NC State OF Brett Williams makes an incredible somersault catch (Video)

Brett-Williams-amazing-catchNC State outfielder Brett Williams led the Wolfpack to a 9-2 victory over New Mexico State on Wednesday with a 2-for-3 showing from the plate. He drove in three of NC State’s nine runs, but it is the play Williams made in center field that you will be seeing on “SportsCenter” for months to come.

There are diving catches, and then there are diving catches that involve a somersault mid-air. As you can see, Williams pulled off the latter to rob extra bases.

According to the NC State athletics website, Williams is only six games into his return from ACL surgery and is batting .458 with three homers. I think it’s safe to say his recovery is going well. The catch Williams made is right up there with this catch as one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

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UC Riverside, Sacramento State brawl leads to suspensions (Video)

UC Riverside Sacramento State brawlUC Riverside and Sacramento State began their four-game series Friday night with a bang. The teams got into a bench-clearing brawl during the top of the third inning which led to suspensions for three players.

According to NBC Los Angeles, UCR shortstop Eddie Young was caught in a rundown after trying to advance from second to third on a laser to the Sacramento State shortstop. Young was tagged out by Sac State second baseman Andrew Ayers, the reigning WAC player of the year, who appeared to push him after applying the tag. The two exchanged words, and Young retaliated by slapping Ayers in the face. After Young missed on a second punch, he was wrestled to the ground by Sac State third baseman Will Soto Jr. The benches then cleared.

The Sacramento Bee says Ayers, Young, and UCR catcher Drake Zarate will all be suspended four games. NCAA rules state that players ejected for fighting get suspended four games.

UCR won the game 2-1 and is now 2-3 on the season. Sac State is now 1-3.

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MIT 3B, co-captain Sean Karson reveals to teammates he is gay

Sean KarsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology baseball player Sean Karson recently revealed that he is gay, and he says he has received a positive reaction from his teammates.

Karson is a junior third baseman who batted .350 for the team last season. A co-captain and two-year starter, Karson asked his coach if he could address his teammates during a recent indoor practice, the Boston Herald reports. That’s when he revealed to his teammates in a tearful speech that he is gay. He told the newspaper that the reaction was positive.

“They came up and gave me high fives and said they’d have my back and everything,” he told the Herald. “It was so supportive, it was ridiculous.”

Karson says he didn’t get a warm reaction from all his teammates at first, but the ones who didn’t immediately approach him later sent him emails to say how much they respected him.

Karson, who is a chemical engineering major and founder of a technology startup called Sponge Systems, told the Herald that coming out has been an emotionally freeing experience.

“I have never been myself up until very recently,” he told the Herald. “Everything’s been just sort of cold and calculated. I’ve been in this fortress, I guess, and haven’t let my emotions out at all.

“I worried that I had no emotions, that I didn’t feel much about anything. It was really weird.”

Karson was inspired to come out by former University of Southern Maine baseball player James Nutter, who recently came out. Outsports.com says Karson spent Super Bowl weekend at the Facebook headquarters in California as part of a conference for LGBT tech students, which may have played a role in his decision to come out. Karson also believes that a professional athlete is going to come out in the near future; he said that it would happen in the next month. He thinks things are changing in the sports world.

“But sports are never going to be a scary place for LGBT people again,” he told the Herald. “The locker room is going to be a safe space everywhere.”

Though Karson has had a positive experience so far, he only needs to refer back to the comments of San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver to know that some athletes will have a problem with gay teammates. Regardless, Karson’s announcement is a positive step in athletics.

Photo via MIT athletics

Fan at College World Series runs onto field, grabs Arizona outfielder’s butt (Picture)

A woman ran onto the field during Game 2 of the College World Series between Arizona and South Carolina on Monday and, boy, was she a handful.

The unidentified woman made a dash during the 7th inning and patted the butts of two Arizona outfielders, including center fielder Joey Rickard (seen above).

We don’t encourage fan disturbance, but if you’re a woman who’s planning to run onto a field mid-game, this is how to make the most of your big moment. Of course, if she were a man, she’d be booked for sexual assault in addition to some sort of trespassing charge.

Forearm bash to Kevin Kaduk
Photo Credit: AP/Eric Francis

Vanderbilt executes triple steal against Florida (Video)

Vanderbilt’s baseball team did something on Saturday that you don’t see very often: They successfully executed a triple steal.

Facing Florida in the SEC Baseball Tournament, the Commodores had bases loaded in the top of the 9th when they sent all three runners. Anthony Gomez, who had already stolen second and third that inning, took a walking lead and stole home on an 0-1 pitch. Both runners behind him also stole their bases safely.

It’s almost like Brighthouse Sports Network knew what was coming, because they had a camera on all three runners as the steals were taking place:

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