Jamie McMurray Crying After Winning Daytona 500

Winning the Daytona 500 in NASCAR is as big as it gets in the sport. It’s a lifelong dream for racers and an extremely fulfilling accomplishment. This feeling could not have been more evident than after Jamie McMurray won the race Sunday, holding off a charging Dale Earnhardt Jr. to take the checkered flag. McMurray was actually saddened after the race when he found out his wife and father were no longer present because they did not sit through the entire race (it lasted six hours because of a two hour delay to fix a pothole in the track). McMurray was so overwhelmed by his win that he wound up crying after the race. Here’s the video:

It looked like McMurray’s wife did make it back to the track to celebrate his win so we can only hope his father made it back too. Jamie did an excellent job blocking Junior down the stretch to wind up in victory lane so he definitely earned it. For a guy who was almost out of a job last year, this was quite the way to start off the new racing season and after seeing that video, it’s hard not to root for the guy. Congrats to McMurray on the victory.

Video: Kyle Busch Crashes in Final Lap, Tony Stewart Wins at Daytona

The Coke Zero 400 at Daytona didn’t end as hoped for Kyle Busch on Saturday. He was leading down the stretch and was trying to hold off Tony Stewart who was angling to make a pass to win the race. Busch held him off at first but then had a problem the second time that Stewart tried to make a pass. Check out the video:

It’s hard to say who’s really at fault but it seems to me that it was just a case of bad luck for Busch. He had to try and stay in front of Stewart to win the race and the bump to the rear sent him into the wall. Even Stewart wasn’t happy with the result despite winning the race:

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Could Danica Patrick Replace Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Hendrick Motorsports?

We’ve heard for a while about the possibility that Danica Patrick leaves Indy Car for NASCAR. Even though she signed with Andretti Green Racing, she has signed on with IMG to work her next contract. They’ve been shopping her around to all the NASCAR teams and apparently Hendrick Motorsports and Chevrolet are the favorites to sign her. Now if Patrick has hired IMG to work her next deal it’s pretty clear that she wants to maximize her value and the way to do that is switch to NASCAR from IRL. And if Hendrick takes her on, they’ll need to get rid of one of their drivers.

Hendrick currently has four cars in the Sprint Cup Series. Jimmie Johnson who won the last three Sprint Cups, Jeff Gordon who’s currently second in points, ageless wonder Mark Martin, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Martin’s turned things around recently by winning three races, getting into victory lane for the first time in several years. The only driver of the group who’s been struggling is Little E who even had to fire his cousin as crew chief recently. Translation: if Hendrick signs Patrick, Earnhardt could be odd man out. Could you imagine that? Little E replaced by a girl???

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Video: Vitor Meira Crashes at Indy 500, Car Lights on Fire in Pits

The Indy 500 wasn’t a good race for Vitor Meira this year. The Brazilian racer finished second last year at the Brickyard but he would have been lucky to cross the finish line this time around. With 28 laps to go, Rafael Matos bumped into Meira and Meira went flying into the wall. The following crazy events transpired, and let me tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it:

Dude, did you see how long the car slid along the wall? I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the car to come down and it never did! It was like a piece of laundry stuck to the wall of a washing machine during spin cycle. Poor Meira actually wound up breaking two vertabrae because of it. OK, now if that wasn’t gnarly enough, when his car caught on fire in the pits you knew it was going to be a long day. Speed ahead to the 1:05 mark to see his car turn into a flaming shot at a bar:
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Carl Edwards Goes Airborne in Wreck on Last Lap at Talladega

How Carl Edwards walked away from this unharmed is beyond me. Let’s waste no time and go straight to the videotape:

If you told me he was at the controls of an aircraft I wouldn’t have been surprised. You see how freaking high he got? Dude had the takeoff of a jet. Edwards wasn’t even upset with Brad Keselowski after the race for the crash, saying he was more upset with NASCAR because they allow restrictor-plate racing at Talladega and because Keselowski had nowhere to go. And if you thought that wreck was bad, you haven’t even seen the half. Oh yeah, seven people were hurt by the flying debris, but nothing was serious.

Video: Danica Patrick Crashed Out of Honda Grand Prix by Rafael Matos

They say that rubbing is racing, but I’m guessing Danica Patrick doesn’t want to hear any of it right now. Danica got bumped out of the Honda Grand Prix in St. Petersburg on Sunday by Rafael Matos. The two were coming down a tight stretch early in the race when Matos tried for a pass. He wound up bumping into Patrick and the bump caused the two of them to crash. This one seemed to be all on Matos if you ask me. Why not judge the video for yourself — skip straight to the 1:35 mark.

It’s amazing how Patrick is always the headline regardless of what she does in a race. This time she was in the right and didn’t even initiate the contact, but she’ll probably be thought of as the “bad driver” because of her reputation as a hot-head. Her quote says it all: “It’s not exactly the ideal spot to pass,” she said. “We were going into the fast chicane there and there’s no room, there’s no room for two people. … I was looking in my mirrors and I saw him. He just wasn’t all the way up next to me.” That’s exactly how it appeared to me. Their loss was Team Penske’s gain as Ryan Briscoe got the win.

Kyle Busch Serves as Best Man for Landry Wedding After Vegas Qualifying

NASCAR’s in Las Vegas this weekend, and in addition to casinos, strip clubs, and brothels, Vegas is well-known for its walk-up wedding chapels. Well, Damon and Heather Landry of Laramie, Wyoming decided the racetrack would be a cooler place to get married than some trashy chapel. One problem — Damon didn’t have a best man to help out. Good thing Kyle Busch was there for the assist.

I guess Elvis wasn’t available.

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