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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

College Basketball

Omar Samhan: The Mayor of Moraga

One of my favorite parts of the NCAA tournament is the way relatively unknown players raise their national profile because of their awesome play on the court. Stephen Curry is probably the best example of a kid from a small school who exploded in popularity when he shot the lights out and carried Davidson to…Read More

John Calipari’s Playing Head Games

Kentucky coach John Calipari has made some strange comments to the media recently and I’m trying to figure what it’s all about. Right before the SEC tournament, he said his team probably needed to win two games in the SEC tourney to be a number one seed in the Big Dance. Kentucky would have been…Read More

Northern Iowa Should Have Never Upset Top Seed Kansas

While half of America and everyone in Lawrence is still trying to figure out if Kansas really lost on Saturday, a caller on my radio show made an excellent point that I had overlooked: Northern Iowa should have never been playing Kansas. At least not in the second round. When the brackets were first released…Read More

St. Mary’s Gets Confidence From Omar Samhan’s Mom

St. Mary’s center Omar Samhan has proven himself to be one of the biggest difference-makers in the tournament. He also has the coolest name this side of Ali Farokhmanesh, but that’s a story for a different day. Today’s story is about Samhan’s mom, Marianne Black-Samhan, and how she had more confidence in St. Mary’s than…Read More

Kelvin Sampson’s Players Are Starring in the Tournament

Kelvin Sampson was fired unceremoniously by Indiana two years ago for committing several recruiting violations, the same issue that got him into trouble at Oklahoma. The Hoosiers started out the ’05-’06 season promisingly, going 17-1 and ultimately 22-4 before losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Many of the IU players were upset…Read More

Michigan State Got Help from the Refs

As good of a program as Michigan State is, you figure they wouldn’t need much help to take care of the second place team from the WAC — one that went 22-12 in the regular season. That wasn’t the case on Friday night when Michigan State never held more than a four point lead in…Read More

New CBS Boss Button Has a Dilbert Feel

This time of year the almighty “Boss Button” is a huge item of contention. Last year we criticized CBS’ March Madness on Demand Boss Button because of the content on the page. If anyone were to look at the screen closely, they would have seen that the content was all sports-related rather than business-related. A…Read More

Why Your March Madness Bracket Sucks

Ah March Madness, the time of year when we scramble to finish our brackets confident that we have chosen the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. We stand assured that our number 16 seed will take it all the way. We ignore the “you are insane” looks we receive from friends and co-workers…Read More

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