave it to Tyson to say something that makes sense. Now if he says Toney should retire altogether, he’d be making even more sense.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Suspected of Domestic Violence with Josie Harris

We didn’t exactly cover Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s racist and stereotypical rant last week against Manny Pacquiao, preferring to limit ourselves to coverage of his $50,000 iPod instead. To summarize my thoughts on the matter, the entire issue is a product of Mayweather’s stupidity; he’s so ignorant he doesn’t even realize that what he said was racist and how much he botched his stereotypes anyway.

Well, looks like some karma is catching up to Pretty Boy. TMZ Sports reported Thursday that Mayweather is a suspect in a domestic violence case with the mother of his children, Josie Harris. According to TMZ, “cops received a call at 5:03 AM from Floyd’s baby mama, Josie Harris, who claimed the boxer attacked her.”

Thirty Mile Zone points out that Harris was going to get a restraining order against Floyd, but it’s hard to know how trustworthy Harris is. Harris accused Floyd of assaulting her inside a car in 2003 but it was later determined she lied.

I don’t know what happened early Thursday morning nor do I know what will happen, but we do know this: Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not have the mental agility to escape this sort of trouble. The money yes, but not the mental power.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Suspect in Domestic Violence [TMZ Sports]

Kimbo to Try Hand at Boxing

Kimbo Slice has already been kicked out of MMA because he sucked so badly at it — why not give boxing a try?  Kimbo already said he thinks boxing is easier than MMA, so I’m glad we get to see him put his money where his mouth is.  Unless he plans on working with Mr. Miyagi and taking a few trips to the dojo, this would appear to be the street fighter’s last shot at proving he can win an organized fight and isn’t just a juice-head who pays people to take a beating from him.

I feel like a baby all over again,” said the 36-year-old Florida resident. “I’m thinking about this at night. I’m gonna be a problem in the heavyweight division. I’m going to be coming in with a bad demeanor. I want to see what it’s like to break some ribs, break a jaw with one punch.”

You’d have to ask James Toney if you want to know if boxing is truly easier than MMA.  I have no idea if that’s the case, but I think Kimbo will be able to win a good amount of boxing matches for a few reasons.  For one, he simply has a better chance at landing a knockout punch.  Also, it’s not necessary to master as many disciplines in order to be successful in boxing.  And most importantly, he’ll be given a better shot at being matched up against bums.

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Oscar the Octopus Predicts Juan Manuel Marquez Victory

After seeing how popular Paul the Octopus was for picking the World Cup correctly, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions decided they should try a similar gimmick. In advance of Saturday’s rematch between Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz, Golden Boy decided to have an octopus from the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium pick the fight’s winner. Only they named their octopus Oscar. And he really didn’t choose anyone but they think he picked Marquez. And the video is pretty weak. But since we told you about the gimmick and it sounds much cooler than it really is, we must show you the video per rule V section 107 of the sports blogging code. Here it is. We would advise you to skip to a certain point in the video but it’s pretty much all the same — an octopus floating around in a tank.

We also like Marquez in the fight. And we didn’t even need a cephalopod to tell us that.

Vegas Octopus picks Marquez to beat Diaz [LA Times]

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Rips on Manny Pacquiao with Slurs

Whether it was his crew attending a cock fight or rocking a $50,000 iPod, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been making headlines here at LBS over the past week. This time around, it’s his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., getting his name in the news. As Out of Bounds shared with us, Mayweather Sr. had harsh words for boxer Manny Pacquiao while serving as a guest for the On The Ropes boxing podcast.

This isn’t the first time Mayweather Sr. has verbally bashed Pacquiao, but it’s certainly been the harshest expression. Mayweather Sr. not only called Pac Man a bitch, but he also used a slur for homosexuals to describe him. Here you can listen to a disheveled Mayweather Sr. rip on Pacquiao:

The biggest point Mayweather Sr. made is that Pacquiao is the one afraid of fighting, not the other way around. To me, it’s somewhere in between; Pacquiao is concerned about the drug testing while Floyd is not eager to make the fight happen. They each have reasons to be hesitant. Boxing fans just have to hope Pacquiao beats Antonio Margarito and the superfight goes down sometime next year.

Floyd Sr. on Pacquiao: ‘He’s a fa****. Go stick your head under your dress’ [Out of Bounds]
On The Ropes Episode #82 [On The Ropes]