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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Adrien Broner goes wild in controversial interview after Vargas fight

Adrien Broner gold grill

Adrien Broner fought Jessie Vargas to a majority draw in a welterweight fight on Saturday night, but it was what went down after the bout that was perhaps more entertaining.

The 12-round Showtime main event saw Broner and Vargas go the distance with one judge scoring the fight 115-113 for Broner and the other two judges scoring it 114-114. After the results were announced, the two fighters traded verbal shots in the ring as Showtime announcer Jim Gray looked on. Here is the video (but beware of some foul language):

After he was done chirping at Vargas, Broner then turned his attention to Gray for the customary post-fight interview. However, the interview turned out to be anything but customary as the 28-year-old was combative all throughout and even insulted Gray’s eyesight at one point. Take a look (though there is some more foul language here):

Broner then took aim at the Barclays Center crowd, who booed him often during the fight in support of the Mexican-American Vargas, and got racial with his remarks. Here’s more video, which (you guessed it) has foul language:

By now, you know that Broner is no stranger to making controversial and sometimes downright offensive remarks during his post-fight interviews. Either you love him or you hate him, and Saturday’s latest shenanigans probably didn’t change anybody’s mind about Broner either way.

Watch: Gennady Golovkin trolls Canelo Alvarez with meat video

Gennady Golovkin GGG

Gennady Golovkin trolled Canelo Alvarez with a video posted to his social media channels on Tuesday.

GGG posted a video that shows a man eating a steak. The man says “superhuman power requires a special ingredient” while eating. The video then cuts to Golovkin in training before flashing back to the man, who says the ingredient is hard work.

The video is a shot at Alvarez, whom GGG fought to a draw in September. The two were set for a rematch on May 5, but Alvarez tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance that he blamed on contaminated meat. That’s what the steak part was about.

Golovkin is still looking to fight on May 5 but has struggled to come up with an opponent. He has been looking at facing Vanes Martirosyan but has received resistance from athletic commissions and boxing organizations. The two could end up fighting on May 5 in Carson, Calif.

Manny Pacquiao fired longtime trainer Freddie Roach without phone call

Manny Pacquiao

Freddie Roach confirmed on Friday that he has split with Manny Pacquiao, but he says he is “hurt” by the way it went down.

Roach, who trained Pacquiao for 15 years, says Manny never personally contacted him about the decision.

“Manny and I had a great run for 15 years — longer than most marriages and certainly a rarity for boxing. I wouldn’t trade any of it. Inside the boxing ring and the political ring, I wish Manny nothing but the best. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t hurt that he didn’t contact me personally about his decision, but the great times we enjoyed together far outweigh that,” Roach said in a statement.

A split between the two seemed like it was in the works for a while, and it seemed almost certain that Pacquiao had moved on when he decided to make Buboy Fernandez his trainer for his upcoming fight against Lucas Matthysse. Roach’s statement confirms things.

Roach and Pacquiao enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership, which led both men to achieve worldwide fame. Roach’s profile was particularly raised through his partnership with Pacquiao, as he even became the subject of an HBO show during the height of Manny’s boxing career. However, the two seem to have clashed in recent years. Roach has advocated for Pacquiao to retire from boxing. He was critical of Pacquiao for not being focused enough on his training last year.

After Pacquiao’s loss to Jeff Horn in Australia last summer, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum even threw Roach under the bus. Roach said he thought Pacquiao was upset with him and that he hadn’t been paid for the fight. At the least, this move will help Pacquiao save some money.

Report: Women tried to extort Oscar De La Hoya for $2 million over sex tape

Oscar de la Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has reportedly become the victim of an extortion attempt that centers around a sex tape he recorded with two women he met on social media.

According to the Daily Mail, the FBI is investigating the $2 million extortion attempt, which was allegedly formulated by two women in their late-teens or early-20s who connected with De La Hoya on a dating site and began messaging him on Snapchat. The former boxing champion is said to have invited the women to his condo in Pasadena, at which point the women “partied with the star before filming him on a cell phone in various ’embarrassing’ sexual situations.”

