Umpires shockingly overturn call in Virginia-Ole Miss game on stolen base (GIF)

After watching this play on Friday night at the College World Series in a game between Virginia and Ole Miss, there is very little doubt that college baseball could use instant replay.

Virginia star hitter Mike Papi singled in the first inning for the Cavaliers and tried to steal second base with two outs. The throw beat him there, but Ole Miss’ infielder covering the bag never had control of the ball. In fact, the ball was actually on the infield dirt in front of second base when the umpire called out Papi.

Mike Papi stolen base Virginia

Though the half-inning initially ended, the umpires convened and decided to overturn the call. The game was being televised by ESPN and went to a commercial break after Papi was called out. When they came back from commercial, the umpires sent Ole Miss back out to the field and put Papi at second.

Not only did I share this because it was such a ridiculous call it needed extra attention, but also just because I like to type the name “Papi” and say it in my head while I’m reading it. Mike Papi. Mike Papi. Mike Papi. Oh, and kudos to the umps for doing what was most important: getting the call right.

Florida pulls off hidden ball trick on College of Charleston (Video)

College of Charleston infielder Nick Pappas was on the receiving end of a cruel joke on Friday night. Well, maybe it wasn’t a joke, but it was certainly embarrassing when Florida nailed Pappas with a classic hidden ball trick.

Pappas was on second base when Florida pitcher Logan Shore stepped off the mound to “tie his shoe.” Pappas stayed on the base while the “shoe tying” was going on, but he took about a half step off as Shore was standing up to put his glove back on. At that point, Gators shortstop Richie Martin tagged Pappas with his glove. Yup, Martin had the ball the entire time.


The turn of events was every Little League coach’s nightmare. Fortunately for Pappas, College of Charleston went on to win win the game and would later advance in the NCAA Tournament. Florida has been sent home early, but at least they’ll always have the hidden ball trick highlight.

Video via Fansided

Andrew Wiggins has an insane vertical leap


Want to know why NBA prospects are salivating over Andrew Wiggins? For starters, he averaged 17.1 and 5.9 rebounds per game as a freshman at Kansas. And then there’s the whole jumping 37 feet in the air thing.

Wiggins is listed at 6-foot-8 and is a guard. He’s tall for a backcourt player to begin with, and his insane vertical leap proves that he has virtually no physical limits. Wiggins is the type of raw prospect that NBA coaches are dying to mold into a superstar.

Photo: Instagram/P3 Sport Science

Arkansas SS Michael Bernal makes incredible no-look, barehanded catch (Video)

Michael Bernal catchLooks like this was the weekend for incredible catches in SEC baseball.

On Friday night, we saw LSU left fielder Jared Foster make a crazy Superman catch to preserve a tie in the bottom of the 9th inning. Then on Saturday, Arkansas shortstop Michael Bernal made a catch to rival Foster’s.

Bernal’s catch didn’t come in quite as much of a game-saving situation, but it was no less difficult. Ole Miss was up 7-4 in the bottom of the 8th and had a man on first. Preston Overbey popped a ball up to shallow center and Bernal went out for the ball. He had a little trouble judging it and had to reach out to snag it at the last second using his bare hand. It was Kevin Mitchell to the max.

Does it matter that they lost 7-4? Heck no. Not after a grab like that.

LSU OF Jared Foster makes incredible Superman game-saving catch (Video)

Jared Foster catchIn the pantheon of web gems, this has to be as high up as any other play, not just because of how awesome it was, but also because of the situation.

LSU and Texas A&M were tied at two in the bottom of the 9th of their series-opening game on Friday. The Aggies had the bases loaded with two outs and a 1-0 count when Blake Allemand sliced a fly ball towards the left field line.

Foster raced over to the ball — which looked like it would surely fall for a walk-off hit for the Aggies — and he laid out Superman-style for an incredible game-saving catch.

After the momentum thanks to that great grab, LSU scored in the top of the 10th and won 5-4.

What an effing play.

Calvin College steals home for walk-off win (Video)

Calvin-College-walk-off-steal-homeCalvin College is a liberal arts school in Grand Rapids, Mich. that is made up of roughly 4,000 students and just over 300 faculty members. You have probably never heard of it, and neither had I before today. But walking off with a win by stealing home will always get you some quality publicity.

According to MLB Fan Cave, Calvin College’s Grant VanPutten was on third base in the bottom of the seventh (final) inning on Sunday when he decided to take a huge chance. VanPutten waited for Albion’s catcher to throw the ball back to the pitcher’s mound and took off for home. By the time the pitcher and catcher could figure out what had happened, VanPutten scored the game-winning run.

This isn’t the first time we have seen a player steal home, but I don’t remember us ever featuring a video of a walk-off steal of home plate. That takes some serious marbles.

Jameis Winston had a pretty awesome sports weekend

Jameis WinstonJameis Winston sure had a memorable weekend with Florida State athletics.

Winston, who won the Heisman Trophy last season and led the Seminoles to a national championship in football, is also a closer and outfielder with the ‘Noles baseball team. Over the weekend, he played both sports for the school.

Jameis was in Atlanta for the baseball team’s first game of their series with Georgia Tech Friday, then flew to Tallahassee to play in Florida State’s spring football game Saturday where he threw for 396 yards, and he flew back to Atlanta to be there for the baseball finale at Georgia Tech Sunday.

Winston closed out Sunday’s 5-4 win for his fifth save of the season. Though he’s only batting .133 this season (4-for-30), Winston has a 1.65 ERA having allowed just three runs in 16.1 innings.

Below is video of him talking about the the spring game.

Tip via David B.