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Monday, March 2, 2015


Roy Jones Jr. Supports Cock Fighting

If you are familiar with boxing and Roy Jones Jr., this comes as no surprise. If you are unfamiliar with boxing and Roy Jones Jr., then this is obviously news. Roy Jones Jr. was my favorite boxer during the 90s, along with Prince Naseem Hamed (both have spiraled down a pathetic path since). The whole…Read More

Would the Real Zab Judah Stand Up?

Boxers go through tireless hours upon hours of training when they’re preparing for a fight. Heck, you’ve seen Rocky, you know what I’m talking about. And sometimes after a long day of training and rugged workouts, you just don’t have the time or energy to accommodate media requests. And when those moments come along, it’s…Read More

Hmm, Which One Doesn’t Fit in?

In what was a highly unheralded bout between two excellent fighters, Jermain Taylor defeated Cory Spinks to retain the WBO and WBC middleweight titles. I saw the fight on replay Sunday morning (I spent Saturday night watching the Angels beat the Dodgers instead). Man, was it a crappy fight. Taylor was much bigger and much…Read More

Pretty Boy Floyd Makes it Rain

Look, we all heard about Pacman Jones making it rain at the strip club in Vegas before a near riot ensued, and several people were seriously wounded. Worst part was Pacman was reportedly asking for his money back. We’ve even heard about the D-Train making it rain during spring training with a bunch of his…Read More

Boxing Lost a Warrior in Corrales

I heard some truly sad news while at work Monday night, FOX Sports Radio anchor Tomm Looney reported that boxer Chico Corrales had died in a motorcycle accident. Immediately I pictured Chico in the ring, tattoos emblazoned across his body, just whaling on an opponent, and taking punches as tough as the ones he was…Read More

Macho Camacho Hates Computers

It’s actually quite the irony because I was having a discussion with a friend over email about the Mayweather Jr./De La Hoya fight, and check out the line he threw out there: “I really think boxing’s missing a personality. Even a Hector Macho at least had a little flair…” Well, turns out Macho Camacho has…Read More

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Did Not Impress Me

Look, he’s supposed to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He’s supposed to come out of fights looking “pretty.” He was supposed to show tremendous skill and dismantle Oscar. But I can’t help but say that I wasn’t at all impressed by Mayweather Jr.’s effort on Saturday night. I scored the fight 115-113…Read More

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