Kyle Busch Did 128 in a 45 MPH Zone, Cited for Reckless and Careless Driving

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch doesn’t take crap from anyone on the track, and apparently he sometimes feels like he doesn’t have to answer to anyone off of it. How else can you explain the report saying he was cited Tuesday for driving 128 MPH in a 45 zone????

According to the Statesville Record & Landmark, “Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chris Stone, a member of the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) team, stopped a yellow sports car after he clocked it doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone on Perth Road near Judas Road, between Troutman and Mooresville,” Tuesday in North Carolina.

Busch was cited for reckless and careless driving, and his actions make Jason Richardson look tame. My only question for you is this: if the man drives cars over 200 miles per hour for a living, is doing 128 on the streets really reckless or careless? Think about it. Oh, and by the way, was there any doubt his car would be yellow? I bet it comes with a peanut M&Ms dispenser built into the glove compartment box.

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University of Waterloo’s Formula SAE Team Suspended over this Bikini Picture

Apparently the University of Waterloo moved to Amish country in Pennsylvania, or better yet the Middle East, because apparently they frown upon women wearing bikinis. The Waterloo Region Record reported on Tuesday that the school was shutting down the Formula SAE team that was building this race car for an international competition after a picture of one of the team members posing in a bikini by the car was released:

The suspension is until June 1 and “results from misuse of the student design centre space for an unauthorized photo shoot involving the Formula SAE vehicle,” said the dean of engineering, Adel Sedra, in a memo that was sent to all engineering students, according to the Record.

If that’s not a bad enough reason to suspend the team, then maybe this will make you feel even worse. The student “was entering a contest to be in a calendar, which would be helping to raise money for charity, and she needed the photos as part of her application” apparently.

Look, I don’t know too much about the situation other than what I’ve read, but this punishment surely seems excessive and unnecessary. If you’re looking to send a message, there are many more ways to do it than this. Why suspend the whole team for the picture? It doesn’t seem like that was needed, unless of course the school’s goal was to make every website in America for an outrageous punishment. Now if that was the goal, then they did a great job.

Video: Danica Patrick Swears at Ryan Truex Like a True NASCAR Driver

Hidden beneath Danica Patrick the comic book star, Danica Patrick the cat-fighter, and Danica Patrick the 10th hottest woman at the 2010 ESPYs is Danica Patrick the NASCAR driver.  She proved that on Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway when she was bumped by Ryan Truex, ending her afternoon.  Patrick was pretty pissed off, as evidenced by her reaction over the radio and her actions when she jumped out of her car.  Check out the Danica Patrick-Ryan Truex f-bomb video, courtesy of Deadspin:

That’s a far cry from the young lady who told reporters it hurts her feelings when people boo her.  Truex apologized for the maneuver after the race, but that doesn’t make his crew chief, Jerry Baxter’s, comment that Danica “hasn’t been wrong about anything in her life,” any less humorous.

Dale Earnhardt Hearse Pulled from Ebay

News of a hearse for sale on eBay advertised as Dale Earnhardt’s “last ride” was a headline story on FOXSports.com Wednesday and mentioned in Tuesday’s Hot Clicks. The ’96 Lincoln Town Car was being sold for $1.5 million by ebay user chmark1968 after he purchased it on Craigslist for $8,800 last month. Take a look at the ad now because it’s no longer up on the site:

I Heart RaceDay pointed out that the ad was taken down late on Wednesday, likely because of false advertising. The eBay ad said the hearse took Earnhardt to his final resting place on Feb. 21st, 2001. WBTV.com reported that Earnhardt’s body was not at the Feb. 21 memorial service and that it was transported to the mausoleum weeks laster. Perhaps that had something to do with the ad being pulled. Either way, it’s still a sweet ride. Check out some of the pics and specs:

Here is a description of the hearse from the ad that has been removed:

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Danica Patrick Fame Comic Book Released this Week

You know you’ve truly arrived when you’ve had a comic book designed about you. From magazine covers to TV appearances and biographies, I thought we had seen every medium of publicity exhausted. Apparently I was wrong. The company Bluewater Comics has found success in marketing comic books about celebrity figures to tell their stories, and I was informed that they have a Danica Patrick comic book hitting stores on Wednesday. Here’s a preview of the cover:

Patrick joins the likes of Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga in having her story told by Bluewater Comics. The only other sports figure in the group is David Beckham, so no doubt it’s a major honor for Patrick. I never even thought of comic books as an avenue to reach fans, but I suppose the medium suits her well.

Jeff Gordon Goes After Jeff Burton (Video)

Martin Truex Jr. rubbed up against the wall and brought out the caution flag at Texas on Sunday. The delay in the action resulted in even bigger problems for two of the drivers. Jeff Burton was trying to pull up next to Jeff Gordon to apologize for being too aggressive just before the caution came out, but he wound up hitting Gordon and knocking the 24 out of the race. Gordon was understandably pissed and went after Burton as soon as they got out of their cars:

Gordon slipped to 6th in the Chase standings after the poor finish while Burton fell two spots to dead last. And wouldn’t you know, it’s now Denny Hamlin leading the Chase for a change, not Jimmie Johnson. If there’s something with which we can all get down, it’s definitely seeing two drivers go at it. And maybe seeing someone else win the Chase would be nice too.

Racer’s Dad: ‘I’ll Get My Own Damn Uniform on and Take Care of This’

There has been an ongoing feud in NASCAR between drivers Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski.  Sometimes I think the WWE and NASCAR should consider a partnership, and these are the reasons why.  After thinking Keselowski bumped him on the final lap of last night’s Nationwide Series race, Edwards decided he wasn’t going to have the win “taken from him” and spun Keselowski out just before the finish line.  Edwards ended up with the victory and Keselowski’s car ended up being plowed into and dragged across the finish line for a 14th place finish.

Back in March, Edwards pulled a similar move that sent Keselowski’s car flying through the air at Atlanta.  The feud between the two has been an ongoing theme in the Nationwide series and occasionally the Sprint Cup, prompting NASCAR to place Edwards on probation and force a meeting with the two drivers during which they appeared to have made nice.  They clearly haven’t and Brad Keselowski’s father, a former truck series racer, isn’t pleased about it.  Check out the video of Bob Keselowski flipping out about Carl Edwards spinning out Brad Keselowski:

Definitely not as funny as Joey Logano calling Kevin Harvick whipped, but very entertaining.  See what I mean about the WWE?  I’ll put my uniform on and take care of this?  They’re driving cars.  It isn’t a boxing ring.  In any event, it’s this type of behavior that makes watching NASCAR highlights somewhat worthwhile, so I’ll take it.

Video Credit: YouTube user SlicedSmoke14