Kyle Busch Has License Suspended and Will Pay Fine for Speeding

We all know that athletes and celebrities get special treatment in the world of legal matters. Let’s say — hypothetically — that Dustin Pedroia was walking around the streets of Boston hammered in the days before the World Series. That would qualify as public intoxication and would certainly be illegal, but what police officer is going to arrest the heart of the Red Sox before they begin a championship series?

One would think the situation is similar with stock car drivers, especially when dealing with speeding tickets.  Kyle Busch can tell you it is not.  From the Marbles pointed out to us on Tuesday that Busch has been ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, complete 30 hours of community service, and give up his license as a result of a speeding incident a few months back.

Busch will be able to keep his NASCAR license, so his racing schedule will not be affected.  On one hand I’m surprised to see a NASCAR driver lose his license for speeding when it is probably an instinct more than anything (kidding kind of).  On the other hand I realize you can’t drive 128 MPH in a 45 MPH zone and expect to just pay a fine.  Traveling at that speed is dangerous no matter who you are — even if it still felt slow to Busch.

Crew Chief Jerry Baxter Pulls Steve Wallace’s Hair (Video)

Nobody respects a good NASCAR fight more than I do.  When you’re pent up in a car for five hours running around in circles with only a headset to scream profanity into, things can get frustrating.  That’s why tempers tend to flare on pit road from time to time.  Heck, even fathers can become overwhelmed after a race and shout them there fightin’ words into a microphone.  One thing none of us ever want to see is hair pulling, but we learned on Saturday that it isn’t out of the question.  Check out this video of Jerry Baxter pulling Steve Wallace’s hair, courtesy of From the Marbles:

Those who watched the NAPA 200 in Montreal on Saturday would have witnessed Wallace spinning out Patrick Carpentier.  As you just saw, Carpentier’s crew chief Jerry Baxter was none too pleased with the move.  That’s what caused him to attempt to start a cat fight.  As the Patriots’ Matt Light can tell you, it’s never a good idea to pull hair during a dust-up.  You just can’t come out looking like the tough guy in a situation like that.

Former Price is Right Model Maryeve Dufault to Make NASCAR Debut

If you haven’t already heard of her, it’s time to meet Maryeve Dufault.  Maryeve is a former Price is Right model who has been racing in the ARCA series this year and is apparently no slouch.  She has made 12 starts according to From the Marbles and registered a top-10 finish at Chicagoland Speedway.  On Saturday, Dufault will try her hand in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series in the Napa Auto Parts 200.

Dufault said she used money earned from modeling to pay for tires and racing equipment.  In case it somehow slipped past you, we should also point out that Dufault happens to be incredibly hot.  We all know the hype that surrounds Danica Patrick, but it remains to be seen if Maryeve will swear at other drivers and start fights in the pits like Patrick has been known to do.

Travis Pastrana Raced Despite Broken Leg and Foot by Using Hand Controls

Travis Pastrana and the XGames aren’t subjects we typically cover here at LBS but when something occurs that is uber extreme, we have to post on it. When Pastrana jumped out of an airplane without a parachute in 2007, we wrote about it. Four years later he did something almost as crazy.

Pastrana broke his right leg and foot Thursday night in the Moto X Best Trick competition attempting a 720 “TP roll.” Even though his entire right leg was in a cast, the crazy maniac was determined to drive in the RallyCross event Sunday.

Pastrana’s team created hand controls to use for the car and he practiced with them at the LA Policy Academy Saturday. They also added padding to stabilize his leg.

After finishing second in a heat, he raced in the RallyCross finals. He was actually third and cruising for the bronze medal until crashing on the final lap.

Not only is it crazy that Pastrana raced using hand controls, but it’s even more nuts that the dude was actually racing instead of resting up in the hospital like anyone else would. Then again, this is Travis Pastrana — that’s the sort of thing that makes him the crazy, unique, guy he is.

Hope Solo Drove Pace Car at Brickyard 400

It’s been two weeks since the U.S. women’s soccer team lost in the finals of the World Cup to Japan, but their stardom has yet to fade. Hope Solo continued her tour of publicity this weekend by driving the pace car at the Brickyard 400. She talked about the experience during an interview with ESPN’s crew and complained that they only let her go 55 miles per hour:

Hope Solo is not the type of girl you can slow down. You really expect her to transition from doing triple figures in practice and only 55 during the race? You have another thing coming.

Video courtesy YouTube user EdwinTV42

Golden Tate Says NASCAR Drivers Are Not Athletes

It was only a matter of time before Twitter became a medium for this argument.  One of the biggest issues NASCAR haters have with the sport of auto racing is that “anyone can do it.”  People who aren’t into stock car racing think any fat slob can drive a car around a track and drivers don’t have to be athletes.  Apparently one of those people is Seahawks receiver Golden Tate, and he caused a stir on Twitter by letting it be known during the ESPYs on Wednesday.

As From the Marbles pointed out, Tate took exception to the fact that five-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson was nominated for best athlete and tweeted the following:

“Jimmy johnson up for best athlete???? Um nooo … Driving a car does not show athleticism.”

As expected, that pissed off plenty people in the NASCAR community, and several fans expressed their discontent with Tate’s opinion while a couple of drivers took to their own Twitter accounts to defend themselves.

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Paige Duke Fired as Miss Sprint Cup Girl After Nude Pictures Emerge

Paige Duke was recently fired from her job as one of the Miss Sprint Cup girls. The announcement was made through the Miss Sprint Cup Facebook page in a post on June 29th, but no reason was provided. SB Nation suggested that nude pictures which had spread on some racing sites were responsible for the firing, but that was just speculation up until now.

In an interview with FOX Charlotte, Duke confirmed that was the case.

Paige explained that naked pictures she took for her boyfriend while she was in college somehow got out.

“These were pictures I had sent an ex-boyfriend when I was 18. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me,” Duke told FOX Charlotte.

She says the pictures were only sent to her ex. Her attorneys are trying to figure out who’s responsible for spreading them and they’re trying to have them removed from the net. They’re still out there, and believe me, they’re not just a friendly flash from your girl next door.

Duke says she understands that the pictures violate her morality clause and she hopes other girls will learn from her mistake. And what lesson is that? Don’t distribute naked pictures of yourself unless you’re prepared for them to become public.

Isn’t that right, Greg Oden, Hilary Duff, Mike Hamlin, and Brett Favre?