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Sunday, December 21, 2014

College Basketball

Hey Duke, Thanks for Playing!

Duke came out on Thursday night in the Sweet 16 and did what they’ve done best lately in the tourney — they lost early. Yes, Duke got hammered 77-54 by Villanova, a loss that was so bad it managed to make UCLA look semi-decent. The Dukies shot 16/60, only 27% from the field, and an…Read More

Video: Levance Fields Game-Winning Shot Against Xavier Bails Pitt Out

Levance Fields has really stepped up his game in his senior year, improving his assist/turnover ratio to 3.75:1. Even more important than that, Fields has stepped up and shown that he is the take-charge guy on the team, embodying the term “senior leader.” Check out what he did against Xavier in the final minute: I…Read More

So Is Billy Gillispie Fired from Kentucky or Not? He Shouldn’t Be

After Kentucky got dropped in the N.I.T. by Notre Dame on Wednesday night, there was heavy speculation that coach Billy Gillispie would be fired. In Game Now, citing no specific sources, said he was gone on Thursday (that didn’t happen). Then late Thursday night, several sites linked to a report from WHAS that supposedly said…Read More

David Price Victim of Rays’ Goals for Long-Term Success

David Price is such a baller that I made the case for him as ESPN The Magazine’s “NEXT” athlete over Matt Ryan, Joey Logano, and Ricky Rubio. Hard to go from calling him the next greatest pitcher in baseball to seeing the Rays option him down to Triple-A to start off the season. So if…Read More

Should College Basketball Change the Free Throw Substitution Rule?

The ending to the Missouri/Marquette game on Sunday was exciting, albeit slightly suspect. With the game tied at 79 in the final minute, J.T. Tiller of Missouri got fouled. He apparently landed on his wrist, making him “unable” to shoot the free throws because of the injury. Per NCAA rules, Missou coach Mike Anderson was…Read More

Greivis Vasquez: Memphis Would Have Losing Record in ACC

Greivis Vasquez has a reputation for being quite the talker. The guy said of Cameron Indoor Stadium prior to a game against Duke that it was his house. The Blue Devils proceeded to trash the Terps by 41 or so. Do you think the Maryland guard has since learned his lesson? I think not. By…Read More

That CBI Tournament Sure Is a Major Draw for Schools

Just as I got on the WBC for producing an event devoid of much fan attention (something about which players have been critical), I must also point out some of the shortcomings of the lesser March events. The NIT used to be a premier event but now its primary job is to determine the 66th…Read More

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