The report states that the women contacted De Lay Hoya weeks later and said they would be releasing the tape if he did not pay them $2 million. When De La Hoya refused to negotiate with them, they approached celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt about the footage. Blatt, who confirmed that he has been speaking with FBI investigators, said he turned the women down when it became clear they were attempting to extort De La Hoya.

“I’ve seen a lot of shocking videos in my time and this one was incredibly embarrassing,” Blatt told the Daily Mail. “But it was clear to me Oscar had been set up. The girls even took a picture of his driver’s license to prove it was him, they knew what they were doing, almost as if they had done this before. In my mind it was outright extortion and I cut ties with them immediately.”

When they were turned down by both De La Hoya and Blatt, the two women reportedly got in contact with De La Hoya’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler and stressed how embarrassing the tape would be for her and the former couple’s 19-year-old daughter. The tape is said to feature De La Hoya playing the role of exhibitionist in front of the two women, who were seen performing sex acts on him with kitchen utensils.

Moakler also refused to negotiate with the two women, and she instead contacted De La Hoya and both went to the authorities.

This is not the first time that De La Hoya, who is now chairman of the promoting company Golden Boy Promotions, has found himself in a situation where embarrassing photos or videos of him were leaked.

Floyd Mayweather condemns Conor McGregor’s actions with ironic comment

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor deserves every bit of criticism thrown his way over his involvement in the insane bus attack outside the Barclays Center earlier this week, but should Floyd Mayweather Jr. really be passing judgment on anyone’s character?

Mayweather attended Saturday night’s Showtime boxing event headlined by Erislandy Lara and Jarrett Hurd, and he was asked about McGregor getting arrested. You could say his response was a bit hypocritical.

While Mayweather and his friends have never smashed up a bus that was carrying other fighters, Floyd hasn’t exactly been a role model outside of the ring. He has been accused of domestic violence numerous times and pleaded guilty to the charges twice, spending time in jail in 2010 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault and harassment.

In fact, McGregor has trolled Mayweather over his domestic violence history, so perhaps this is Floyd’s way of returning the favor. To put it bluntly, no parent should want their son looking up to either fighter.

Floyd Mayweather indicates his next fight will be in MMA

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr seems to be making it pretty clear that there is a lot more than just talk behind the possibility of him stepping into the octagon.

Mayweather was interviewed by Showtime’s Jim Gray on Saturday night during the boxing show headlined by Erislandy Lara and Jarrett Hurd. In his interview, Mayweather talked heavily about what’s in store for him, and he indicated he will fight in MMA.

“Is it possible that I come back? Yes, but if I do comeback, it has to be in the octagon,” Mayweather said.

Then Mayweather didn’t equivocate about whether he would fight in MMA.

“When I do go to the octagon, I look forward to going to 145 (pounds),” he said.

Note how Mayweather said “when” and not “if”.

Gray noticed that and pointed it out. Mayweather also said he was confident he would get the amount of money he wants for the fight.

“Only if the money is right. The money will always be right. Of course the numbers is going to be crazy.”

There has been plenty of talk about Mayweather stepping into the octagon and fighting in the UFC. Mayweather’s father has said that Floyd Jr is training for MMA. As for whom he would fight, well Dana White seemed to hint at it last week.

Report: Jaime Munguia will not face GGG on May 5 despite rumor

Gennady Golovkin GGG

Jaime Munguia will not face Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas on May 5 despite a rumor suggesting he was in line to replace Canelo Alvarez in the fight.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reported on Thursday that Munguia looked like he would be GGG’s opponent for the fight.

However, the LA Times’ Lance Pugmire, as well as others, have said Munguia will not get the fight.

Munguia is 28-0 with 24 knockouts, so his record is impressive. He also is Mexican, which is important to appeal to the Mexican audience on Cinco de Mayo. But he is just 21 and has not even come anywhere close to facing anyone nearly as good as Golovkin. Simply speaking, he is not ready for that type of fight yet. A report says the Nevada State Athletic Commission would not approve the fight due to Munguia’s lack of experience.

Golovkin is seeking a new opponent for the date after his original opponent, Alvarez, tested positive for clenbuterol, leading to the fight being called off.

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