Jameis Winston does joust, plays football in FSU-ND rain delay (Video)

Few things produce more fun in baseball than rain delays. Over the past few years, we’ve really seen the trend of teams providing rain delay entertainment explode. Teams will engage in dance-offs and other rehearsed skits that require a group effort. And Notre Dame and Florida State certainly excelled with their rain delay entertainment on Saturday night.

FSU Notre Dame joustCollege Baseball Daily shared this video with us that shows the two programs doing all sorts of fun stuff during their rain delay. You see them joust, play deer hunter, football, tennis, curling, bowling and much more. Of course it always helps when the Heisman Trophy winner gets in on the act. You can see Jameis Winston holding up one of his teammates for the joust and then he crashed the Notre Dame football game.

If I had to play judge, I’d say that his side lost in the joust.

Ole Miss 3B Austin Anderson hits walk-off home run on botched intentional walk pitch (Video)

You ever watch a team try to issue an intentional walk in baseball but think to yourself that the pitcher is still leaving the ball dangerously close to the plate? Yeah, well it finally backfired on someone.

Ole Miss third baseman Austin Anderson burned Auburn pitcher Jay Wade with a walk-off 3-run home run in the bottom of the 13th inning in Oxford Friday night on a pitch that was supposed to be off the plate for an intentional walk.

The Tigers had intentionally walked Anderson in his two previous at-bats and were trying to make it three in a row, but Wade left a pitch over the plate and Anderson crushed it over the right field fence. The senior infielder was 2-for-5 with 3 RBIs in the 8-5 win, and he surely delivered one of the most memorable moments of the college baseball season.

Oh, and the way he just posed and did the bat flip after was so money.

Austin Anderson

Forearm bash to Eye on Baseball

Whistleblower says this 150-word paper got North Carolina athlete an A-


For several years now, the University of North Carolina has been accused of going well beyond special treatment when it comes to educating student athletes. A report that was published in The News & Observer a little less than two years ago claimed UNC football players took phony classes that lacked instruction and involved forged signatures.

Many of the classes in question were from the African-American (AFAM) studies department. Former UNC employee Mary Willingham, who has researched the studies of student-athletes at UNC, spoke with ESPN recently and shared some of what she found. Her findings included the paper you see above, which was allegedly written by a student-athlete for a class that never met and required just one final paper.

“Athletes couldn’t write a paper,” Willingham said. “They couldn’t write a paragraph. They couldn’t write a sentence. Some of these students could read maybe at a second or third grade level. Really, for an adult, that’s considered illiterate.”

Here is the text from the paper that was written for a class called AFAM 41, courtesy of Sports Illustrated contributor Bryan Armen Graham:

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Jameis Winston separated by police during bench-clearing brawl (Video)

Florida FSU brawlA bench-clearing brawl between rivals Florida and Florida State in baseball on Tuesday night suddenly became a lot more interesting once everyone realized Jameis Winston was involved.

Winston had nothing to do with the brawl starting — it was incited when Florida infielder Zack Powers got in outfielder DJ Stewart’s face following a swinging bunt and collision up the first baseline — but Winston was among those who got involved.

As you can see in the photo below, the Heisman Trophy winner was separated by a policeman who stepped in:

Another must-watch item from the brawl is this video, which features a crazy female fan screaming for Winston to beat some behind during the fight:

Look, we only highlighted Winston here because he is famous compared to everyone else in the brawl, but that does not mean we’re blaming him for the fight; this is part of baseball, and he was doing just what teammates do in a situation like this.

Tennessee baseball cleans their field off like bosses (Video)

The Tennessee baseball team has an interesting pregame routine that would make any college coach in the country proud. Put it this way — you don’t ever have to tell these guys to put a little hustle into it.

Before home games begin, the Vols kick it into overdrive to get their team’s equipment off the field. They somehow manage to get their tarps and protective nettings off the field in roughly 30 seconds.


“When the opponents look across they’ve got to be thinking, ‘Boy, look at the energy level,'” Vols head coach Dave Serrano said. “I’ve heard a couple of coaches on opposing teams say, ‘That’s the way the field should be cleaned off.'”

No wonder these guys are off to a 17-2 start and are ranked 21st in the nation. If they put half as much effort into the games as they do in warmups, they should have no problem contending for a national championship.

Video via For the Win

Miami’s Javi Salas tosses perfect game against Villanova (Video)

We’re still a few weeks away from games that matter in the Major League Baseball standings, but the college season is in full swing.

On Tuesday, the No. 16 Miami Hurricanes played host to the Villanova Wildcats in Coral Gables. Those who were on hand at Alex Rodriguez Park got an up close look at the 20th perfect game in NCAA Division I baseball history.

Miami’s Javi Salas struck out six batters and needed just 113 pitches to face the minimum 27 batters. He received plenty of run support from the offense as the Canes cruised to a 17-0 victory.

“I don’t even know what to think,” Salas said after the game via Miami’s official site. “In that last inning, I was trying to keep my adrenaline down. The fans were getting up, and I couldn’t believe it. It’s a dream come true.”

The image of the scoreboard after the game is one Javi Salas won’t soon forget.


College baseball brawl starts after batter throws bat at pitcher (Video)


A brawl broke out during a collegiate summer league game between the Humboldt Crabs and California Warriors earlier this week. Like many other baseball fights, it started when a batter was hit by a pitch. What made this one different was the bat that went flying by the pitcher’s head after he drilled the batter.

That’s just plain dangerous. For the most part, baseball brawls are harmless. This one turned into your typical bench-clearing pillow fight after the initial exchange, but what would have happened if that bat drilled the pitcher in the head?

Here’s a video of the melee, courtesy of College Baseball Daily. It contains some NSFW language:

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