UCLA OF Eric Filia’s girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre has been very popular at the CWS

UCLA Eric Filia girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre

Those of you watching the College World Series may have noticed one particular woman getting a lot of attention from the camera crews. The young lady in question was seen wearing UCLA gear and cheering on the Bruins, and she was shown on TV every time the Bruins played.

Since her identity was unknown, Busted Coverage put out the bat signal and found out that the woman’s name is Lauralee McIntyre. According to Sports Masher, McIntyre is the girlfriend of UCLA right fielder Eric Filia.

Filia is a sophomore outfielder for the Bruins. He put together a stellar career at Edison (Huntington Beach) High School in Southern California and has become one of the top offensive players for the Bruins. He led the team with a .281 batting average and tied for the team lead with 14 doubles.

Filia had a 2-run single and stellar catch in right field in the first game of the CWS finals against Mississippi State:

Filia also went 2-for-3 with 5 RBIs in the Bruins’ Game 2 title-clinching win.

As best as we can tell, it looks like McIntyre transferred to UCLA in 2011 and graduated this spring.

Here’s a picture of the two together:

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Louisville unveils new uniforms that look like Houston Astros throwbacks


The Louisville Cardinals were one of a few college baseball teams to debut new Adidas uniforms over the weekend, and they caught the attention of a lot of people. As you can see from the concept photo above that Uni Watch passed along, the new threads were supposed to include fantastic red pants.

The Cardinals should have looked like a combination between the 1980 Houston Astros and Rickie Fowler. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually wear the red pants during a game.

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Cal State Fullerton P Thomas Eshelman may have the best strikeout-to-walk ratio in baseball history

Cal State Fullerton has been one of the best teams in college baseball throughout the season, and the Titans are preparing for their Super Regional against UCLA this weekend.

I was talking with my uncle about the series since it features two local teams and players with whom we are familiar. One thing he pointed out to me was that one of Cal State Fullerton’s pitchers has an absurd strikeout-to-walk ratio. Like so absurd it might be the best ratio in high-level baseball history.

Thomas EshelmanFullerton starter Thomas Eshelman has struck out 78 batters while walking just two in 107.2 innings this season. TWO. That gives him an absurd 39:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

The freshman from Carlsbad, Calif., has gone 12-2 with a 1.59 ERA in 15 starts this season. He has only allowed 80 hits and hit three batters. 390 at-bats have been taken against him this season and he has only walked two batters. That’s ridiculous.

Eshelman leads the nation in walks allowed per nine innings (0.17), strikeout-to-walk-ratio (39.0) and WHIP (0.76). For some perspective, Winthrop freshman Sam Kmiec was second in the country at 11.40 (57 strikeouts/5 walks).

Eshelman was named Collegiate Baseball’s 2013 Freshman Pitcher of the Year, the Big West Freshman Pitcher of the Year, and a first-team Louisville Slugger Freshmen All-American.

According to a press release from Fullerton, Eshelman did not walk a batter in his first career 63.1 innings. Shockingly, that wasn’t enough to set the school record. Wes Roemer (2005-2007) set the record with 65.1 innings without issuing a walk. Roemer did hit 12 batters during that span, while Eshelman only plunked two. Roemer finished with 7 walks and 145 strikeouts for the season.

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Minnesota players pretend to shave teammate during coach’s interview (Video)

Minnesota-shaving-videobombUniversity of Minnesota baseball coach John Anderson was kind enough to conduct an in-game interview with the Big Ten Network earlier this week, and his players took full advantage of their opportunity to be seen on camera. While Anderson stood in front of a camera and answered questions about his team, one of the most classic videobombs you will ever see was taking place over his left shoulder.

As you can see, one player sat in a chair with shaving cream on his face while two other players pretended to shave him. When the interview ended and the television broadcasters tried to hint to Anderson that his team was screwing with him, the players quickly scattered and got back to their normal positions in the dugout. Anderson had no idea, but I’m sure he heard about it in the clubhouse afterword.

NBA videobombs like this one from Spike Lee and this one from LeBron James have become all the rage as of late, but Minnesota just took it to the next level. I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.

Video via Deadspin

Texas P Corey Knebel suspended after giving urine to teammate who failed drug test with it

Urine-samplesThe Texas Longhorns are not the first team to have players who try to pull the old switcheroo when it comes to providing a urine sample, but they have by no means perfected it. Pitcher Corey Knebel reportedly learned the risks involved with such funny business on Friday.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Knebel was suspended for the team’s weekend series against Kansas State for a violation involving a drug test. A source reportedly told the paper that Knebel was trying to help out a teammate by providing him with a urine sample so he could pass a drug test. The only problem with that is that Knebel takes Adderall to treat his ADHD, which resulted in a failed test.

It is not known which teammate Knebel provided the urine for. Sophomore pitcher Cameron Cox was also suspended indefinitely for what a team spokesman called “a violation of an unspecified team rule,” but it is not clear if Cox’s suspension is directly related to Knebel’s.

Adderall is on the NCAA’s list of banned substances. However, Knebel is permitted to take it because he has a prescription. The teammate who failed the drug test using Knebel’s urine does not have a prescription for Adderall, which eventually forced him to admit that he had taken the urine from Knebel.

This isn’t exactly rocket science. If you’re going to get clean urine from a teammate in an attempt to pass a drug test, make sure it’s clean urine. A prescription doesn’t remove the substance from a person’s urine, it simply allows it to be there.

H/T The Big Lead

Louisville, Vanderbilt baseball teams to pay tribute to Boston Marathon bombing with uniforms (Picture)


We have already shown you a number of tributes professional sports organizations and athletes have put on display to show their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and we’re starting to see similar tributes at the lower levels as well. The entire nation has felt the sting of the horrific events that took place on Monday afternoon, and many athletes and teams are trying to do their part to help in any way they can.

As you can see from the photo above that the Louisville baseball team tweeted, the Cardinals will be wearing Patriotic uniforms for their game against Kentucky on Tuesday night.

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College pitcher takes out runner trying to score with vicious hit (Video)

Hendrix Berry pitcher hitMemo to the pitcher in this video: You’re playing baseball, not football.

According to a description on YouTube, this bizarre play occurred during a D-III college baseball game between Hendrix College (Conway, Ark.) and Berry College (Mount Berry, Ga.) on Sunday. The YouTube user who uploaded the video says it was a Berry College pitcher who tackled a Hendrix runner trying to score on a wild pitch.

The YouTube uploader, whose user name is “HendrixBaseballFan,” says the Berry College pitcher threw at batter Matt Simmons, who had called timeout just before the pitch was delivered. The next pitch was in the dirt, and Hendrix’s runner at third tried to score. We say “tried” to score, because nobody could have predicted what happened next.

As junior center fielder Collin Radack was attempting to score, he was leveled by Berry’s pitcher. You can’t even try to argue the contact was accidental, because the video shows the pitcher locating the runner and running straight at him.

Maybe frustration had taken over at the time; Berry had fallen behind 6-2 after Radack’s run. Berry surprisingly rallied to win the game 9-7 despite the dirty tactic. That was easily the dirtiest hit on a college baseball field since this one, which led to a suspension.

The school’s athletic director informs Larry Brown Sports that the player has been suspended for the team’s next conference three-game series.

H/T Deadspin